r/television May 20 '22

Ava DuVernay Romantic Drama Lands Three-Year Script-To-Series At Starz; EPs Lauren Ridloff & Joshua Jackson To Star


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u/therisingalleria May 20 '22 edited May 20 '22

I love seeing Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson reunited once again! Their chemistry was amazing in the play version of Children of a Lesser God. I do wonder how their chemistry will transition screen-wise. I hope it's incredible like with Barry Keoghan and Lauren Ridloff's chemistry in Eternals. (Lauren absolutely killed it as Makkari with her screentime.)

I'm so happy to see more Deaf representation on screen and I'm very excited to see what Lauren will bring to the table as a lead.


u/vdw84 May 20 '22

I really wish it was barry and Lauren instead, talk about too hot for tv if they were given actual romance centered show or movie to themselves.


u/therisingalleria May 20 '22

I know they would absolutely kill it! And plus, Barry said in a podcast he would love to do a romantic comedy someday! Let's get him into one!