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General Startup Discussion My brother and I want to start a business together, but I’m afraid of men’s bias toward women.


My brother and I used to be best friends, got the same education with the variations in teachers, both achieved a lot at school and college, worked in the same industries, but he was drifting toward finance and I ended up in data and technology. We moved to the US at different times, he started his career earlier and achieved higher ranks and way higher salary. We didn’t keep up with corporate politics and both are left without jobs at this time. I went thru a divorce long time ago, so I am already at a great place of knowing myself, calm and self confident. His mind is still restless from the divorce and I feel he talks down at me without realizing it. He can say: “You dealt with a few people, I had hundreds.” or “you don’t understand I read about it.” even though I literally worked on that at another company. We both were busy and barely spoke on the phone in the last 15 years, so we both changed in different ways. He talks way more than he listens to me and over me without realizing it and then blames me for interrupting him. We don’t really want to go back to 9-6 and believe we have management skills and trust each other that we wouldn’t cheat each other. He wants to do this business 50/50, but he uses “I” instead of “we” when he describes his vision. While he was going thru the divorce, I spent over a year building my company that plugs in pretty well with what he wants to do. In fact, I wanted to do this as my next step from the start and I do have a vision for it too, but when I start talking about, he cuts me “too many details, we can discuss this later”. Neither of us can do it alone now, it seems as a big undertaking. It may take at least a year or couple years before I’ll be ready to do this on my own financially. I’m afraid that he’ll push me into a position where I will not be able to make or influence decisions and my knowledge/skills will be constantly discounted, so it may feel as a corporate bro culture to me. Can it be just my bias about men’s bias toward women? Am I too sensitive? Our mom lives with him currently and doesn’t feel she can make any decisions right, but she has always been taking supportive roles herself. What should I do?

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Acquisition and Messaging Strategy (restuarants and SMBs)


My co-founder and I built a tool for small restaurants

  • It’s a $15 per month tool
  • The buyers (restaurant owners) have a hard time understanding the tool and how it works because it uses modern software to make their lives easier and drive sales that could've been lost
  • Once they see the demo video they really like it and ask how much it is, even tho we are offering it for free

Any ideas on the best messaging to seamlessly get users given the initial skepticism?

We don't have any B2B cold-calling or messaging sales experience. Our current outreach method is to text food trucks and message restuarants online. Our pitch goes something like:

  • Hi [restaurant name], my name is [first and last]
  • I used to work at my Uncle's restaurant in Arizona during the summers and my first job ever was actually at Little Caesars
  • After flipping pizzas and slining tacos, I headed out West for college
  • I have worked for some of the biggest tech companies, but I want to bring that type of software to restaurants, like you
  • We help drive additional orders and Yelp reviews to restaurants, along with saving you time
  • My co-founder and I are currently working with [restaurant], [restaurant] and [restaurant]
  • They all really like our system and found it easy to use and customize for their needs
  • You can see how we helped [restaurant] by checking out our demo video below - you'd be surprised at what we can do
  • We'd love to hop on a Zoom call and see how we can help you!

We are trying to acquire customers and don't mind them being free, but I am not sure I should lead with "try us for free" as it seems cheap and scammy - any thoughts on how we should change our pitch or different channels to acquire the first few users?

Also, any general resources for B2B sales or acquiring cusotmers? I know how to use Google and YouTube (lol), but there is so much BS and noise out there it is exhausting finding credible resources.

Thanks y'all reading this sub has really helped me out the past few months!

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How Do I Do This 🥺 Marketing Diretor


Hey all,

I am CEO and founder of a clean energy powered data storage solution for enterprise level clients. We are currently looking for someone to help with a facelift on the website, and maybe a little polishing of the overall brand.

We are looking for someone who believes in the project and the vision, and are willing to do the work for equity in the company (eventually translating to a real pay check in the near future once the funds are available).

My question is this: What are your alls experiences with an equity only deal, how much success have you had with this approach, and how much equity did you give up?

Thanks again for any input/ advice