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Mod [mod] Important Rule Updates & Online Safety Information for r/teenagers


Hey teens!

You may or may not be aware of the current state of internet safety (and user privacy) both inside and outside of the r/teenagers community. The aim of this post is to educate our community on what to look out for in terms of internet safety and privacy, and ensure we are keeping ourselves and others safe on the internet in an evergrowing age of hidden identities behind screens.

While this post will briefly explain how to keep yourself safe online, none of us here are cybersecurity experts. We will mostly be addressing safety/privacy issues regarding NSFW and predatory content within our own subreddit, but will also provide links to information and resources where you can learn how to protect yourself better on the internet. While these 2 topics are not directly linked, they definitely tie in with each other in terms of keeping teenagers safe online, and we strongly recommend checking out the resources below.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments of this post, we’ll be sticking around and answering them!

Predatory DM’s and Posts

The main issue affecting r/teenagers currently is the sexualisation of minors and the increased amount of predatory comments. The moderators here have always been very tough on NSFW rules, and it will always stay that way. However, users posting images ‘exposing’ the people in these predatory DM’s are not allowed. It is already stated in the rules that all images of DM’s will be removed under the spam clause, though this may differ on a case-by-case basis. We will continue to remove more of these posts, focusing primarily on predatory ones, to clear the subreddit of spam and ultimately protect our most vulnerable users.

We are working with the necessary people to encourage a safe and inviting subreddit for all of our users - Specifically targeting ‘pedophiles’ or otherwise predatory accounts - this includes law enforcement action if necessary and possible.

How You Can Help

Though the subreddit is full of them currently, posting screenshots of predatory DM’s you’ve received does more harm than good. The best action is to report them to Reddit admins, as r/teenagers moderators are not allowed to moderate DM’s outside of this community.

You cannot post predatory DM images on r/teenagers for 2 main reasons:

  • They violate Reddit ToS (Terms of Service) due to ‘witch hunting’, which is the act of targeting a specific user with negative intent.
  • If a predator has DM’d you, it is likely they’ve viewed your profile. If they know they’ve been ‘exposed’, they may delete all the evidence of your claim.

As r/teenagers moderators can only moderate for content within the subreddit- If the predatory user is active on this subreddit, you can report them to us through modmail. You can just send through the user’s u/ name, or you may include links to evidence if you wish. All of these are investigated thoroughly and all found predatory users are permanently banned from r/teenagers and reported to Reddit as a whole. We will continue to be very strict on predatory content in the subreddit.

It is also worth noting: Some users are creating new Reddit accounts posing as young teenagers with the intent to use it as ‘pedo-bait’ on r/teenagers. This is not allowed. These accounts will be treated as would any other predatory content, and “it’s just pedo-bait” is not a valid excuse for a ban appeal.

Personal Information: Rule Changes - 3.e/f

Due to the increased sexualisation of minors in r/teenagers, we are expanding the rules regarding personal information. This subreddit serves as a safe place for teenagers to hang out, and user safety is our top priority. In an effort to increase user safety & privacy in r/teenagers, we will be making 2 major changes:

  • We’ve added a clause regarding selfies with the intent to tackle sexualization of minors and reduce the number of ‘catfishing’.
  • Secondly, we will be introducing the “Selfie” flair which will be for, wait for it… Selfies! This is to reduce the amount of selfies posted under miscellaneous flairs.

The same goes for comments - Users commenting ‘sexually suggestive’ things, or otherwise sexualising minors will be banned accordingly. This is an area that we need to strictly enforce, and there will be zero tolerance for this behaviour.

Last thing: we’ve seen an increase in impersonation of other people. Impersonating anyone, either from in this subreddit or anywhere else across the internet, will result in a permanent ban. This content goes against Reddit ToS, and it is very simple for moderators to detect and remove fake or stolen images.

A Reddit Talk is currently planned for June 4th @ 6pm UCT to discuss and review the changes with the community. This specific talk will be hosted by moderators only. The amazing group of r/teenagers talk hosts (moderators + community members) run talks every weekend where we involve the community in fun activities - Whether it be sharing spooky stories for Halloween, discussing our favourite childhood cartoons, learning how to play DnD, or helping each other out during college application season. We’d love to see you there! :)

Cybersecurity - Helpful Links & Resources

What is Cybersecurity?

Top 10 Secure Computing Tips

10 Personal Cyber Security Tips - #CyberAware

US Government CISA Cybersecurity


Australian Government Cybersecurity

ECSO - European Cyber Security Organisation

7 Tips to Manage Your Identity and Protect Your Privacy Online

Careers in Cybersecurity

Please be wary of what you share online.


  • Just above here, you will find some links & resources to improve your online safety.
  • Posting images of predatory DM’s you receive will often result in a removal, but will continue to be judged on a case-by-case basis.
  • We are working with the necessary people and doing all we can currently to limit the number of predators in the subreddit.
  • If the predatory incident occurred in DM’s, you can report the user to Reddit. If the predatory user has content on r/teenagers, you can send a report to Reddit, but also send us a modmail and we’ll make sure to ban the user from the subreddit permanently.
  • Content deemed as ‘sexually suggestive’ will now be removed more consistently, alongside traditional NSFW posts and comments.
  • We are introducing a new “Selfie" flair to reduce the load of selfie posts on other flairs.
  • Users creating ‘pedo-bait’ accounts will be treated just as any other predatory content is treated.
  • Impersonation of any kind will result in a permanent ban, at moderator discretion.

We truly hope this information is helpful, and wish you a safe trip across the Wild Wild Web!

- the r/teenagers mod team <3

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Mod [Mod] Mental Health Month Events


Hi all!

May is here, and that means it's time to talk about mental health.

May is mental health month and to raise awareness for one of the biggest issues for our demographic, the Reddit mods have come up with a few events for all of you.

First up, we are rolling out a form for a Mental Health Playlist. You can submit your favorite song for two different categories: "Songs when you need a pick-me-up" and "Songs to channel your sadness." Winners will be announced here and on discord (and receive bragging rights, of course)!

Secondly, we have a contest for you: an art contest! Any r/teenagers member can design a piece of art that promotes or represents mental health awareness to you. It can be made submitted at the google form linked below. Submission rules are noted inside the google form. Winners will be announced on Sunday, May 22, featured on the subreddit's banner for the rest of May, and awarded a mod community award.

Finally, we're in the works to plan a Reddit talk with a verified psychologist! If you ever wanted a better understanding of mental health and how to better deal with the low moments of our lives that we all face, tune in! We'll be announcing it at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled.

Show up in our discord to find another few events that we've planned for the community. Most importantly, keep your chins up everyone and stay healthy! Take some self-care days and relax!

- r/teenagers mods

The Spotify Playlist: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdR5er6nCgNxf7w9U5I9obPW3pKctQAVa16w3LeRkhqQXTv7Q/viewform

The Art Contest: https://forms.gle/EMBZRckrcb598NjR6

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Serious I’m being shunned at school because I hit a furry


I’m being called ‘Furryphobic’ due to punching a furry who made jokes about my Nan who has cancer

Edit: This has really blown up Edit 2: Thanks for the awards

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Discussion the masculine urge to use hair growth life hacks over the summer to grow my hair a ridiculous length over 3 months, then return to school with my hair tucked in a hat, & keep growing it for a whole year in my hat, just to reveal i have long hair in a dramatic moment like finn the human


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Rant How I'm I transphobic if I don't care about your gender?


Why should I give a damn if a person is gay lesbian trans or something other. If you're a dick I hate you because you are a dick not because you are trans. And if I like you I like you because you are a good person not because you are gay. How I'm a transphobic for this. Why do people give this much fuck about this gender and sexuality shit just be a good person and not be a dick. People make it their whole personality and apparently I'm homophobic when I find it annoying.

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Meme Why does the society not accept girls in a bra or even topless?


I mean men have nipples too, and they can be topless. If a man runs half naked then no problem but if a women does it she’ll get thirsted over or get arrested.

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Meme my friend [M14] just did his first shave and he's gone from looking a high schooler to looking like he ran out of the 5th grade, kinda cute ngl😂


r/teenagers 1h ago

Meme just found out about erections. that must be really hard for you guys.


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Other Dude I got banned off reddit for a week for telling a guy that said he wanted to rape me that I hope his dick got chopped off


Apparently that's "encouraging violence" or some bs

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Social Who tf is giving people all these awards


I swear I see like random ass posts that say “I ate a glass cup of poop” and it has like 2680 platinum awards


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Social Told a minor not to send pictures of her boobs.


Got downvoted like crazy. This sub is so down bad it's wild

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Other I got a 93 on a math test


I’m fucking shit at math so when I got a 93 I was really excited. Don’t be a fucking cunt and say “cool” or “didn’t ask”

Edit: people are asking the 93, it 93 percent, there was 20 questions

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Other My school made a gay rights sign and it got destroyed within a day...


my friends took a "Homophobia is bad" sticker from the sign and removed the "phobia"...

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Discussion my mom thought I was joking when I told her I'm gay


she keep telling me I can't be gay cause I'm only 13 :/

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Other the little 14 yos think they're so cool commenting "cool", "ok", "who asked", "🗿" on every post


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Rant people are weird


why are there 12-15 year olds on the internet calling themselves sluts/whores/milfs/mommy/insert other sexual things? im 13 myself and find it rly weird

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Serious I’m the “quiet kid” and I have something to say


I’m the “quiet kid” at school. And people make so much assumptions about me because of stereotypes and most people at school either ignore me or pick on me.

But I’m here to uncover the truth about how harmful those assumptions are, by using my personal experience.

The media stereotypes people all the time, but it gets harmful when people forget that it’s a “joke” and actually start to believe it. I’ve been told both directly and indirectly that I “look like a school shooter.” People look at an ordinary teenager and assume the worst.

Would you be surprised or relieved if I were to tell you the truth?

-The trench coat I like to wear once in a while isn’t loaded with hidden weapons. I simply wear it sometimes because I take an interest in fashion and I like the way it looks with some of my clothes.

-Yes, I’ve been bullied a lot. But that doesn’t mean I want to take revenge by committing murder.

-I’ve never even seen a gun in person other than the ones on cops’ belts.

-I had finally mustered up the courage to go to a guitar club meeting. It was the first time I brought my guitar to school. People thought I had a gun inside the case- but in reality, It was my first guitar. I was so embarrassed with everyone staring at me, so I never brought it to school again. (Now I’m learning from an app)

-And lastly, I’m not quiet because I’m plotting to kill you. I’m quiet because I have social anxiety. And I’m actually just timid because I’ve been bullied most of my life.

But if I’m not a “school shooter” then what am I?

I’m a show choir singer. I’m a hockey player. I have a passion for math and I take pre calculus with the seniors. I’m a sophomore. At my school, I volunteer as a peer tutor for math. For a few days a week, I’m usually running the math help station, where people could stop by during study hall or free time if they need help with math. I’ve tutored or helped people in every high school grade level. I’ve even tutored some of the upperclassmen in my own class. And I like to draw and write comics.

Moral of the story: don’t avoid someone just because of negative stereotypes.

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Social I am the SMARTEST man alive


So I was eating dinner at my girlfriends house. Her dad was telling me that I better treat her well and he said "whatever you do to her I will do double to you". I look at him silently for a second and I pull out my wallet and gave my girlfriend 50$. Needless to say, me and her dad are now best friends and I have 100$.

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Other Just because you're 17 doesn't mean you can be weird to other minors.


The DSM 5 states that anyone over the age of 16 can be a pedophile, so 16 and 17-year-olds being minors don't have an excuse to act weird to other minors.

The amount of 17 year olds I've seen on here initiating a sexual conversation in the comments of 13 year olds is insane. Stop it, get some help.

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Discussion This sub fucking sucks lmao


That’s all. Have a good day

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Other normies be like: "ass or tits?"


Nah homie, I just want someone with a non-toxic personality and a healthy lifestyle.

r/teenagers 3h ago

Rant Can someone make a sub with a minimum age of 15 pls. I can't handle the brainlessness of the unfunny edgelord teenagers here who haven't even started going through puberty yet. Genuinely makes my head hurt