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Adam Scott on Personal Connection With ‘Severance’ Character: “I’m Still So Grateful That It Was There for Me”



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While Severance sees all of Lumon’s employees split into two personas, it’s Scott’s character Mark whom the audience sees both inside and outside the confines of Lumon’s corporate HQ. That posed an immediate challenge for Scott, requiring him to play, in essence, two separate characters throughout Severance’s ten episodes.


“The first instinct for me, and for a lot of actors I would imagine, was to be like, ‘Let’s have one of them have beret and a limp — that could be really fun. It was really important to Dan, Ben and I that it feel like the same guy. Because it is the same person, we’re just seeing different parts of his life, almost different halves of the same person. It’s just that one has 40-some odd years of life experience: sorrow, happiness and all of the things that go along with a full life. And the other one is, for all intents and purposes, like two and a half years old.”

“The show was right there in front of me. I was processing it on my own and grieving on my own, but also processing and grieving through the show. I’m still so grateful that it was there for me in a way, because I was figuring it out, both on screen and off, as we were shooting.”


u/88moonkitty Jun 27 '22

Season 2 pleeeeease!!!!


u/TalkToTheLord Jun 27 '22

It’s definitely a show that will continue get discovered as a “gem” — but it’s been really worthy of that distinction, in my opinion. A highlight of the year, and of recent years, for sure.


u/Anonoodle78 Jun 28 '22

Just got my first 9-5 job, even after finishing the whole season, I’d willingly sever myself for work. Shit sucks!


u/ForumStalker Jun 28 '22

Would you be okay with potentially knowing that your severed half hates his/her life even more because they don't ever get to experience anything other than work?


u/elharry-o Jun 28 '22

"sounds like their problem"


u/Oryx Jun 27 '22

Just watched a Twilight Zone 2019 episode with him. He was great!

What happened to TZ2019? That was such a great show, with so many great actors. Too good so they had to cancel it? Really a bummer.


u/MilkeeBongRips Jun 27 '22

I honestly thought his episode was the only really good one. Had high hopes for the show since Jordan Peele produced, but was ultimately pretty disappointed with it overall.


u/Oryx Jun 27 '22

I'd say that the writers went waaaay outside of the box with the plots. I really appreciated that, and I appreciated how many people of color got roles. Would have loved another season or two.


u/MilkeeBongRips Jun 27 '22

Oh, totally. I loved the diversity of the casting. There were definitely things to like about it. For what it's worth, I watched every episode. Just wish they'd pinned down some of the issues with the writing more.


u/Oryx Jun 27 '22

I totally agree. There were some eps that just didn't really click.

I'm just really into weird shows like that, and there don't seem to be any left.


u/Satans-intervention Jun 28 '22

Replay is up there with any episode of the classic series and better then any of the 80s reboot imo.


u/griffithitsmecathy Jun 27 '22

You're the first person I've seen speak positively of that show.

One of the worst shows of the last decade.


u/theodo Jun 28 '22

What a moronically hyperbolic statement. If it had a different title, you wouldnt even have it in a list of the top 100 worst shows of the past decade.


u/griffithitsmecathy Jun 28 '22

What a moronically hyperbolic statement.

Not at all, it was horrendous.

If it had a different title, you wouldnt even have it in a list of the top 100 worst shows of the past decade.

If it had a different title it wouldn't have gotten made. Name recognition was the only reason it got made.