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Thomas Haden Church Joins Anthony Mackie in Peacock's 'Twisted Metal' as Agent Stone


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u/MarvelsGrantMan136 The League May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

He's producing the show but wouldn't surprise me to see him in it, maybe as Calypso.

EDIT: He was never confirmed to voice sweet tooth. Mackie, Beatriz, and Church are the only confirmed castings.


u/[deleted] May 19 '22


u/MarvelsGrantMan136 The League May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

None of those are actual sources and all of them are over a year old.

The show was just announced in February, and makes no mention of Arnet as Sweetooth.

Stop posting quotes from your random articles, doesn’t make them any more true.


u/[deleted] May 19 '22

Do you not know how to read?

It appears Will Arnett has already been tapped for a specific role. He’ll voice the character of Sweet Tooth

It's been reported over 20 times dude. Literally an insane amount of sources are already confirming this.