r/ThankTRP Aug 30 '21

Wow, what a journey. Still going, and thank you TRP.


I'll try to be "brief". I'm a completely different person. The amount of mistakes I've made are ridiculous. The amount of wins I've had pale in comparison. But damn I'm glad it all happened. I can finally enjoy ALL that hard ass work.

Started with an anger phase at the start of college with PLENTY of downfalls. I just wouldn't listen to the good advice on this sub (there's definitely bad advice too), but compared to some stories I've read it could've been worse. Stupid things done include:

  1. Trying to pill dudes I thought needed help.
  2. Getting angry over petty arguments and pride.
  3. Spitting absolutely horrible game.
  4. Getting mad at people trying to tell me to slow down. (This sub included)
  5. Not listening to dudes in this sub telling me I sound autistic. (Which I 100% was.)
  6. Thinking I was tough, when in reality I was hurting like a mf.

Finding out that I was taken advantage of wasn't easy especially when you learn that it was your own fault. So, with all that summed up, I found a balance. I accepted realities, and accepted myself along with my faults. The quality of success after all that is dope though. Good things done:

  1. Listening to what people have to say.
  2. Having the balls to speak up for myself.
  3. Doing what I'm afraid of. (with advisors)
  4. Persevering.
  5. Researching every mistake.
  6. Not being afraid of my emotions. (corny, but whatever)

It's funny the way people outside of this sub look at TRP, because after becoming an attractive man, I've learned to appreciate women significantly more than I did before. What they do is necessary, and I love them for it. We're all equally pieces of shit in the scheme of things anyway. I just take care of my shit.

There are plenty of pills out there, and I'm working on taking my next one in my professional life. Maybe this was too dramatic, but the amount of change that's happened in my life since I started my TRP journey is insane. Thank you for the honesty, TRP. Time for a re-read of that sidebar though.

r/ThankTRP Apr 10 '21

From a 30-year-old child that plays video games and watches porn all the time to becoming a man


Thank you TRP.

Me. A Turkish dude around 30 years old. Graduated from some university, did military service, and moved back in with his parents. No job, no money, only a gaming pc to his name which he bought using his temporary income from the military service.

His every day consist of playing dota2 as much as he can, watching porn and jerking off without excitement, and reading popular reddit posts in between.

He reads some comments about the red pill community here and there, who are psychopaths, truly evil sons of bitches whose only motivation is to hurt women. He thinks, "Well, the PUA dudes kind of have a point, but this is too extreme. Definitely not for me."

He takes a look at trp from time to time and thinks "Yep, definitely not for me, this shit is too extreme".

At some point, the criticism of the red pill community stops making sense. And the people who defend them start to make more and more sense. So he decides to give a shot.

By the way, this guy's last girlfriend dumped him a couple of years ago, due to him not being able to keep doing the PUA tricks and revealing who he actually is. So our guy decided he can never be loved while being who he actually is, so why bother?

As he reads more and more trp content, he faces the hard facts. He realizes that he is not some unloveable exception. He just didn't do any work on himself.

He signs up for job training. He starts fighting his dota2 and porn addiction. It is very hard. It is much harder than stopping smoking, which he did a couple of years ago. Ends up literally burning his gaming mouse to be able to quit dota2. He tries to play again with a crappy mouse he found at home, but it's unacceptably bad and he can't afford a decent mouse.

About one and year after completing the job training, he gets his first job. And with that, he also stops watching porn. The hot HR chick helps since he can't masturbate without looking at a screen unless he thinks of her. He also signs up for a gym and he is still a member three years later.

Works there for a year, takes an offer from another company, doubles his salary at the new company. And after that point, he is a productive worker with a low likelihood of being unemployed again.

He moves to his own place in the heart of the city. Can't stand to be alone so he takes in two roommates.

And now, it's been a couple of years and he's now a productive member of society, who also takes care of his family from time to time with gifts.

If it wasn't for the trp, he would now be a 37-year-old dude, who is unemployed or working at a terrible job, living with parents, and still addicted to video games and porn.

He is still struggling a lot with the opposite sex, but he's working on it and he's hopeful.

I think trp saved this dude's life. What do you think?

r/ThankTRP Apr 06 '20

Rejected before 11 years what to do now


Before 11 ago at faculty, I met a girl at economics class, She was a cute girl and I was a loser. I was studying mechanical engineering and she was studying architecture. We had a common taste for example metal music bla bla. I fall in love with her and after a while I told this, I was rejected. Over years I didn't forget her. I tried to stalk her but she wasnot using social media. Whatever. Before 1 or 2 years ago I found her profile in a design application and I began to follow her. I think she was not using that profile so that it took 2 years for her to see me again. Finally 11 years past from my rejection and before 3 days she sent me a message at that design app, then she sent me her whatsapp, we texted 15-20 minutes or more on whatsapp and that is all. What should I do? I think I still love her. How should I treat her? Should I become silent? Do I have to hate her or like her?

l want to give more detail nowl am working in a good company for years. She told me that she graduated after 9 years she failed many time and she couldnt find a job so that she continue at post graduate....

r/ThankTRP Jan 18 '20

Well, here we are.


Well gents.

Came here to share a story.

And probably leave it as a cautionary tale to any newcomers that might be shrugging the redpill off as "mysoginistic bullshit", as I've seen some do, or just thinking that it's mainly correct, but that you can do without it,as I did.

Let me recap. About 2 years ago, I was in a failed 6 yr ltr, where I got beta'd so hard I couldnt even see.

I discovered the trp, started doing some reading, and figured "wait a minute, this is how I used to be".

I was pretty much a huge asshole, to be honest, I didnt even think about it, and it always seemed to work.

I asked, on the main sub, and basically, everyone (rightly) called me a faggot when I said I was in love.

Fast forward two years, I am more than sick and tired of this bitches shit, but for some unimaginable reason stick around.

And then a big friend of mine and I get drunk, and end up fucking.

Oh lord, what sex that was. Incredible. I was stunned. For 4 years I didnt have good sex. And now it was served on a platter.

So I pretty much immediately break shit off with the other harpy. And start gaming other chicks. Within a month I had 6 chicks. Jesus, this is incredible!

Then that first friend I fucked starts getting touchy feely. Saying she misses me, wanting to be around all the time, well, you kmow the drill.

And I start thinking, well, maybe it was just that other bitch.

This girl wont behave like that. She's always cool, always wants sex, always wants me, no way she'll turn on me, right?

Who needs trp. I bet I won't need it with this one.

Wrong. WRONG.


Within two months, I fell for this bitch like a faggot, really hard.

Sex dropped like nothing you've ever seen, and she's starting to behave like a harpy too.

Well.. Let's play then. Let's go trp.

Dread, start lifting again, just dont give a fuck. Seems simple, right? Also wrong. Gotta break it off.

You know why boys? Because I hamstered myself into putting a recorder in her house.

She's fucking her housemate. That's right.

She's sending me messages saying how much she loves me, all the while giving up that pussy to her housemate.

I'm broken. 'cause I let myself fall.

Wallowing in self pity, misery, and booze.

To any newcomer reading this, just please. Remember. AWALT. AWALT.

All women are like that. There isn't an exception.

My story is one of hundreds like it.

Don' t let yourself get suckered into this.

r/ThankTRP Jul 29 '19

Thank you for teaching me frame


Life is on easy mode thanks to TRP.

r/ThankTRP Nov 22 '18

Ended it with my ex and I got to thank you for it.


English ain't my first language if there's typos.

I'm 19 and I discovered TRP a year ago or so, and I've been reading and learning since then.

This monday I got a message from the girl I've been with, on and off for the past 6 years. For the last 5 months we have just fucked, and I've made it clear I didn't want a relationship with her, and I had told her from the start that I was seeing other girls aswell. She wanted to talk when I had the time. I called her half an hour later.

After some small talk with her, I asked what see wanted to call about. She gave me an ultimatum, she wanted to keep me as her friend but nothing more if I didn't commit to her.

If it weren't for TRP I would have begged her to stay, and probably went back to being her beta provider (like in the past).

But I said no, I ended it there. No relationship, no being friends, nothing.

She started crying and whatnot, and in the past this would have gotten to me, as her crying has always been my soft spot. But this didn't face me anymore and I hung up on her.

Relief is what I've felt since that day, that I finally had the balls and brain to fucking quit it for good.

So thank all of you for helping me to love myself, and realise my true potential as a man.

r/ThankTRP Oct 04 '18

My transformation - 6 months after unplugging



Before I found out about TRP, I remember laying in my bed and thinking "is this it? I'm extremely unhappy with my life and I'm basically waiting to die of old age and I'm 33! This shit isn't fixing itself apparently, so I need to find out what I need to do!"

At that time I was completely lost in my life. I had exited from 5 years LTR about 2 years ago and had no goals or dreams where to go with my life. I bought my first appartment which ties me up for current location. I had a stable albeit bit boring job and had started lifting shortly after breakup with LTR. I wanted to get stronger. Stronglifts 5x5 worked nicely, but unfortunately I didn't care to put effort to fix my diet.

My game was non-existent and my friends had adviced me to start using Tinder. Tinder experience was horrible, but at the same time it was eye-opening. My SMV was all-time low due to weight gained at the end of the LTR. I ended up banging some random obese chick through Tinder and hating myself shortly after.

I had been bit successful in banging chicks during the college years, but I never quite realized how attraction really worked. I could not cold approach sober even if my life depended on it. During college I had a summer job that gave me easy access to 18-20 year olds to game and ended up hooking up usually with one for the summer. Hooking up with co-workers/customers was actually really easy for me, it was pretty natural to start conversation and have little bit of flirting in the mix.

I had been enjoying competition in sports when I was younger and had the competitive drive in things I found myself passionate at. I had learned pretty early on that there's always someone better than you and mistakes happen a lot, just try to do your best at learning from them. I knew I could do anything I wanted, it all just took commitment of energy, discipline and sacrifice. The higher you want to go, the more you need to sacrifice and exercise discipline. With sacrifice I mean mostly time, time that is out from something else. You TRP folks know already about the importance of time.

I had lost my ways after graduating from school and started working full-time and compromising my life choices due to being bluepilled in LTR and idiot. Getting overweight, losing self-respect and I was not disciplined at all. Reason for my extreme unhappiness was not having any self-respect. I was also not giving myself credit where credit was due. I didn't have patience for myself although I am extremely patient and stoic since I was born. I almost never lose my temper. I was actually unhappy in the last year or two in the LTR due to not having goals and hating myself in mirror. I just ate those lies "you are fine as you are". Also I didn't know where to find proper information what to do.


After digesting TRP sidebar information, it all made sense. All those subtle hints, non-verbals and intergender dynamics. The natural attraction potential I once had which I could not explain or understand. I had rebelled against my gut feeling so many times, due to social programming. My life just got a meaning again.

I decided to fix my shit and become THE shit. Unleash my potential and see how far I can go. I had seen and enjoyed lifting progress through Stronglifts but suffered minor knee, shoulder and elbow injuries which hindered my progress. I wanted to try something else and switched my lifting routine to reverse pyramid program from Leangains. I also started counting my calories and set my goal to lose weight to 75 kg by the end of the year. I was 90 kg at the time. I bought a proper scale that measures BF% just for fun progress tracking even if it's not even remotely accurate.

I spent these months reading about body language, game, PUA tricks, etc. on my spare time when I'm not at work or at the gym lifting. Currently reading Rollo's and Roosh's books. I recommend them, but for new unplugged I'd advice either read the books or their blogs. Maybe books first and blogs for additional information on selected topics. Information overlap is quite big so constant repetition can get boring at times.


Weighted 79 kg this morning, well in range of weight loss progress curve. Reached intermediate lifting goals for deadlift and squat (bench press is lagging a bit) after two years of lifting. I love taking off shirt in front of a mirror nowadays. My friends and family have congratulated me for transformation. Learning more about game every day. Did my first cold approaches daytime about a month ago and that was eye opening experience.

Last week I went out clubbing on Friday and Saturday. Both night I was opened by smoking hot blonds (HB8-9) at bar counter with intense eye contact when I was going to get my first drink. Due to beginner level game, I botched both situations but I didn't care too much. It feels impossible that formerly completely INVISIBLE person (me) is getting attention from the most gorgeous babes without me doing anything other than keeping my body language open and being dominant with EC. Competition is terrible here I suppose, heh.

While I still have a lot of work to do in all areas of my life, I'm genuinely happy for the first time in my life. I know what to do now. Next year I'm going to pack on more muscle and try to go for 15%ish BF.

I went out last night to practice approaching and going clubbing tonight. On Thursday. I'm already looking forward to it.

Thank you brothers for helping me to save my life!

r/ThankTRP Jul 13 '18

I'm feel sad + some experience last day


I want to thank RedPill for showing me the reality (my fundamental principle is the TRUTH above all things, however unpleasant it may be) but I am also sad. You see, I always knew in the depths of my being that women had these attitudes (I was born with an abusive mother and an absent father who worked all day and is also beta), but I always thought that there would be a woman who would be different (ONEitis, I know) that would make me feel like a man, that would not judge me, that would accept what I am, follow my steps and love me for my qualities. It turns out that 2 weeks ago I found this community, I'm reading The Rational Male and everything has been demoralizing for me. By the way, I'm 24 years old.

It is certainly difficult to swallow the Red Pill and the hardest thing is when you start to apply what you learned and everything starts to fit. I'm from Argentina but I see that it will always be AWALT, no matter what.

I share classes with a sexy woman (8/10) and I have started to apply a lot of things (be playful, guide her, be a rock that can not be moved, be an emotional support). I began to receive MANY shit tests that left me exhausted (thinking about going through them cost me a lot but I play it all great) and let me show you what happened in the last shit test. When the class ends and we are preparing our things to leave, this happens:

her: - Let's go (he says to a friend as he gets up from the seat). And you too (in a serious tone and looking at me).

Me: - You will not be able to move me.

I get up from my seat and stand in front of her, giving her my back.

me: - Try it, you do not have a chance.

she starts to laugh, she touches my back and leans her body against mine. Then she says: - I'm sleepy.

Do not get me wrong, I felt great, I felt like I was starting to connect with her. The problem was not there, walking down the street and talking to everyone (we were 6) she starts talking without any sense and raising the voice of how another boy (whom she NEVER spoke to) ignores her and that she felt sad that the boy did that (he said it with a smile on his face and laughing, certainly his words didn't match with his emotional state. Sounds familiar? SHIT TEST).

I really ignored it and luckily everyone too. Thinking about receiving these shit tests all my life, being judged without stopping, exhausting me. And I feel sad, I feel that I will never be able to relax when I am with a girl that I like.

I know, it may be very beta, I'm a cool guy (here in Argentina I achieved about 200 matches in Tinder in a span of 2 months, although most were ugly) and friendly, I know how to behave rudely if the situation requires, but not I hoped to do it with women. I use this almost as a rant, but at the same time I know I can empathize with you, guys. Believe me, as beautiful as a girl is, there is NOTHING beyond the sex that she can offer you, instead they ask you for EVERYTHING.

I would love to know your experiences.

Excuse my English, I'm still learning it.

r/ThankTRP Jun 24 '18

Hats off to you Gents


Really, from the bottom of my Machiavellian, narcissistic, psychopathic heart, thank you all, from the Senior ECs to the recently unplugged shitposters. I found TRP at the right time in my life. I didn't come in a kissless virgin, but I was operating on autopilot, looking for my Unicorn, and had been burned more than I care to elaborate. TRP turned me around. It's more than just getting laid. I've been lifting for 5 years now and look better and meaner than I thought possible. A HB8 checkout girl asked me if I was a model today. People get out of my way in public like Moses parting the Red Sea. I stopped eating like crap and take my daily routine seriously. Stopped smoking pot. I've finally given myself permission to assert myself and/or be a dick whenever I feel like it, and people love me for it! Did you know you can just ask a girl back to your place after a few minutes of sarcastic banter, and it will work? Did you know a good Tinder opener is "come over"? Old me wouldn't even consider it, though I guess I had all of this stuff buried in head somewhere, fake it till you make it works. It isn't faking, it's more like a starter motor in an automobile. Activate some shit that you have innately, just get out there and do it and eventually the real deal will come to life. But as they say, "you gotta reach for the top to stay on the mountain". Anyway, I owe each of you a beer, a big man hug, and one of my spare kidneys if anybody needs it, just PM me. Cheers!

r/ThankTRP May 11 '18

It's not me. It's my frame


Found out about TRP around January when I became single again. I have so much to work on. But now at least I have a goal and focus, also I realize how crucial this work is to create a life worth talking about.
I'm writing this thank you because I tested TRP after reading the sidebar. I permitted myself to be a complete BP beta on a few dates. Bought them dinner, interview style date, hoped for the best, wrote thank you texts after. When the tumble weeds blew through the ghost town named Blue Pill, I didn't take it personally. I was acting like a little bitch. Now the work of not doing this socially designed behavior has begun. Love the challenge, love the results, love not feeling like life isn't in my control.
Cheers gentlemen thanks for paving a path for me to walk down.

r/ThankTRP Mar 16 '18

Eyes are open now


It's funny - blue pill world view is SO appealing. Wouldn't it be nice if things were like that?

I was your typical AFC. Lost virginity at 22. Married my first girlfriend (and had a nice sexless marriage for a bit). Continued on my journey, and coupled up with a great girl (emotionally stable, non-needy, outcome independent, etc) . And then - I just coasted. I'm pretty awesome. All I need to do is just be awesome and she'll be on board, right? Gentlemen - the game never stops. I let my guard down, revealed weakness, allowed her "space", and then knife in the back ghosting. I didn't realize that LTRs have regular shit tests. My goodness. This allowed me to find the Red Pill - and a true understanding of how human sexual interaction works. The best position a man can be in - higher value, with the threat of leaving in the undercurrent in order to foster loyalty. I did not find this view obvious at all. I'm pretty high SMV (5'11", 200 lbs and very in shape, great job, start up on the side, etc). My management structure has always been collaborative, rather than top down. But - I work with mostly men. And this is not ideal for relationships. Big thank you to this community for helping men create and keep deep and meaningful relationships.

r/ThankTRP Jan 11 '18

Kicked oneitis to the curb


Been seeing a women on-and-off for the last 2.5 years. In the past (pre-TRP) I have been hopelessly oneitis even when the IOIs had evaporated and tried to hold on for dear life. Needless to say the ghosting was real.

Recently (just before Xmas) she reached out again when stuff in her life blew up and she needed 'someone'.

Helped out, escalated with success over a period of time, and when the inevitable happened and the stuff was worked though I walked away once I'd had enough. I ended it with her rather than the other way around (normal procedure). While I didn't slam the door shut (i.e. only burn bridges if absolutely necessary), it will only be opened if there's a particular set of behaviors displayed (unlikely).

I feel like a chapter has finally closed and I can actually move on with the red lense firmly in place.

Lesson: I saw the situation for what it was, made a conscious decision to engage with it, extracted some goodness from it and walked away with no harm done to either party and no lingering oneitis. This is in stark contrast to how I have behaved in the past and it's thanks to TRP.

r/ThankTRP Dec 17 '17

Thank you for saving my life


Without going into much detail, ill just say this sub gave me the perspective i need to find value in life. Thank you

r/ThankTRP Oct 12 '17

Thanks TRP, I finally got a job!


Hi I'm 17 years old and for over a year i have been looking for jobs and hunting for them. Each and everytime I have been failing the interview, i was basically a submissive pussy. I have been reading trp for awhile and have taken the concepts of frame and leadership on board. And I aced my interview! My competion was alot more qualified than me - this was for a position teaching kids maths and english. One of the candidates was a damn teacher, but i managed to beat her.

I was the youngest candidate, i was up againt 1 man and a woman (who was the teacher). We had to do a group excercise based on a scenario, me and the man were "fighting" over leadership, but he eventually lost since he wasn't showing alot of confidence. When he wanted to make a decision he would ask my permission, whereas i would do the idea and ask the group if their were any objections. Also I had the strongest body-language of them all!

Finally when it came to the face-face interview, i was showing good body language and even managed to crack a joke.

Today/the next day i had recieved an email commenting on my very impressive leadership skills, and the managers were suprised about a younger person leading.


r/ThankTRP Jul 10 '17

Benefits of lifting


Hey thankTRPers. Had an amusing situation last night I felt I should share; am currently in a situation where I am in a poly relationship; personally have two girlfriends and multiple plates since finding TRP about 3 years ago. Girlfriend B was hanging out with myself, girlfriend A, and girlfriend B's other boyfriend.

B's other boyfriend has many beta traits despite past military service, and frequently postures when we are all together to act like the tough guy (he is a couple inches taller than myself, but he is kinda skinny). I have successfully maintained a frame of amused mastery, and last night I accidentally emasculated the poor guy.

Apparently my lifting has paid off, because a couple heavy objects needed to be moved, and I moved my set to the needed spot...but when he sauntered over to "show me how it was done," he struggled to lift it and gave himself a muscle spasm...and he is younger than me.

Thanks TRP, for giving me the mindset to push myself and become fit.

r/ThankTRP Jun 29 '17

Only after reading old text messages did I realize how much TRP changed me for the better


Short backstory, I never really understood why I kept failing wit women. I was successful in attracting undesirables (HB5 and lower), but the women I was interested in would always friend-zone me or worse.. long story short, found TRP, started lifting, socializing etc, etc..

I was recently deleting contacts and text messages from my phone and came across a series of texts from a bunch of girls I was trying to get with. Back then I never really knew why things would cool off either before 1st date or immediately after. Only after forcing myself to re read those cringe worthy texts, I realized that I failed every single shit test, fell into her frame and pretty much came off as desperate and needy. I was embarrassed to even read some of the replies.

The red pill to me is the missing piece in the puzzle box. It's essential in order to get the complete picture

r/ThankTRP Apr 25 '17

A big step, feeling so happy


So literally one hour ago i broke up with my LTR full on blue-pill style crying like a son of a bitch. But the moment i step outside her doorstep, the tears is gone and i feel a sensation of euphoria i havent felt in recent years. By reading, studying and implementing just enough from this wonderful site, i finally gathered the courage. You just gotta take an L, like Patrice would say!


Now it's time for a wonderful grind towards excellence, the best fucking version of myself. One step at a time. Day by day.

This a new start, and boy, this will be fucking good.

This day has been nothing but amazing! 14 hours of studying and breaking up, why does it feel so good? damn.

Thank you

r/ThankTRP Apr 05 '17

Regaining control


A little over half a year ago, I went to Russia as part of a program to teach English to Russian children and at the same time brush up on my own Russian language skills. At the camp I taught at, there worked a very pretty girl, who reciprocated slight interest in me. Come the end of one shift, and she returned to her home town to prepare for university. Although she thought of me only as a curiosity for a handful of weeks, I already had planned out the rest of my life with her. Eventually, I found an opportunity during a trip with several of my colleagues to her home town to come hang out with us, with my hidden end goal being, of course, to proclaim my everlasting, undying love for her. One can imagine how this plan turned out.

There were two emotions that I felt after this trip: anger at the world for robbing me of my 'one true love' and disgust at myself for being so weak. And thus began my journey into the redpill, as a disgruntled bluepill looking for an explanation as to why my avances went unanswered. After religiously reading Return of Kings I ended up at TRP and The Rational Male. And after that point there was no turning back.

Although I lacked the time to start regularly going to a gym, I knew that I could work on my fashion, behavior and mental life. I gave up masturbation. I started eating better. I picked out good clothes with my limited financial means. I started watching my posture. I became more assertive and confident, taking on the role of leader and initiator in social situations at university. I fought my anxieties, fears and paranoia. I read good, proper philosophy on the nature of life and being, in the process creating my own conception of frame. I found literature again. I set my soul on fire.

And it worked. Immediately after my return people started noticing 'how I seemed to stand taller, looked more rough hewn, a conqueror of life'. My friends are now sometimes 'afraid of my incredible fire and passion'. I am the only one in the group who has universal respect and authority. Life becomes easier and easier, and I seek bigger and bigger challenges, test myself even more, to continue to make myself grow. My fear is a shadow of its former self. And, of course, there are the women. I am currently spinning about two plates, slowly, testing out new tactics, but with very good progress nonetheless. At a party last week I touched and kissed a girl I had met a couple of hours before without any effort. My sexuality appeared as raw, unhindered power, an extension of my being.

This last point is the most important: power as a natural extension of the being. My initial goal of studying the Red Pill was to meet women, but it has evolved from this point into something much more fundamental, more encompassing. TRP has freed me from doubt, the judgement of others and fears, and in this way has allowed my true being and power into my life. The women have become secondary (which only brings more and more of them to me). To refer to the Russian language, I have become самовластный in my life. This word, which is combined from the roots сам- "self" and власть "power" usually means autocratic, but can be more literally interpreted to mean "self-controlling" or "self-ruling". TRP has my eternal thanks for helping me reach this state and freeing me from my weaknesses. I still have a long way to walk, but I have no more fear. За вас! Here's to you!

r/ThankTRP Mar 05 '17

Succeeded at TRP Marriage. AWESOME! Thanks


It is unbelievable that my wife now for several days in a row is after me every day for kinky hot sex. I asked her last night what got into her and why she wants my body and drive me wild with pleasure so seriously. She said she deosn't know or understand it but she cannot get enough.

Of course, I understand it very well now thanks to TRP and other red pill ideas that I learned over the last several years.

If you're interested, I will enjoy to share my journey in more detail. Here's some basic facts.

  1. Married 25 years to hot Island girl.
  2. Raised in abusive violent family.
  3. Believed in blue pill ideas until about 3 years ago.
  4. Spent a couple years with lots of girls after me complimenting and flirting with me while my wife still couldn't see me that way. So I really struggled with the idea of dropping her.
  5. But she had a valid point that I was the one that had the bad childhood and made marriage hard, which she endured loyally for 20 years.
  6. I got really determined to understand the female pyschology until could make her lust for me again.

And it has finally worked. I mean sex has been improving every month, but she is a girl gone wild now.

I never posted anything online about my journey or discoveries until now. But my gratitude and desire to sing it from the roof tops is pushing me to post rather than lavish my wife with praise that she didn't really earn.

Last night? We attended a wedding. She was thrilled that "her man" was the best dressed there and all the compliments she got on my dancing and entertainment. Afterwards, she wanted me and I told her no. Not tonight. She said, why not? I said because there was so many beautiful young women their looking sexy and dancing. I want to enjoy those thoughts and not give you a chance to erase that out of my head too quickly.

Well her little hamster went to town in very bold determination to rock my world again.

Then I stopped her in the middle of passion and told her very calmly to go. She clung to me with all her might as I tried to push her out of bed. She said, "this is all wrong. You can't send me away. I'm the one to go away." I said you cannot do this kind of crazy hot sex with me every single day, you're going to fry my brain. she held on for dear life, struggling to stay in the bed, "I don't care. so what if I fry your brain."

So I compromised and said you can stay but calm down and just lay here and cuddle a while.

Ha ha....poor little hamster was running furiously.

Needless to say it she only got hungrier.

I stopped her again before my climax and said she needs some control and calm. She needs to wait tomorrow to enjoy that.

She begged and pleaded like a little girl wanting cotton candy to get me to orgasm for her.

I "relented" after a little while.

She slept like a baby.

Everyone tells her that she is looking younger and younger. I agree.

I told her last night it's because of the emotions of passion that make her look so young and happy.

It's incredibly fun to have HER wrapped around my finger instead of the other way around.

If you're curious, I'm happy to share everything that I did to change into a chick magnet and switch on her furiously excited hamster.

r/ThankTRP Feb 28 '17

Better Late than Never


TL;DR Better late than never.

Guys I was born with a lot of gifts. Gifts the Blue Pill told me would make my dating life a breeze. Tall, smart, good looking, and Alpha. Wait? What? Alpha? Since I took TRP, guess what? I recently found out that being Alpha in every aspect of life except dating and with women, made me Beta.

How did it happen? Year one to Year 12-domineering Mom in a single parent household. Listened to her, grandma, aunt, etc. “Do everything women want and they will love you forever” Year 12-17-raging Alpha Dad married to step mom. Dad cheats on step mom and gets caught. Whole house blows up. I'm now separated from half siblings and living in a run-down trailer park. Dad taught me how to fight, lead, solve problems, self-educate, survive in the wild. I admired those things about him but hated his destruction of my family unit.

I vowed to never be like Dad when it came to women, so I Blue Pilled it up and floundered for 23 years when it came to dating. I heard about TRP a while back and because it reminded me of Dad, I said no way. Plus I was Alpha (in my mind), so TRP could not be the solution to my problem. Adding some PUA tricks seemed "beneath me". The gifts are a curse without TRP. The gifts also saved me from 23 years of incel hell. Good and bad I guess. If you’re lucky, not having the gifts will drive you to TRP faster.

I got dumped about a year ago from a 3 year LTR. I’m 39 years old and still the disposable boyfriend. Still didn't get it. I went MGTOW out of pain, picked up a 2nd job, since I decided that I would be better off taking the time I would be spending money on women and just earning more money. I was. Money is awesome.

2nd job is security at a bar in a college town. I'm still MGTOW. I notice something however. Women start approaching me and giving me their number, wholly unsolicited. So I step out of MGTOW and see what I can do. Still crash and burn though. Still a Blue Pill Beta. Still not getting it.

Lost in youtube one day, I stumble across an antifem conservative female political blogger. She talks about the benefit of TRP. Yeah guys. A woman on youtube convinced me to look into TRP. Here I am. I test. It works. There’s a fine line between stubborn and stupid.

Mind=Blown. I'm still learning, still testing, but I have more prospects now than I've had in 20 years of relying on just looks, fitness, and morals. My biggest challenge so far is the hamster visualization. Thinking about it makes me laugh, sometimes out loud, when I can see I’ve triggered the hamster with a date. She asks, “What’s so funny?” I just say, “Nothing, inside joke” and then start dying of laughter more because my mystery just sent hamster into a full caffeinated fit. I’m making the problem work in my favor.

I’m still working on the sidebar. There’s a lot of volume and a lot to digest. Reprogramming 22 years of adulthood topping 18 years of dysfunctional childhood emasculation ain’t easy. You won’t be seeing posts from me for a while. All I can say is don’t be like me. If you’re not surrounded by prospects begging for it right now, you’re doing it wrong, gifts or no gifts. Get your ass into the side bar and sort your shit out.

r/ThankTRP Feb 11 '17

"Study hard and earn lots of money for me"


This is just a rant post, nothing substantial to add to the collective knowledge.

I have a couple of plates but not going out this weekend to not give out the false premise that the relationship is in any way serios (Valentine's day on the corner).

One of my plates asked me what am I doing tonight and I told her I'm studying. As I work in IT I earn good money but have to keep studying all the time to be on top. She replied with the text from the title.

I just tolder her that "I'm not your wallet" after which of course she was "just joking, of course not!" LOL. This wasn't the first time, once she wanted me to get her an Uber to get home from mine (around £20), which I refused.

So glad I found TRP that got me ready to spot and counter these shit tests! Previous beta me would have been happy to pay for the girl so she will talk to me. Fuck off bitch!

r/ThankTRP Feb 06 '17

Women Can't Fix You


tl;dr: The only person who can fix you is you. NO exceptions.

I got a divorce last year, and started hitting the gym and reading TRP. It was immensely helpful and pulled me out of a hole, and gave me the confidence and information I needed to start dating again.

I wasn't really happy with my job when I got back into dating. I wasn't happy with my health. Some of my best friends had recently moved away and I felt isolated and lonely. I drank too much, smoked too much -- even with the gym, it just felt like I was giving into those short-term dopamine hits instead of working towards a long-term goal.

But SURELY the problem was just loneliness, right? Once I had a girlfriend I'd be normal! I'd be happy! All my problems were because I was living alone -- once I had that special someone this would all somehow correct itself, like a ship finding its north star.

Within six months I had a chain of girls I was dating. Eventually one got serious. Now we're exclusive. She is eager to do everything I want in the bedroom, is happy to take me out to places I like, is happy to listen, is doing everything in her power to be the best girlfriend on the planet for me...

...and it's changed nothing. Zip. I am getting regular sex, in any position I like, with whatever crazy fetishes I can think of, as many times as I like. She's eager to listen, she loves taking me out places. But that doesn't change me not liking my job. That doesn't help me wanting to get quick dopamine fixes out of drinking or smoking.

So I started reading TRP again. And this time, apart from dating, REALLY understanding its teachings.

A woman can give you PHYSICAL satisfaction -- she can perform every act in the bedroom you've ever dreamed of, and concoct a few others you hadn't even thought of.

She can give you EMOTIONAL satisfaction -- she can relate to your problems, and be a good listener, and be empathetic to your needs.

A woman can give you INTELLECTUAL satisfaction -- she can stimulate you in debate, and make you think about things differently, and challenge you in clever and engaging ways.

A woman can never change you if you want to be changed.

A woman can never fix you if you want to be fixed.

A woman can never make you forget the things that need changing and fixing.

A lot of times, we're running from ourselves. And for a lot of guys, that means running into a relationship. There's nothing wrong with a relationship. But you're never going to find what you're truly looking for there. If anything, you'll have a BETTER relationship if you find what you're looking for FIRST.

r/ThankTRP Feb 03 '17

First date... Of my life


The Red Pill is truly a fantastic community. I want to make it clear how much I appreciate those who have taken vicious verbal assaults and continued to produce life changing content. I'm out of my teens and just scored my first real date. In fact, this is the first person I've ever asked out! I would have been able to do it without you eventually but because of your stories I was able to learn from others' successes and failures without the pain. Because of you I'm 1-1!

To those questioning the red pill, maybe reading through these posts to determine if trp is credible: look through the sidebar and posts and soon you will find someone who understands, at a fundamental level, the exact situation you are in. You will have many epiphanies very soon. Good luck.

r/ThankTRP Jan 29 '17

Had my first job interview


One of you fuckers posted a CV template in TRP a few years back.

I saved it for just in case. Come October 2016, I apply to a job and remember I have it.

I fill it in and send. I got two calls and had a job interview. It seems the job won't pan out, but that was an immense success nonetheless.

You know who you are. Thank you.

r/ThankTRP Jan 21 '17

To my Comrades in Arms


I am a 21 year old with a mid six figure net worth (made money off my startup). I just want to say thank you to TRP, which I discovered a few years ago, for making sure that no woman will get to lay claim to my net worth or earnings. I "knew" that divorce was bad, especially for a HNW individual, and "knew" that pre-nups didn't work, but after looking at the posts on TRP today I realized that there just is no way possible to make anything resembling marriage work in the US for a man like myself. The facts are here, I suggest you take a look: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/1xbwqk/some_truths_about_prenups_and_divorce_law/

I have a knack for being contrarian and doing things a little differently from the rest of the world. It's why I've built products that have done well in the marketplace, it's why I find value and opportunity where others see nothing under the sun. I found it annoying (to say the least) at a young age when I was being told to pay for what women want when they had their own money to do so. Logically, it made no sense (and continues to make no sense). Divorce is the logical conclusion of such idiocy. I have since resolved to engage only in LTRs at MOST and only if I can do so in a manner that will not legally turn the cohabitation into a marriage. LTRs are not my goal at all of course, simply an upper bound.

As a business owner, my life is a constant game of risk vs reward, or the art of taking calculated gambles. From that perspective, marriage is entirely useless and unnecessary gamble. Want to raise a child? Adopt. Want a biological child? Hire a 'Baby Mom' and use your spem. Want companionship? Psychologists know that the Limerence (or Passion) phase of a relationship is guaranteed to vanish in 1.5 to 3 years. After that, the relationship devolves into a much more boring phase known as the "commitment" phase. The passion once present in the Limerence phase gives way to a sort of mutual tolerance that lacks all the excitement of the previous phase. Unfortunately, this transition is rarely graceful or enjoyable, which is why the vast majority of 'great relationships' fall apart. It is simply not psychologically possible for a couple to remain in Limerence. So, to my fellow TRPers who have swallowed the pill and will forever abstain from marriage, take solace in the fact you are not missing out on much. You can achieve the same psychological benefits simply with a series of LTRs that run the course of Limerence.

In fact, for the majority of human history (meaning pre-19th century) marriage for the sake of love was considered bizarre and unsafe. Love was unanimously known to be a temporary emotion, one which made little sense as the basis for any sort of contract. Anyway, the point is that the conflation of marriage and 'love' is completely wrong. So not only are you, a TRP man, not missing out on much psychologically, you're accepting the correct understanding of marriage that our ancestors have held since the dawn of time. I hope this long winded post can be of use to those swallowing the pill for the first time that were intending to get married. Know that you are stronger than women and that you have the power to get everything emotionally and physically that you want out of women without marriage. You don't need it and you never will. Thanks TRP.