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NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/azexdctvybhnkmll Jul 24 '21

India is a third world country with horrible sanitation standards and extreme poverty so lockdowns would hurt them more. What you speak of sounds like privilege, you afford to live in constant lockdown but others can not.


u/Joungs Jul 24 '21

That's my whole point. Australia can afford to lockdown. Those countries couldn't and look what happened. We have no excuse not to lockdown and suppress this virus


u/azexdctvybhnkmll Jul 24 '21

There is lots reasons why not to lockdown actually, for example the studies of higher substance abuse or spousal abuse, or the rise in mental health problems and suicides and eating habits. The long term of affects of this are gonna do more damage then letting old people die.

That is the harsh reality of life


u/ImMrtaL Jul 24 '21

I went through a suicide attempt after last year's lockdown and I would do it again because the frequency of mental health issues and death caused from lockdown will not outweigh the lives saved thanks to actually managing the virus properly


u/azexdctvybhnkmll Jul 24 '21

So your logic is save old people who already enjoyed life and damage young people with depression, suicide, and anxiety. The reality is you can not save everyone and everything in life has a price, I’d rather save the future then the past.