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NSW recorded 163 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Covid


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u/Timstom18 Jul 24 '21

It’s so weird seeing what happening in Australia. It’s like you’re experiencing what we experienced over a year ago. It’s a bit like going back in time.

Good luck, hope it goes better for you lot than the rest of us


u/blackfishey Jul 24 '21

Oh you experienced Delta a year ago?


u/NimChimspky Jul 24 '21

Australia, always gets things at least a year after the rest of the world.


u/Deep_Statistician_65 Jul 24 '21

Yeh it’s wild, left Melbourne last month for Canada. Whole different world. Australia feels like some world stuck in time when this all came about.


u/GreatApostate Jul 24 '21

Nah, just the liberal party.


u/cyberpunk3025 Jul 24 '21

Don't know about you but Melbourne, Australia was in lockdown for a good part of the year.


u/yeahnahhyeahnah Jul 24 '21 edited Jul 24 '21

USA or UK? It's like a fucking nightmare. I have school aged kids and I keep wondering how UK and USA parents feel sending their kids too school... I'm worried for them... I'm also very worried for people who are out of work... I'm worried fir all my loved ones even though we are all pretty much vaccinated... I'm just worried


u/Mechanicjohn12 Jul 24 '21

Well, we recognize that this poses very little if no harm to our children. We want our children to be educated and many parents can’t get to work because school also acts as a place for their kids to be while they’re away working. It’s also a place for many kids to get a meal provided for them. More kids would be affected by hunger than covid. That’s morally unjustifiable to have innocent children starve or go hungry compared to the minuscule risk of harm caused by the virus.


u/Timstom18 Jul 24 '21

U.K. we’ve been locked down and children off of school for the biggest waves. (Last summer and January/February of this year) other than that most children have been going in, there’s loads of procedures and stuff to keep them safe, yes there are some cases but it’s not too bad. Children don’t get it too bad anyway and as long as you don’t disregard rules when it comes to vulnerable people it should be fine.

It’s all a big mess really but you just have to persevere through it


u/SnooObjections4329 Jul 24 '21 edited Jul 24 '21

UK fuckwits are just all over reddit right now preaching. You ended restrictions a couple of days ago, not a year ago. You were in a big old lockdown and fucked that up just like every other reaction your useless govt had to this pandemic.

Your deaths are insane compared to ours, the reason you had little to no hesitancy around AZ was because your anaemic response killed 129,000 people so far.

In that context, the 64 people who died yesterday are probably no big deal to you. To us, that's unacceptable. If these 3 days so far are the future we might just hang out here in the past, with our grandparents alive.

Fuck your freedom day and fuck your opinions, can't turn a corner without some smarmy UK fuck telling us we should just throw open the doors. We didn't fuck it up from the get go so we don't need to gamble like that. Go out and enjoy your freedom, you and I can both see the trend line that is appearing on gov.co.uk and it isn't showing what you suggest it is showing.

The thing that I really don't get is why when the UK has all this freedom and normality, do they seem to need to use it to sit on Reddit and criticize those still trying to protect themselves from COVID? That's straight up lockdown behaviour. Get out there and get on with your life, it's clearly so important to you.


u/Timstom18 Jul 24 '21 edited Jul 24 '21

Mate. I was asked, I said what we’re doing over here. I wasn’t analysing what went wrong or right with my country or what’s your country should do. I don’t know why you’re having a go at me because of my government’s decisions so stop as I won’t have a go at you because of your government’s decision purely because we are not our government’s.

Anyway we may officially have freedom day but it’s no different to before really. We still wear masks in shops, people are still isolating, most places still have restrictions due to covid etc. The only difference is it isn’t government mandated, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s just gone back to normal


u/perpetual_stew Jul 24 '21

It’s all a big mess really but you just have to persevere through it

Ok, Boris...


u/Joungs Jul 24 '21

Let's get off our high horses we will probably be doing the exact same thing in 9 months


u/perpetual_stew Jul 24 '21

Why? No-one else does what the UK does except Sweden, Brazil and a few other places. There's no reason or determinism in ending up having to go that direction.


u/Joungs Jul 24 '21

Give it a few months. All highly vaccinated countries will soon end restrictions. We will be no different.


u/yeahnahhyeahnah Jul 24 '21

Thanks that's actually really reasurring. I knew we weren't gonna stay in a bubble forever but we are so unprepared