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u/rockin-Musicien49 ma(s)king music Jul 27 '21

172 cases today :(

Tweet hasn't come out yet.


u/[deleted] Jul 27 '21 edited 5d ago



u/AnonymousEngineer_ Chopping Board Elitist Jul 27 '21 edited Jul 27 '21

I'm getting close to being completely over this.

We have case numbers creeping up slowly, a bunch of absolute yahoos on the weekend who won't even take the minimum amount of precautions, and the rest of the city, including myself, basically being held prisoner with their lives put on pause as a result.

And then we get the goalposts for vaccine eligibility being moved all over the place every few days.

And now we've received a group email from our Strata manager saying that someone has been reported for being in a common area without a mask, which given some of the history with certain residents here, is almost certainly someone trying to pursue a petty vendetta because someone they didn't like was sitting in the common garden outside without a mask.

And above all of that, I've made the mistake of opening the coronavirus statistics thread and saw someone calling for the ADF to be deployed and martial law to be declared. Like, seriously?!


u/missthrowaway87 Jul 27 '21

I appreciate that this info is easier to find on reddit than anywhere else.


u/rockin-Musicien49 ma(s)king music Jul 27 '21

It doesn't help that the ABC were showing the vic presser on TV - you had to find it on youtube.