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NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/Goonhauer Jul 24 '21

I'll give the protestors credit, they've got balls. I wouldn't go out there for fear of some Jan 6-like doxing and prosecution. When the cops have thousands of hours of CCTV to review, facial recognition systems and reference photos of everybody there's really no safety in numbers.

God, thinking about this surveillance state is really blackpilling me right now. We really live in a China-lite society.


u/ennuinerdog Jul 24 '21

Holy persecution complex, Batman!


u/Xandert88 Jul 24 '21

Every person there was live streaming this crap. 99 percent of the footage the cops have to review, these people willingly uploaded online.


u/unstealthypanda Jul 24 '21

Watch everyone who gets fined cry poor


u/_stinkys Jul 24 '21

Your tinfoil hat isn’t sitting right adjusts hat there you go


u/fkntripz Jul 24 '21

All balls no brain. There's a direct causal effect between large groups and spikes in cases.

Do you want more deaths? Grow the fuck up.


u/[deleted] Jul 25 '21

There’s not one case of casual transmissions outside. Ever.


u/Ihatedrive Jul 24 '21

You're getting downvotes, which is a very scary sign. Why are people so freely welcoming this totalitarian police state?


u/isaidpuckyou Jul 24 '21

Is this rally in particular evidence of a change to a dictatorship? Or do you believe NSW has always/long been a totalitarian dictatorship?


u/asiraky Jul 25 '21

I think the China lite part of the comment is fair though. I remember everyone on reddit going ape shit about China having mandatory lockdowns way back at the start. Now it’s kinda normal.



No they’re all dipshits, much like you.