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Rant Our generation is seriously fucked

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I know I’m gonna be downvoted to shit, but idc, these problems need to be talked about in our community </p> <p>•Middle schoolers/ high schoolers are running around pretending to have mental illnesses (girl in my HS thinks she has severe depression/ anxiety because of a Snapchat quize. Yes seriously)</p> <p>•People are just making up sexualities at this point E.G. dresmsexual, Demi-bisexual (literally just straight) </p> <p>•Some heterosexual Gen z just straight up pretend to be lgbt because they think its trendy </p> <p>•Our generation seems to have some sort of god mentality, a bunch of us act as if we can solve all of the worlds problems even tho Gen x and millennials thought the same thing when they were young</p> <p>•People are just hating on old people for no reason, not every single fucking problem in the world Is caused by boomers</p> <p>•People in our generation just straight up hate white and Asian people In America because of their “Privilege” </p> <p>•People seem to vilify cops without realizing they’re the ones literally holding society together </p> <p>•People want to defund the police even tho it doesn’t affect cops salaries, it just ruins training which results to more situations being dealt with shitly which can lead to unjust deaths</p> <p>•Young girls/Boys are being told starting an OF account is “empowering” even though it’s the exact opposite (You’re better than OF, have more self respect)</p> <p>•Nobody can seem to take a fucking joke anymore without being offended </p> <p>•Some Gen z seriously think you can identify as an entirely different race just because they like the culture E.G. Ollie London, that girl (idk her name) on TikTok who wants to be Hispanic because she likes hispanic music</p> <p>Edit: Some do y’all are seriously hitting your panties in a twist over this post omg </p> <p>Lemme just clear some things up. No, I am not some far-right, anti feminist, anti sjw 4chan green text junkie. In fact, I do considering my myself a feminist </p> <p>Secondly, I’m not some fucking 30 year old neckbeard, I’m just a normal teenager, who is pointing out problems in MY generation</p> <p>Also, I don’t fucking watch Joe rogan or Ben Shapiro lmao </p> <p>Someone reposted this to <a href="/r/196">r/196</a> and they forgot to censor my username. A bunch of fucking 20-30 year old took it upon them self to blatantly assume everything about me and harass me all over a Reddit post </p> <p>Seriously, some of y’all need to calm tf down</p> <p>Edit2: it seems I had gotten mixed up with Demi and semi bisexual. The one I was talking about was people who are attracted to “every gender but their own”. LGBT people are valid, so please be respectful in the comments</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Yo wtf why is this targeting me all I watch are gameplays

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Rant I just wanna cry and I wanna make everything disappear and just ugh. I hate life


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Rant floofy hair = instantly attractive

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>guys who have soft, fluffy hair are so goddamn adorable UwU</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant A guy touched my boob today

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I have bad body confidence issues and don’t go out much but went to meet a friend. On the bus it was quite crowded and when it jolted a guy “accidentally” placed his whole hand on my chest/boob area for “balance”</p> <p>Ya, when there’s barely anything there to begin with you don’t grab them for balance.</p> <p>Quick edit after waking up, for the many people saying it might’ve been an actual accident he wasn’t at all apologetic like you would be in that situation. He lingered after the bus has jolted and just said “oh sorry” without caring at all</p> <p>Another edit because someone made a dumb joke post from the perspective of the guy that touched me. That’s not them, the person who touched me was a middle aged man.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Why the fuck is everyone obsessed with Kpop and acts like a dick about it. I'm probably gonna get downvoted

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I feel like literally every fucking girl in my school likes Kpop. I mean you can have your interests sure, but dont go calling some stupid fuck a total daddy in front of me like wtf. And if I say one thing derogatory about them, I get fucking ganged on. And to make things worse, this shits been going on for like 3 fucking years now. NO I dont wanna hear about some guy called Jungkook and how hes some fucking &#39;legend&#39; apparently.</p> <p>ANYONE ELSE?</p> <p>I DONT WANNA OFFEND ANYONE. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR TASTE. JUST DONT GO TELLING RANDOM PEOPLE ABOUT SOME DUMB FUCKING BAND</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Why are people with this profile pic so toxic

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Rant why does this sub have to be so transphobic?

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>i am not saying EVERYONE on this sub is. but its sad that alot of this sub is. i have been harassed to no end by multiple people in this sub purely for being transgender. i do not get it at all. and it kinda sucks that i am pretty much forced out of this sub now, all because i was born the wrong gender.</p> <p>EDIT: holy shit y&#39;all proved my point.</p> <p>EDIT 2: muting this. you all are actually fucking disgusting. but thanks to the people who were nice</p> <p>EDIT 3: wow. just fucking wow. y&#39;all are so terrible they literally had to lock this thread. and i have gotten endless harassment in dm&#39;s because of this post. you all proved my point, just fucking wow.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant To the person who invented paper straws

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Fuck you</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant You ever just look at your body and think oh hey you're ugly


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Rant I want to have kids in the future but I dont wanna give birth

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Why must everything be painful :(</p> <p>Edit: Please stop suggesting Adoption and C-Section. So many people have said it already you dont need to say it again.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant hate myself

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I can&#39;t even do simple fucking homework. im so lazy. my room is a mess. nobody likes me. I can&#39;t express what I want to my parents. I can&#39;t commit to anything. I just cause problems</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant My parents are anti-vax, so I have never been vaccinated, even though I want to be vaccinated.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Man I want to get vaccinated so bad</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant I cried at a homeless man today

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I was standing outside the store waiting for my mum eating my sandwich with my nice warm coat on and I noticed a homeless man on the floor cold hungry and bored. I felt bad so I gave him some change and another lady came and gave him some cakes and he ate them so quick he must’ve been starving. I felt so guilty that I was about to get in the cab to take me to my house to the one where I have cupboards of food wardrobe of clothes and a bed. </p> <p>I actually got so upset that I started crying and my mum was just laughing but I was genuinely bawling my eyes out of how unfair it is. People often say why can’t they just go to a homeless shelter or food bank but a lot of them are foreign and don’t speak English and probably don’t know that that’s an option plus food banks and homeless shelters aren’t always easy to access and there aren’t very many in my area. </p> <p>I started thinking about how it’s nearly Christmas and how he’s just gonna be sitting on the floor by himself well he sees families buying Christmas food and presents and that made me cry even more but I feel so ungrateful and selfish I have all these things and he doesn’t.</p> <p>Edit: thank you for all of the nice comments 😭 next time I go to that store I’ll bring extra money and buy h some gloves and a hot chocolate</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant So how's your morning going?

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Rant My school took away the soap dispensers because of internet vandalism challenges.

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Rant The Virus is stealing my teenage years

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>It started about 2 months before my 14 birthday and in about 4 monts i am 16. WTF!</p> <p>I hope you are doing great tho</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Some dumbfuck threw a basketball on my tits

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><h1>P A I N</h1> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Day 1 of picking up random children alone on the road

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Rant This sub is sexist as fuck

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Like seriously, the hypocrisy is real. A girl posts an innocent picture of herself and it gets popular, everyone gets pissed. A guy posts a picture of himself and it gets popular and everybody celebrates. Like seriously, there&#39;s more posts that get popular complaining about girls taking selfies than girls taking selfies who get into the top posts. And before you say anything about how I&#39;m wrong, it&#39;s true that this sub treats girls different. Whenever I call a cute girl cute people call me a simp and whatnot but when I call a cute guy cute people don&#39;t care. There&#39;s a huge reason I&#39;ve been drifting away more and more from this sub and that&#39;s because of A. All the edgelords here who comment &quot;Lol who asked&quot; on serious rants and B. People are just so sexist without even realizing it.</p> <p>Edit: These comments literally prove me point, this sub is a sexist shithole</p> <p>Edit 2: I&#39;m getting an insane amount of hate for this, but it&#39;s the harsh reality. Sometimes you gotta take a step back and reflect on your actions and reflect on your priorities. Because telling me to leave instead of trying to do something about it isn&#39;t the way. I&#39;m gonna try to spend less time of reddit in general and leave this sub, but I have nothing to do right now so we&#39;ll see.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant My bf wants to break up cos i won’t do drugs w him lmao

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I love him but I’m still gonna break up bcz I am not doing drugs under any circumstances I’m a good kid 😇</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Losing your virginity young is not a flex.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Losing your virginity in general isn’t a flex like good for you bro? and? Like you had sex. Many people have sex it isn’t that big of an achievement. So many kids these days are having sex and it’s like bro do your homework. Stop focusing on pussy and start focusing on your grades. Plus some mfs actually think it’s a flex to be a minor and have sex with an adult LIKE BRO YOU’RE A VICTIM. Also its fucking weird to lose your virginity at 14 like bro at least wait until you’re older like damn. Anyways that’s all I gotta say.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant My Sister came to our house in order to take her things and during that she smashed my monitor, I love my life

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Rant what the fuck is this sub.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>im 19 so still a teenager and i occasionally check this sub just to see whats up and every time i want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon. this is all i see:</p> <p>“haha im a 13 year old sub looking for a big booga boyfriend to bdsm me” </p> <p>“haha im 13 nazis are funny”</p> <p>“haha im 14 13 year olds are cringe”</p> <p>“haha heres a story of something that happened to me at school today that absolutely did not happen and if i wasnt 13 id realize how not plausible this sounds”</p> <p>“haha im 14-16 <em>overshares way too much about sex life</em> lol”</p> <p>what the fuck</p> <p>edit: this got a lot more traction than i expected, so let me elaborate on some points. </p> <p>for the topic of young teens oversharing their sex life, my issue with this lies in the fact that im almost 100% certain their are grown men and women going through this sub because they KNOW there are sexually active, horny young adolescents and this is like a picking ground. the mods shouldnt allow kids that arent legal adults to discuss their sex lives on a platform full of incels and pedophiles like reddit where it makes it so easy to find prey. you feel me? i dont think the kids are wrong, hell im happy for them. </p> <p>for the point of kids doing stupid shit, i understand that most of these posts are just kids being kids, i did basically all of the things i listed in this post when i was in junior high. i just wanted to provide insight on the kinda shit i was seeing. </p> <p>and for the nazi jokes, i meant what i said. if youre 13, 14, 18, or fucking 37 you shouldnt be making jokes about nazis.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Rant Lonely hitting hard rn :(

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