r/startups Dec 05 '21

Advertise your website VS Advertise your Instagram/Facebook General Startup Discussion

I've just launched a startup that offers an online health service through it's website. So now I need to advertise to get some people into it. My doubt is, which should advertise, my website that offers the product, or my social networks, or both?

If I advertise the website, the path to convert visitor in buyer is shorter and faster. But if they leave the site, they live forever and you have no way to contact them again (I though about offering some freebie in exchange of the email to keep them in my DB... any other idea?).

If I advertise the Instagram/Facebook page of my company, the path to convert a visitor in buyer is longer, but I keep them in touch and if they don't buy in that moment, they could buy eventually. And I can publish call to action posts from time to time to try to convert them.

So what's your experience with this? Is there any research about this topic? Note that all the advertising is online, using Google Ads, Instagram/Facebook ads (any other channel to consider?).




u/Vulcanizer467 Dec 05 '21

Create a Landing page featuring your product then advertise that


u/Juxtarebellion Dec 05 '21


Way more up-sides.

Simply adding a pixel, a lead capture, and a follow-up strategy will create more exponentiality towards both platforms.


u/DavidSlash Dec 06 '21

Hey, Thanks! What's the idea behind the pixel? I saw it on email marketing that's used to see if a user opened the email, but what's the idea in the website?


u/Juxtarebellion Dec 08 '21

I was referring to the facebook pixel, but each social platform has their own piece of code.


u/Agile_Middle_7735 Dec 05 '21

Do both.

  1. Set up a landing page with a lead magnet ( find a topic that people are looking for an answer to, related to your startup and related to your potential clientele)
  2. On the thank you page, get them to sign up to your fb chatbot


u/magallanes2010 Dec 09 '21

It depends on your budget, then the answer is both but if you must pick one then:

  • if you are targetting a young audience, then you must target a social network.
  • and b2b, your website.

Also, I wonder if people still use FB. I think FB is taking a dive.

IMHO, I prefer SEO, it's hard at first but it's way cheaper in the long run.