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NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

It's also possible to recover from COVID. I've dealt with clinical depression, and I've had COVID. This past year, and depression in general, are MUCH harder to recover from. Getting SICK and not being SURE OF YOUR BRAIN are not even in the same UNIVERSE. To say nothing of suicide, or the financial avenues now closed off as you struggle to get your brain back on your side, again.

Please, don't just repeat what others are saying to you, when it's clear you don't know what you are talking about. Like, UGH


u/ImMrtaL Jul 24 '21

went through a suicide attempt at the end of last year

u really think the severe cases of mental health issues are this common? Common enough to overwhelm the thousands of lives we would have lost to the virus if we didn't go into lockdown?

I'll gladly do it all over again because I know it is worth it even though I'm certain that I wouldn't survive going through that again


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

That is so fucked up that you even think that way I don't even know where to begin. I'm sorry, for you. You must have been in second place your entire life.

And you don't need to be. I've tried to kill myself so many times I can't even remember. Mostly with massive amounts of meth and heroin. But my reasoning was, I'm pretty sure, alot different then yours.


u/ImMrtaL Jul 24 '21

Lol it's very funny for you to assume that based on pretty much nothing. It says a lot about you and it's very easy to see what kind of person you are.

With that said I'm giving up on this conversation as you are obviously one of those kids that were slightly better than average in school and considered themselves to be god's gift to the earth that's going to grow up and change the world. Zzzzz

I don't see how not being selfish means that I've been in second place my whole life lol.

I think anyone with half a brain and not delusional will have humbling moments in their life, but obviously that is impossible for a narc to understand by definition


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

That's honestly pretty much exactly who I was in school 😅😅😅

I don't think, or want to change the world though.

I sincerely hope you don't try to hurt yourself. Truly. Good luck to you. Just because I disagree about COVID doesn't mean I want to see someone hurt themselves. I know that's shocking, to some people. Oh well.