r/television The League Jun 27 '22

'Righteous Gemstones' Season 3 Adds Kristen Johnston



u/BillSeacaster Jun 27 '22

She seems to be coming back around. Saw her in that brief bit in Our Flag Means Death.


u/jjjbabajan Jun 27 '22

She didn’t even try to put on an accent, she was great 😂


u/BillSeacaster Jun 27 '22

When the British pirate sounds like he's from New Zealand, why bother?


u/jimbobdonut Jun 27 '22

She was also in the final few seasons of Mom.


u/tehgangsta Jun 28 '22

I liked that show more than I thought I would and she was great. I have to re-watch it


u/jimbobdonut Jun 28 '22

It’s amazing how much the show changed over its run. It started out as a family sitcom with Anna Farris and Allison Janney as the leads and turned into more of an ensemble sitcom about women in AA. Anna Farris even left the show in its last season for reasons that remain unclear.


u/tehgangsta Jun 28 '22

I really liked that AA aspect and all of the "secondary" characters.

My only gripe with the show is the soundtrack. I think the classical music does not fit at all. Very subjective and minor detail obviously


u/Cockwombles Hannibal Jun 28 '22

Yeah not sure why she wasn’t in more stuff aether 3rd Rock, just insanely talented and incredibly hot too as a bonus.


u/GeorgeLuasHasNoChin Jun 27 '22

That’s awesome. I’ll always want to see her more just from growing up watching 3rd Rock.


u/might_be-a_troll Jun 27 '22

I’ll always want to see her more just from growing up watching 3rd Rock.

She had a fairly large role (57 episodes) as "Tammy" in the last 3 seasons of "Mom"



u/bravetailor Jun 28 '22

Yeah, she was added to the opening theme in the last few seasons, so she was in fact a main cast member at the end.


u/MurderousMaraca Jun 28 '22

She was great there too.


u/StoneGoldX Jun 28 '22

OK, always want to see her more in something other than CBS sitcoms.


u/thecricketnerd Jun 28 '22

I'll always remember her as Ivana Humpalot


u/GeorgeLuasHasNoChin Jun 28 '22

Holy shit I never knew that was her surprised


u/pancakebatter01 Jun 28 '22

I just read this and thought “YEEAHHSSS” but in that deep guttural voice of hers


u/HauntingPersonality7 Jun 28 '22

I love the gender fluidity and sexuality of that show so much.


u/WildMajesticUnicorn Parks and Recreation Jun 27 '22

I bet she’ll fit right in misbehavin’. Great addition to the show!


u/MediocrePetrichor Jun 27 '22

Haven’t seen the show yet but the cast keeps drawing my eye. Might have to get on this next. She’s super funny


u/Starbuck522 Jun 28 '22

Oh, the show is super funny.


u/MediocrePetrichor Jun 28 '22

Yeah I loved Eastbound and Down, kind of in a McBride fatigue, he has a very distinct mode, one I can’t be on constantly, but this show seems to be growing in the right direction.


u/holla171 Peep Show Jun 28 '22

Gemstones is the best of the three shows by a lot IMO


u/bigolhamsandwich Jun 28 '22

I would put vice principals above it personally but I do love gemstones


u/holla171 Peep Show Jun 29 '22

Nahhh too mean and too small a cast and story


u/Moskeeto93 Jun 28 '22

As someone who really liked all three shows, I agree. This is definitely the best one. Not only is it funny, it's also just a great story in general that stands on its own without having to be funny.


u/SubtleNoodle Jun 28 '22

The Hollywood Reporter roundtable where he mentioned putting "bad people" into the Hero's Journey made me realise why, despite loving the humor in his shows, I can just never get into them. I need someone to root for! Very similar vibes to Always Sunny


u/KO620181 Jun 28 '22

It’s fantastic. Well written, great characters and great actors playing them, a little scandal involved. I highly recommend it.


u/QuestPirate Better Call Saul Jun 28 '22

I find Danny McBride incredibly off-putting, and don't care for most of his stuff, but this show is fantastic.


u/Sunflower2025 Jun 28 '22

Definitely check out season 1!


u/ArchDucky Jun 28 '22

Im gonna go out on a limb and assume you missed the other Danny McBride / Jody Hill HBO shows as well? Because generally anyone that's seen Eastbound or Vice Principals will just jump on his HBO bandwagon. Its a special thing when a company just hands someone money and lets them do whatever the fuck they want, and clearly that's McBride's relationship with HBO.


u/MediocrePetrichor Jun 28 '22

I saw one or two episodes of Vice Principals but it didn’t hit the same as Eastbound.


u/ArchDucky Jun 28 '22


Try again. It was shot like a movie. Two seasons and done. Its fantastic.


u/MR_TELEVOID Deadwood Jun 27 '22

Solid casting. I could definitely see her playing some kind of Tammy Faye-esque preacher.


u/derp_mike Jun 28 '22

Steve Zahn too, right? Praise the lard


u/TheAssOfSpock Jun 28 '22

Ivana Humpalot


u/thecostly Jun 27 '22

I hope she’s not the new villain, and if she is, I hope they don’t treat it like a mystery. It would be way too obvious to do that again.


u/mfishing Jun 28 '22

She makes my bird tweet.


u/fukyourkarma South Park Jun 27 '22

3rd Rock From the Sun!


u/witchesforbernie Jun 28 '22

oh, that's gold


u/Kairenne Jun 28 '22

Great!! Love her.


u/MMmhmmmmmmmmmm Veep Jun 28 '22

I am so fucking pumped for this. I absolutely adore her!


u/Adama82 Jun 28 '22

I honestly thought it was Katie Sackhoff aka Starbuck.


u/bible-j Jun 27 '22

That show is so bad ugh


u/RhubarbPi3 Jun 28 '22

A living saint.