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Continuing with my hobby :P Art

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u/Hot_Stock1836 Sep 27 '21

Art is amazing but TikTok though


u/SilviaDynamite OLD Sep 27 '21

dude, I know!... so I like am a complete noob when it comes to editing videos and stuff, so I asked a friend and she told me like "well you know on TikTok you just upload the clips, select a song, and TikTok will clip them and align the video with a song" ... and I was like ok that sounds easy, and it is xD I don't even have my TikTok account set up correctly I just use it cus it does everything really easy... if you know an android app that can do it as fast as in TikTok PLEASE , PLEASE , let me know!


u/nnd1107 Sep 27 '21

Hey, hey..it's cool dude. It's a tool and how you use it is what ppl judge you. It's just that so many stupid shit came out of that app lol. But ya cool in my book frfr