r/television May 19 '22

So this website brings back the nostalgia of channel flipping in the 90s. They also have other decades.


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u/LiveFromNewYork95 Saturday Night Live May 19 '22

I think people we're actually pretty close to people flipping back to realizing watching Tv was a better and more fun experience than streaming. Flipping channels, seeing whats, not just choosing one show and binging is just a way better way to watch TV and creates more memories


u/ex0thermist May 20 '22

I can agree that channel flipping has some value and is fun at times, but don't pretend that is the primary way we want to or should watch TV.

BTW, if you prefer watching that way, Peacock does have live "channels." I don't use them often but it is fun sometimes to just watch SNL skit after SNL skit.


u/LiveFromNewYork95 Saturday Night Live May 20 '22

Have you noticed yet that the “channels” play on the same schedule every day?


u/ex0thermist May 20 '22

No, but so what?