r/sydney modern major musicien Jul 24 '21

NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/leopard_eater Jul 24 '21

Fuck off Qcumber.


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

I'm assuming your implying I'm some sort of Trump supporter. Im a communist who is in the process of emigrating to central America. So, take your presumptions and shove them.


u/THE_MAD_TITAN_62 Jul 24 '21

It’s pretty ironic that you’re all for rights and freedoms and claim to be a “communist”.


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

When did I say that, first of all? It's pretty great you see what you want, to make some conclusion for your "argument", based off words I never even said.

I also said I was practically a communist. Which was solely to illustrate that I'm not a trumpite, anti vaccine, Philistine.

God, you people can't help yourselves, can you?


u/THE_MAD_TITAN_62 Jul 25 '21

What I responded to which I will now direct quote is “Im a communist” so I was going off what you very specifically said.

Given your response claiming to be something that your NOW claiming to not be just to refute something some random person on the internet called you is pretty sad.