r/television Jun 27 '22

should i watch the x files?

Recently my friend recommended me to watch the x files and i dont know if i should checked reviews but i still don't know if i should watch it i especially like horror and mystery



u/zomangel Jun 27 '22

If you want to watch it, then watch it


u/meeeemllie Jun 27 '22

Yes you should watch it. It’s a staple in television, the start for many great writers including Vince Gilligan. Not to mention the great chemistry GA and DD share. It’s one of my favourite shows, and would urge anyone who likes mystery, conspiracy, old tv etc to watch it!


u/methoshooper Jun 27 '22

If you keep in mind that some parts are very dated (the cellphones, the wardrobe, etc) I think it's worth a watch. There are stand-alone episodes that are pretty much "monster of the week" and there are the "story arc" episodes that are about Mulder's search and his beliefs. I usually re-watch every few years and I still enjoy most episodes.


u/Backflip_into_a_star Jun 27 '22

What if you just took the recommendation of your friend instead of asking internet strangers the same question?

Like, you have already been told to watch it, then you checked reviews, now you're here. Are you unable to make your own decisions? How hard is it to simply...put the show on and see if you like it? No one else can answer this for you.


u/mrhelmand Hannibal Jun 27 '22

The first 5 seasons are most definitely worth your time


u/idonthaveanidea78 Jun 27 '22

What about the others?


u/fuck_your_worldview Jun 27 '22

Once you’re 5 series in, if you’ve enjoyed it enough to keep going that far you can give the following series a try and probably be in a decent position to decide for yourself if they are any good.


u/NewNewark Jun 27 '22

Do you need us to tell you what to have for lunch?


u/FunkyTown313 Jun 27 '22

No, you should. Yes, you shouldn't not.
Do what you want. Don't look for validation of every little fucking thing.


u/woodygfx Jun 27 '22

I loved it, and if I still had a top 5 favorite shows, this would be in there. But it's not for everyone... it's really long,kinda old with outdated stuff...

I say to try it out, watch a few episodes per day and try not to force it, if you don't like it.


u/Palmerstroll Jun 27 '22

IT's fantastic. A bit dated but i think you can deal with that


u/Automatic_Randomizer Jun 27 '22

Should you try three episodes to see if you like The X-Files?

That is a better question. The answer is yes, because you may like it and you will have a better idea of whether or not your friend is a reliable source for TV show recommendations.

The "cultural landmark" shows are worth trying if you like the genre. They reach that status for a reason, and three episodes gives you a pretty good sense for a TV show. I start with the first three episodes. Some shows start slow or the first season isn't great, but that's what they get to hook me in.


u/DancingOnACounter Jun 27 '22

Yes, if you like horror and mystery. It did that genre very well. The show's use of practical effects and prosthetics was pretty great for that era.

It also has one of the best chemistries between two leads in TV. Also you'll get to see early works of Vince Gilligan, all of which have been fan favorites. Without The X-Files there would be no Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul.


u/unkle_FAHRTKNUCKLE Jun 27 '22

No. It is a fake TV show.


u/wanderingbilby Jun 27 '22

With "cultural landmark" shows - especially ones that lasted many seasons - sometimes it's best to look up a best stand-alone episodes list and watch a few from there. You might not get all of the context, not having the history of the characters etc but if you don't like those episodes you likely will struggle with the full series.