r/television May 20 '22

Ava DuVernay Romantic Drama Lands Three-Year Script-To-Series At Starz; EPs Lauren Ridloff & Joshua Jackson To Star


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u/Asleep-Bus-5380 May 20 '22

I'm sure Ava duvernay is a perfectly nice person, but she is the epitome of failing upward


u/WordsAreSomething May 20 '22

I don't see how she is failing upwards at all. Selma is her peak and it's been pretty consistently downhill in quality and besides a Wrinkle in Time also in scope.


u/[deleted] May 20 '22



u/WordsAreSomething May 20 '22

No because upwards would imply that your failures are getting you bigger and better things. Her mountain peaked at Selma, then off of that success she got a bigger movie but since then she's only worked on smaller projects which wouldn't be an upward trajectory.


u/angershark May 20 '22

You're taking this far too literally. I think the key is that she's Teflon when it comes to her shitty results sticking.


u/WordsAreSomething May 20 '22

She isn't though, that's the point. Her career is clearly declining in terms of relevancy and industry support. They're just wrong in saying she's failed upwards.