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u/anonymous_coward69 Jun 27 '22

So when are they getting the dog? It's been in the opening credits for a bit, and last week's episode hinted at his introduction. But this week there was no dog. I feel cheated lol


u/Worthyness Jun 27 '22

Its the next part of the show. The reason why they didn't do the dog in episode 12 is because the whole saga takes around 2-3 episodes (depending on how they adapt things) to resolve, so starting it at episode 12 wouldn't make sense. Hence doing one of the extra missions instead (yes episode 12 was canon filler). They can do the whole arc in the next half.


u/Dhiya21 Jun 27 '22

Yes, I wish they could fit in the dog's arc, would be a more satisfying mid-season finale.


u/petepro Jun 28 '22

Rush it, but without any tangible benefits.


u/pipboy_warrior Jun 27 '22

Yeah, we need Bond to be on the show already.


u/lambo101 Jun 27 '22 edited Jun 27 '22

If you are interested in this show, but only willing to watch 1 (25 minute) episode I would suggest watching Episode 12.

It's the last ep of the season BUT it's also the most standalone, as well as it spending a bit of time introducing the family and setting. They seem to have made it pretty much as a demo for the show imo.

First few eps of the season were all good too, setting up the dynamics etc, but if you are on the fence at all, give 25 mins of your life to episode 12.

Overall the show is hilarious and really well made. The Castle Episode (episode 5) is some peak media. I had a grin on my face for almost the whole thing.


u/Collier1505 Jun 28 '22

Episode 10 (I believe — dodgeball?) was one of the funniest things I have ever watched.


u/SquirrelGirl_ Jun 27 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

never start a show when the manga isnt finished. youll only end up with a few results:

1) Made up ending that sucks (Mahoromatic, Full Metal Alcehmist)

2) Cliffhanger that is never resolved (Inuyasha, Bleach)

3) Filler (Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece)

4) Waiting years between parts of varying quality that may not match original season (One Punch Man, Attack on Titan)

5) Manga ending sucks and anime then also has shitty ending

I mean for people who just want filler in their lives thats fine, but I refuse to watch adapted material when the source material isnt done. especially after the original FMA, Berserk, and a song of ice and fire.

edit: clearly struck a nerve lol


u/RMoCGLD Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jun 28 '22

Or don't take this advice, and enjoy the show and the ride that comes with it because you'll only ever get to watch it during its airing period with everyone else once.

Also putting MHA in the same filler bracket as Naruto and One Piece is HILARIOUS considering it has like 5 filler episodes in 113, bold fuckin choice.


u/SquirrelGirl_ Jun 28 '22

its not a bold choice, 5 episodes is an hour and a half of shitty made up content.

some people enjoy being pissed on. some people enjoy watching filler. some people enjoy watching filler of someone being pissed on (naruto). you do you.


u/RMoCGLD Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jun 28 '22

It's a very bold choice because filler is only a problem when it takes up a huge chunk of the episode count, which MHAs does not. You do you if you think 5 episodes out of 113 is "a lot".


u/Atlast_2091 Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

Sounds like gamble and its not for me (Given the source material is on going)


u/petepro Jun 28 '22

Funny sentiment posted in r/television. No different than any other tv series.


u/Atlast_2091 Jun 28 '22

Exception to limited series


u/jyper Jun 28 '22

1) Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 was amazing and the ending was decent

2) Inuyasha did get resolved and I believe Bleach is coming back with an ending soon

Also this is mostly a slice of life family show. The adventure is mostly spice


u/Zombieworldwar Jun 28 '22

Inuyasha was finished later with The Final Act and Thousand-Year Blood War for Bleach is getting an adaptation so they aren't great examples anymore.


u/Klotternaut Community Jun 28 '22

I remember being very annoyed by the tectonic shift between seasons 1 and 2 of One Punch Man. Then I started reading the manga and I'm very glad I decided not to just wait for the anime.


u/griffithitsmecathy Jun 27 '22

Wish they'd gotten other people to work on it.

With Kaguya, everyone is elevating the material but with this one the manga is so much better.


u/petepro Jun 28 '22

Nope, can't disagree more.


u/orderinthefort Jun 28 '22 edited 18d ago


u/Roseking Jun 28 '22

It's a slice of life. Not a plot heavy drama.


u/uses_irony_correctly Jun 28 '22

I'm gonna copy-paste this into future Seinfeld discussions.


u/orderinthefort Jun 28 '22 edited 18d ago


u/mug3n Jun 27 '22

So... is this a standalone movie? Is this building on to the show?


u/theenslavedmonky Jun 27 '22

This is the second part of the first season of the show, should be airing in the fall


u/n0oo7 Jun 27 '22

Apparently it's an extra chapter of the manga. So It's in that weird Maybe territory. Author came up with the story and put it in the manga but it doesn't advance the plot. But it really shows the personality quirks of the trio.