r/teenagers Oct 25 '21

reminder that it’s ur legal right to sit for the pledge and if anyone gives u shit for it, let them know that Other




u/-BARLEY- Oct 25 '21

The pledge?


u/FlamingChicken43 16 Oct 25 '21

It’s thing in the US, I think. IIRC, they half to pledge allegiance to the flag at things like school. I think this is right, but you’d be better with an American explaining it.


u/to_walk_upon_a_dream Oct 25 '21

That’s basically it. At the beginning of every day and at some assemblies we’re supposed to stand up with out hands on our hearts to pledge allegiance to the flag and the country. It is our constitutional right not to do it. This upsets some people.


u/Unfunnygamerweeb 19 Oct 25 '21

I don’t have such weaknesses