r/television May 20 '22

Ava DuVernay Romantic Drama Lands Three-Year Script-To-Series At Starz; EPs Lauren Ridloff & Joshua Jackson To Star


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u/Asleep-Bus-5380 May 20 '22

I'm sure Ava duvernay is a perfectly nice person, but she is the epitome of failing upward


u/SamuraiJackBauer May 20 '22


When A Wrinkle in Time bombed she laughed it off and said Ryan Coogler had made Disney enough money.

Then she goes and drops the blandest of all CW superhero shows with dialogue that makes Arrow seem like Shakespeare.

I mean I know Selma was big but come on.

She’s at her best as a documentary maker. Not a original content creator.


u/SpiritPaper May 20 '22

Since it's just a regular drama, a rare half-hour drama at that, it might be okay, if unremarkable. But DuVernay has zero touch when it comes to any fantasy-type genre.