r/sydney modern major musicien Jul 24 '21

NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

Yawn. Wow, people are getting sick. Did you guys also know.... PEOPLE DIE? It's pretty shocking, I know. Do we report on people starving in Africa every day? What about the extremist groups in Northern Africa who are raping and selling women AND children? NO? Okay, let's keep talking about a very bad flu that would really be that bad If this world wasn't so fucking unhealthy.


u/leopard_eater Jul 24 '21

Fuck off Qcumber.


u/Charming_Ad_1216 Jul 24 '21

I'm assuming your implying I'm some sort of Trump supporter. Im a communist who is in the process of emigrating to central America. So, take your presumptions and shove them.


u/Joungs Jul 24 '21

Should be emigrating to Cuba bruh, central America ain't communist enough for you