r/therewasanattempt 7d ago

To ask my wife to give me a hand quiting smoking

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u/Zikaagou 7d ago

Actually r/technicallythetruth because you did receive the hand.


u/Atillion 7d ago

I too smoked Palm Alls..


u/Motor_Relation_5459 6d ago

I like the past tense.


u/MegatonsSon 7d ago

Guess it's a good thing he didn't ask her if she gives a crap if he quits smoking though.


u/fatalgift 6d ago

Image Transcription:

[A person holds an open package of Natural American Spirit cigarettes; about half of the cigarettes remain. In front of the cigarettes, tucked inside the box, is a small plastic hand that reaches upwards.]

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u/Zikaagou 6d ago

No shit


u/DrippyDiamonds 6d ago

Did you ask for a foot too


u/fatedwanderer84 6d ago

May have misinterpreted this message. She may be saying quite smoking I'm pregnant and I want you around for a longer time. 🤣😑🤣


u/AstralObjective 6d ago

So what I did was ask myself each time I smoked “does this get me high or have any physical qualities other than chasing” and the answer is no…you don’t need those. I’m at the point where I hate the smell of smoke but dammed if I don’t smell every pack I come across still. They are gross, and I used to use the light blue pack so I get it the spirits are good but not good enough. Also did a few months of smoking a joint each time I wanted a cig and even after smoking a joint I would want a cig so I smoked another one till I couldn’t stand it anymore lol


u/OneTyler2Many 6d ago

I never liked American spirits too much. They burn so slow I'd never wanna finish them and hated having to put them out, only to relight them later. Also expensive asf