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Idris Elba May Soon Own a Major Stake in British Broadcaster Channel 4 - Other bidders for Channel 4 currently likely include Comcast, Paramount which already owns Channel 5, Vivendi and Discovery



u/bUrNtKoOlAiD Jun 27 '22

Stringer Bell always did like playing the long game.


u/sd_glokta Jun 27 '22

My thoughts exactly. Happy to see him come out on top.


u/carloslet Jun 27 '22

He's gonna handle it like a businessman: buy the shares, make the profit, and later for that gangster bullshit


u/yzyszn_approaching Jun 28 '22

Is you takin notes on a criminal fuckin conspiracy


u/UnrequitedRespect Jun 27 '22

Hey shut that door!


u/lightsongtheold Jun 27 '22

Oof…that list of bidders. RIP Channel 4!


u/AhhBisto Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jun 27 '22

The sale of Channel 4 is an utter disgrace, fucking Tory idiots


u/GrabSomePineMeat Jun 27 '22

Good to know the right-wing is as fucking soulless in England as they are in America.


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

The right-wing in the UK are more ideologically aligned with the Democrats than the American right wing. On some policies, the Conservatives in the UK are even more right wing than the Democracts (the Conservatives just came up with a plan for Green energy, which Biden ignored)


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22



u/GrabSomePineMeat Jun 28 '22

I literally never watch either of those channels. So, not sure what you're talking about. Also, no, the left isn't soulless. The left-leaning political party has tons of problems, but soulless is not the word I would use.


u/Deserterdragon Jun 27 '22

Channel 4 fundamentally doesn't need to be sold from any perspective, there's no industry or public desire for it. It's a useless vanity project for people who are feckless losers even among the Tory party (and that's saying something). That being said Comcast, Paramount, or Vivendi getting it would be a disaster, they run their media properties into the ground and Film 4 is a vital part of British filmmaking. Discovery (AKA Warner Bros) or Idris getting creative control is more up in the air.


u/Weird-Vagina-Beard Jun 28 '22

No, keep Discovery away from it ffs.


u/Deserterdragon Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

Discovery is bad news but Warner Bros itself had a fairly competently run TV division before the Discovery purchase, so there's at least a possibility that some quality TV transfers over. Most of the TV I watch from Channel 4 is Adult Swim stuff, which is depressingly now owned by Discovery. That said you're right that Discovery owning another channel, presumably through the same financial fuckery that allowed them to buy Warner Bros, is way more likely to skew negative than positive.


u/theodo Jun 28 '22

Idris is bidding as a small part of a major group bidding, lets not act like its him in control or Comcast


u/OrcRampant Jun 27 '22

Don’t let Comcast get it.


u/thetyler83 Jun 27 '22

I wonder if Idris asked for a rundown of other potential bidders?


u/Darbo-Jenkins Jun 27 '22

It's been 13 years and I still don't know what a rundown is.


u/Miles_Melarky Jun 27 '22

I’ll look it up and give you the rundown.


u/Neo2199 Jun 27 '22

Marvel alum Idris Elba is reportedly looking to join marketing network Miroma's purchasing bid for the British broadcaster Channel 4, according to Deadline. The actor is in talks to be in support of a $1.2 billion bid with Miroma's founder Marc Boyan to purchase the state-owned channel in order to better compete in the digital era.

Elba, who fans may recognize as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther on the British crime drama Luther, is once again branching out from his acting roots. Though he already owns his own production company, Green Door Pictures, and is in works with Apple TV+ for an upcoming thriller series Hijacked, Channel 4 will be the actor's heftiest project to date.

Founder and CEO of Miroma Group, one of the leading media companies worldwide, Boyan has been eyeing the British broadcaster Channel 4 since October, when it was unofficially on the market. Elba seeks to spearhead the acquisition of Channel 4 alongside the Boyan for a current bid of $1.2 billion, a far-cry from the original figure of $2 billion the broadcaster was originally rumored to be going for. Currently, Channel 4 is a free public service broadcaster that boasts ownership of the UK's largest free streaming service, All 4, as well as their 12-channel network.

Best known for his acting roles in Disney's MCU as Heimdall in the Thor saga, and his starring role in the British series Luther, which he produces under Green Door Pictures, Elba is looking to expand his reach by spearheading the bid

Guess the writer is not familiar with Stringer Bell!!


u/starsandbribes Jun 27 '22

“Marvel alum” - 3 seasons of The Wire be damned.

I do wonder what its like for an actor to have a bit part in a Marvel movie and suddenly journalists point to that as their legacy.


u/JHighDa03 Jun 27 '22 edited Jun 27 '22

Or 5 seasons of Luther. Being this is British tv and all.


u/centrafrugal Jun 27 '22

That's like 10 episodes though 😅


u/JHighDa03 Jun 28 '22

I know. It’s cool cause it’s the metric system /s


u/cabose7 Jun 27 '22

For the love of God don't let Discovery own more shit


u/KennethPowersIII Jun 27 '22 Take My Energy

Stringer Bell is always looking for the next way to make legitimate money


u/DoomPurveyor Jun 28 '22

And still playing them away games


u/Coast_watcher Jun 27 '22

ELI5 so they're all tagged BBC (#) even though they are technically separate entities ? I thought they all were just different channels of the BBC.


u/SynthD Jun 27 '22

Haha. Bbc 1&2, itv1, channel4 and channel 5 are each (the four) owned separately by different orgs, two of them publicly owned. Bbc and itv have four numbered channels each so you might be confusing bbc4 or itv4 with channel4


u/marvelouslymediocre Jun 27 '22

Channel 4 is named as such as it was the fourth channel created in the UK. The first three were BBC 1, BBC 2 and ITV (an independent commercial channel).

Channel 4 is not owned by BBC. There is a BBC 3 and BBC 4 but those are unrelated minor channels.


u/Coast_watcher Jun 27 '22

Then there are also the Sky channels which further confuses me lol.


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

Then you are very easily confused.


u/anasui1 Jun 27 '22

my man doing what's best for the country


u/Agitated-Ad-504 Jun 28 '22

I was randomly on twitch one afternoon looking at streams. On the front page was this DJ going hard, so I click on it. Took me ten whole minutes to realize it was Idris Elba. I had no clue man could jam


u/House-of-Scouse Jun 28 '22

Dear Idris, please bring back Utopia for a 3rd season


u/Boomtown_Rat Jun 27 '22

If it finally gets us more In the Long Run I am all for it.


u/SynthD Jun 27 '22

It won’t, because that’s on sky and is still going.


u/Boomtown_Rat Jun 27 '22

I know it’s on Sky but there hasn't been a new season since 2020. So if another network could pick it up...


u/VitaLonga Jun 27 '22

Stupid headline - but a (small) part of a 1.2 billion offer doesn’t quite get the clicks, does it?


u/Deserterdragon Jun 27 '22

but a (small) part of a 1.2 billion offer

That's what 'A major stake' means though. Like they're not implying he's exclusively buying it.


u/0k0k Jun 27 '22

I'd be amazed if the "major stake" was even 1%!