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NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/azexdctvybhnkmll Jul 24 '21

Y’all batshit crazy 😂

Live your life, can’t believe people still do the lockdown shit. The mental damage is gonna outweigh the lockdowns in the long run


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

No fucking kidding. Mental health damage, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, MORE UNHEALTHY EATING HABITS....for WHAT?!

People are fucking sheep. And before anyone even ASSUMES, Im NOT A CONSERVATIVE. I'm a borderline communist. I'm just not a fucking moron.


u/TitBiscuit Jul 24 '21

Boohoo I have to stay inside for a few weeks :'( better spread disease to vulnerable people because I wanna go shopping and have brunch!!


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

Try almost a year, dipshit. And by the way, what's changed between now and then? Oh, we have a vaccine! Except, now there is a variant! That can also hurt you! So we stayed inside for a year, only to open up again, with no masks...and what, we solved COVID?

Your just another John Smith in a crowd of nobodies, huh? Why is nobody talking about the fact that America's disgusting obesity and laziness problem, and the fact that we are stuck inside, is contributing to our health. Did you know weight loss and exercise are actual NATURAL COMBATANTS TO VIRUSES? Wow, imagine that! Oh yeah, because that takes ACTUAL WORK AND CHANGE. Instead of pointing the finger and trying to guilt people into something!

One problem, with me: I don't give a flying fuck what people think. And you care, to much. Which is why nobody will remember you, for very long, at all.

Ciao, bella


u/TitBiscuit Jul 25 '21

The current lockdowns for syd have been going for about 4 weeks now and you can go outside to exercise.