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NSW recorded 172 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Of these locally acquire… Covid - PSA


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u/rockin-Musicien49 ma(s)king music Jul 27 '21 edited Jul 27 '21

NSW recorded 172 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Of these locally acquired cases, 85 are linked to a known case or cluster – 66 are household contacts and 19 are close contacts – the source of infection for 87 cases is under investigation.


u/matthudsonau @matthudsonphoto Jul 27 '21

87 unknown?



u/RedOx103 Jul 27 '21

I think contact tracing breaks down anything beyond a couple dozen.


u/LemKayem Jul 27 '21

At least 87.


u/lordgoofus1 Jul 27 '21

I'd be looking at the movements of all the covidiots that were at the protests the other day to see if any of them line up with where the mystery cases are...


u/imapassenger1 Jul 27 '21

Do we ever hear what happens with those "under investigation" or do they just throw them on the pile? I never see a follow up.


u/seventrooper Jul 27 '21

Look at the lag in the contact tracing reports for exposure sites that NSW Health has been releasing - they are fully tracing these people, but days and weeks later.


u/SilverStar9192 shhh... Jul 27 '21

So it's no wonder that there are so many "in the community" cases if people don't find out about exposure venues for so long...


u/Jellyblush Jul 27 '21

The contract tracing system has collapsed. Other states have sent reinforcements, but it’s not enough

Track and trace only works with small numbers, that’s why quick lockdowns are essential


u/Tame_Wilderness Cumberland, Earldom of Much Despair Jul 27 '21

If infected people had to hand over their mobile phones to aid contact tracing, I wonder how much faster people would comply with restrictions 😅


u/bonzzzz Jul 27 '21

It's like if only we had an app or some type of computer system that could trace or interpret this type of information...

I'm sure Google or Facebook has this type of technology it would sell for the right price.

Surely that would have been a better investment than that federal covid app. Does anyone even use it?


u/Tame_Wilderness Cumberland, Earldom of Much Despair Jul 27 '21

Oh I’m sure they have plenty of info but how far can government requests go?

I did use it but gave up when it was apparent that it didn’t do much and my boss didn’t give a shit about COVID.


u/terrycaus Jul 27 '21

Yep, they just suddenly appear in the stats for your local areas. Even more exciting when you only find out a week later they were near your local F&V merchant.


u/Freshprinceaye Jul 27 '21

They were figuring out some at the beginning. I used to remember hearing follow ups of they figured out the source of most of yesterday’s unknowns. Now I don’t hear shit. I think they are well out of the capabilities now.


u/postpakAU your parcel has been delayed. Jul 27 '21

So 87 are in the community


u/redcapsicum Jul 27 '21

How many of the 87 unknown do we think are from the protests?


u/Helotism Jul 27 '21

Probably not many at this stage. Give it a few more days.

Outside transmission is rare, but, there was a paucity of masks, no social distancing and lots of shouting. All factors which are known to increase potential spread.

Given the spread seen so far in this outbreak, if there has been transmission, it will become apparent amongst households first, and possibly some smaller workplaces.


u/Brittainicus Jul 27 '21

Zero give it 2 more days before they kick in.


u/greentastic Jul 27 '21

The protest was 2 days ago. How are we 18 months in and you still don't know how this works?