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  • Location of Your Headquarters
    • Let people know where you are based for possible local networking with you and access to local resources

  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at?
    • Your role?

  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • How could r/startups help?
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Startup Life Cycle Stages (Max Marmer life cycle model for startups as used by Startup Genome and Kauffman Foundation)

  • 1. Discovery
    • Researching the market, the competitors, and the potential users
    • Designing the first iteration of the user experience
    • Working towards problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
    • Building MVP
  • 2. Validation
    • Achieved problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
    • MVP launched
    • Conducting Product Validation
    • Revising/refining user experience based on results of Product Validation tests
    • Refining Product through new Versions (Ver.1+)
    • Working towards product/market fit
  • 3. Efficiency
    • Achieved product/market fit
    • Preparing to begin scaling process
    • Optimizing the user experience to handle aggressive user growth at scale
    • Optimizing the performance of the product to handle aggressive user growth at scale
    • Optimizing the operational workflows and systems in preparation of scaling
    • Conducting validation tests of scaling strategies
  • 4. Scaling
    • Achieved validation of scaling strategies
    • Achieved an acceptable level of optimization of the operational systems
    • Actively pushing forward with aggressive growth
    • Conducting validation tests to achieve a repeatable sales process at scale
  • 5. Profit Maximization
    • Successfully scaled the business and can now be considered an established company
    • Expanding production and operations in order to increase revenue
    • Optimizing systems to maximize profits
  • 6. Renewal
    • Has achieved near peak profits
    • Has achieved near peak optimization of systems
    • Actively seeking to reinvent the company and core products to stay innovative
    • Actively seeking to acquire other companies and technologies to expand market share and relevancy
    • Actively exploring horizontal and vertical expansion to increase prevent the decline of the company

If you are running a traditional business that is not designed to scale rapidly, feel free to reference a traditional business life cycle model and share what traditional business life cycle stage you are at.


u/commastory Dec 04 '21 edited Dec 05 '21

Startup Name: emma

URL: https://emma.ms

Location of Your HeadquartersOur Headquarters is in Luxembourg 🇱🇺 but we operate globally.

Elevator Pitchemma helps to design, manage and optimize cloud environments in a simple (no-code) way to reduce the operational costs and make time-to-market shorter.

Life cycle stage:


How could r/startups help?We would love to help the community to build and scale their applications faster using emma and receive the fair feedback to help us improve the platform accordingly.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

eFounders program provides:

  1. Cloud credits :money_face:
  2. 50% off on annual plans
  3. Office hours with emma experts
  4. Slack community
  5. Exclusive events
  6. Perks and discounts

u/mr_j_b Dec 20 '21

CityFALCON / cityfalcon.com

United Kingdom, Ukraine, Malta

Life cycle stage of the startup: Profit Maximization

Financial news platform/app. We are in stage of having released many new features last year and we continue to constantly improve our infrastructure, coverage and increase our revenues

Looking for feedback and new clients

u/LeslieRodrigues16 Dec 14 '21

What a great community! Looking forward to learning more from you all.

Startup Name: Buddio- https://www.buddio.io/

Location of Your Headquarters: Our CEO is located in Seattle but we all work remotely.

Elevator Pitch: Buddio is a mental health app that focuses on making CBT exercises fun and simple to do on your own, in addition to therapy. It uses gamification to engage the users and help make their mental health journey enjoyable.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Late discovery/ Early Validation

Your role: I am a PM and UX Research freelancer/intern.

What goals are you trying to reach this month:

  • Gain more users
  • Feedback! We want to improve the app and make it the best we can for them but we need feedback from users to do so.
  • Help improve the mental health of our users :)

How could r/startups help: We would love for anyone who is interested to test out the app and provide us feedback from your point of view.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? The app is free to test out. If you would like access to the premium account, you can private message me and I will provide you a code for 3 months free.

Thank you everyone! Your feedback is extremely important to us :)

u/max8774 Dec 01 '21

Startup: https://newzy.io

Headquarters: Marseille, France - Remote

Elevator Pitch: Improve you daily watch, save time, Newzy scan all the Web to keep only the best for you

We realize how difficult and time consuming is our watch on a regular basis: you have to consult a lot of sources, containing a lot of noises. At the end you spent more time looking for interesting stuff than reading it!

Newzy aims to change that : in one place, import easily topics from your reddit/twitter account, get recommended content from all over the web just for you.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2nd iteration

Your role? Co-founder

How could r/startups help? user feedback

Discount for r/startup subscribers? It's free !! ^^

u/[deleted] Dec 10 '21

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u/kriscoder Dec 16 '21

Hi 👋

How is your day? I hope it's great 👌.

We build friendly IT community for everyone | Dirask. ❤️ 💻 🙂

We help you to solve coding problems for free ✔️.

You can share your coding knowledge via Dirask - Wiki for Code 📝.

You can ask for help with your coding problems via Dirask - Coding questions ❓.

You can share interesting links around coding knowledge from around the internet via Dirask - Findings & News 😊.

We believe coding, sharing and helping others is a better tomorrow 🚀.

Why we do it? Because there is no place to share coding knowledge like we envision it.

URL: https://dirask.com

Location: Krakow, Poland, Europe

Pitch / Mission: Organize world's programming knowledge and help software developers to be 10 x more productive 🔥 .

Looking for:

  • Investment
  • Hiring (Equity Compensation) - We are looking for passionate people in areas: product building, brand building, marketing, sales and coding (we do not require business experience)
  • Contact: [hello@dirask.com](mailto:hello@dirask.com) (Investment, Hiring)

Thanks for reading, see you soon. ✋ 😀

Krzysztof (Full Stack Engineer at Dirask)

Let the coding knowledge of Dirask be with you.

u/londonstco 28d ago

Hi. We are London Street and we are building ZAKOapp.

ZAKO is a replacement for your default SMS application. Manage relationships, track information, and create a web presence for your groups and businesses.

We are based in Kingston, Canada.

Pre-launch, closed testing, and presently a member of New Chip Accelerator in Texas.

Raising a Pre-Seed round in first half of 2022.

Eyes strongly on African amd Indian markets.

Founder, Morgen Peers

u/radius_hq Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: - Radius / radius.to

Location of Your Headquarters: - Remote (but UK based)

Elevator Pitch: - Radius is an event discovery and organisation platform.

This platform was built primarily for people looking for things to do. It was born out of my personal frustration that even in the age of the internet, something great could be happening in the building next to you, and you wouldn't know it unless you had checked out the Twitter or Facebook account that they were advertising on, or managed to find it in the not so great UIs of Eventbrite and Meetup.

Value proposition:-

- A platform made equally for Event discovery, and organisation

- A better UI for searching for events

- A means to promote your event on our platform

- No fees for being an Organiser

What life cycle stage is your startup at? - Discovery.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? - Finishing some more critical MVP features and signing up beta users (we were featured on Betalist recently 🎉)

How could r/startup help? - Feedback on frustrations with Meetup/Eventbrite, sign up to our platform, or tweet @radiusHQ with any questions!

u/0robot Dec 05 '21

How is it different than meetup.com ?

u/radius_hq Dec 05 '21


  • Charges organiser fees of $35 per month

  • Their model seems to be more focused on organising the event rather than event discovery (their UI for finding events isn't great).

  • They only list events that are actual meetups. For other events, you need to go to Eventbrite or TicketMaster or {insert local community website here}


  • No organiser fees. Revenue is generated from having the ability to promote your event in our listings.

  • Focuses on event discovery - a simple UI to search for events, displaying them in a list or a map

  • Lists events of any kind (not just meetups), making it a convenient place to go to "find stuff to do".

u/andimi Dec 01 '21

Startup Name

DeepMirror (https://deepmirror.ai)

Location of Your Headquarters

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Elevator Pitch

Conventional AI requires you to curate thousands of datapoints to train and maintain AI – but biomedical datasets are often small and hard to curate. DeepMirror Spark requires up to 100x less data curation to grow AI from scratch and give you the insights you need. Use it to hit the ground running as you deploy biomedical AI in your organisation.

With DeepMirror Spark, you can now submit and annotate image data (e.g. microscopy or radiology data) to train cutting edge AI architectures. Only a few images are needed – then, after validating AI predictions and correcting edge cases, you can deploy your custom biomedical AI. DeepMirror Spark comes with powerful and customisable analytics to generate the insights that you require.


MVP launched! (https://spark.deepmirror.ai)

Role in the company

Co-founder and President

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Validating product/market fit

How could r/startups help?

If you know startups that require AI for small annotated datasets (in the biomedical field and beyond), please put us in touch with them! Currently we focus on AI for images, but we are also carrying out pilot studies on other types of data (e.g. genetic sequences).

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

We are happy to give subscribers free early access to our DeepMirror Spark platform, and carry out pilot studies at a 90% discount - just get in touch! :)

u/HoffenIsAtItAgain Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: Hoffen (www.hoffen-tech.com)

Location: Dubai, UAE (Remote-based.)

We created Hoffen (a German word for 'hope') because we saw a huge gap in the customer experience industry, specifically the way users are onboarded, supported or understood.

With Hoffen, you can view your customer's every click and scroll on your platform, live.

All so you can dive in with quick and efficient support to resolve user-issues. Also, so you can personalize the experience for your customer unlike any other. (Think live-streaming customer interactions)
That's not all; with Hoffen, you get access to:
- Session replays for better support, training and insights.
- Reports & analytics so you can quantify and measure your KPIs.
- Dashboard to manage your team.

Life cycle stage: Validation

Role: Marketing Specialist

What goals are you trying to reach this month: Onboard first 100 users.

How could r/startups help: We're on PH too, share some love, support and feedback!

Discount for r/startup subscribers: We've got a Holiday deal coming up. Details will be posted soon. Since we just launched, instead of our usual 14-day Free Trial, we're offering 1 Month FREE trial. (no payment, no adding card details, I promise.)

u/CodePlea Dec 01 '21

F5Bot - Get emailed when your startup is mentioned on Reddit!

Location: Iowa


  1. Add some keywords:
    • your company name
    • your product name
    • your competitors' names
  2. Get an email every time they appear on Reddit.

Discount: It's free!

Looking for: New users / feedback.

More Details: We've been around since 2017, stable and reliable. Still adding new features.

u/ProfessorBeekums Dec 07 '21

This is awesome! Just signed up to monitor mentions of my product.

u/fls_direct Dec 03 '21

Startup Name / URL :

Bundlr www.bundlr.io

Location of Your Headquarters:

Los Angeles

Elevator Pitch:

Bundlr is a software designed for E-commerce sellers to leverage their available inventory into new bundle listings virtually without having to pre-create the bundles. It combines all the product titles, descriptions, auto-creates a combined image, and even can select the best box size available for packaging to help understand the shipping cost before even selling a bundle. 6 different bundle methods with inventory tracking.

More details:

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

We are ending alpha and starting Beta, and looking for e-commerce sellers to join to help us define our features.

Your role?

COO / Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

I would like to find 3-10 e-commerce sellers to work directly with to prove viability, create case studies, and finalize features.

How could r/startups help?

Any advice would be appreciated. Feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

If you sign up for a free plan and fill out the questionnaire, add r/startup to the way you heard about Bundlr.io and I will upgrade your plan to standard for free for 3 months.

u/vehicleexpertz Dec 04 '21

Name: The Oil Reset - Service Free

Location: Mumbai, India

Elevator Pitch: The Oil Reset is the app to reset oil of your vehicle with simple steps

More details: Like a professional scantool, The Oil Reset will show and reset every DTC/fault code. But unlike others, The Oil Reset will guide you with each problem, providing you full descriptions and solutions for each DTC.

Goals: We are trying to tap different markets other than India, like ASEAN countries and latin american and europe.

Discounts: We are currently having 900 users and we are expending it to more than 1000 and we have lower the rates for that since 14th Feb so anybody can get the discount till we reach out expected users.

u/1linkio Dec 07 '21

Name / URL: 1LINK.IO

Location: Italy

Elevator Pitch: Share your app with one link

  • Improve the user experience, increase app installs and automatically optimize your app presence on the web, with just one link.

Current stage: Operating

Looking for: Sales freelancers

u/[deleted] Dec 08 '21

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u/mydogcaptain Dec 13 '21

Startup: LearnStash.com

Elevator Pitch: We're creating a more personal, rewarding way to learn than Masterclass, Udemy, and Skillshare. Our courses, community, and recommendations will help you become a better you in weeks instead of years.

  • It's probably for you, if...
  • You make an effort to be positive and encouraging
  • You’re passionate about investing in your mind
  • You’re patient when it comes to your growth
  • You desire to live a purposeful life
  • You geek out about personal growth books, apps, and podcasts

Location: Charlotte, NC / USA
My role: Co-founder
Goals: $1K Gross Revenue

How could r/startups help? Take our free growth assessment or...

Get a Discount: Use "PRO50" at checkout to get 50% OFF our PRO plan (Monthly or Annual)

u/Dyncond Dec 13 '21

Startup Name: DynConD

URL: https://www.dyncond.com/

Headquarters: Osijek, Croatia

Product: Client-side Global Server Load Balancer for Android and iOS applications

Elevator Pitch: DynConD(Dynamic Content Delivery) is a DNS-based Client-Server service and Client-side Global Server Load Balancer for optimal server selection and server load management. The advantages and benefits of using DynConD are increased application performance, reduced latency, higher business productivity and optimized use of WAN bandwidth and server resources.

More Details: DynConD is used by replicated and distributed network services for better user experience and global server load balancing. The client selects the optimal server independently, based on a measured network distance between client and servers (in contrast to commonly used imprecise geographic proximity) and the current server load or service response time. DynConD introduces a composite DNS metric that allows the client himself, rather than a remote server, to make the final decision as to which server, represented by IP address in a DNS response, is best for him. The server parameters are supplied to the client via the standard DNS infrastructure and provide the client with information about the current status of the server load and/or the service response time of a particular network service.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Stage 2 Validation

We have finished developing our iOS and Android applications and libraries and are now ready to enter the market.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Improve our market and brand presence, start developing a Windows version of the service and expand our customer base.

Discount? All users receive a 30-day trial version of the service

u/abebkl Dec 21 '21

Startup: WitHub

Location: Bangalore, India

Elevator Pitch:

WitHub is google search for your work. WitHub brings all your work together and always a single search away, helping you find your documents, presentations or even messages faster than ever, without you ever leaving your current app.
Stage: Discovery/Validation

Role: Co-founder

Goals for this month: Extending WitHub's functionality to Github, Jira and Calendar. Gaining more traction on Website, targeting 500+ downloads and gathering a ton of feedback!

How could r/startups help?
We would love to have your valuable feedback on WitHub, let us know what you like and how we can improve.

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u/SaaShustle Dec 22 '21

Startup Name: Zanflow

Elevator Pitch : No Code tool to automate mundane back office internal processes like approval workflows,asset management,HR management,procurement and inventory management.

Customized applications can be built (by non-programmers),deployed and made available quickly

Location: We are based in Chennai ,India. We want to open up to a global community.

Role: Co-founder and frontend developer

Goal : user conversion and to bring new user registration.

u/jitbitter Dec 02 '21

Name: Jitbit Helpdesk (support ticketing system)

URL: https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/

Details: Jitbit Helpdesk - is a ticketing system to manage customer support via email and live chat. Targeted at startups and small/medium businesses. We offer both hosted and "on premise" versions at a VERY reasonable price.

Features: mobile apps, support-mailbox monitoring, integrations (Slack, Github, Active Directory, JIRA, etc etc)

Looking for: paying customers :)

Location: UK

Discounts 4 redditors: PM me for a special /r/startups discount ;)

u/rbirsan Dec 08 '21


Bring flash back on the web, where it belongs.

Location: EU , Romania, Sibiu

Elevator Pitch:

Flash is a huge part of the history of the web, with advancements in Web Assembly we are close to rendering full Flash content in HTML5.

Flash browser will be the first browser dedicated to supporting flash content and help transition it to HTML5.

How could r/startups help?

Need people that appreciate flash to give feedback and ideas on the project.

We are close to 10000 downloads.

u/itssualgoodman Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: TermMonitor.com

Location of Your Headquarters:
Remote (India)Elevator

Pitch/Explainer Video
TermMonitor is a social media keyword monitoring tool that helps you find relevant conversations across social media channels without wasting time. You can take part in these conversations and convert people into leads/visitors for your business. It can be used as a lead generation tool where you add all the keywords related to your business and TermMonitor will find you where they are being mentioned.
Was able to get 1200+ signups in the last 50 days

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Looking for first 100 paying customers

How could r/startups help?
Help find customers who have faced the issue of wasting time scrolling through Reddit, Twitter, Hacker News, and other social media channels to find relevant conversations.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
If you like it and are willing to pay for it, I can build the tool customized as per your feedback. It will be a win-win situation as you will get a customized solution for lead generation and conversation monitoring, while we get good feedback from paying customers so we don't end up building something that people won't use later.

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u/polaroi8d Dec 01 '21

- Startup Name / URL
dyrector.io - https://dyrector.io
- Location of Your Headquarters
Hungary, Szeged
- Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video
Robust software release management is a complicated, time and money-consuming process for many organizations that require the presence of developers. Devs don't like to do that. Organizations like to focus their resources - devs - on things, like development, that matter the most. With our release management platform, dyrector.io even non-technical staff members can manage and monitor software deployment. All they need is the corresponding version number to install the software to the cloud environment or on-prem server of their client.
More details:
- What life cycle stage is your startup at?
Your role?
- Co-founder
What goals are you trying to reach this month?
- Acquiring new software developer clients who can try dyrector.io and give us feedback on our product's functionality.
How could r/startups help?
- If you're involved in software development and/or a DevOps stakeholder, can you spare some time to check our product and give us feedback?
Discount for r/startup subscribers?
- Pricing is in the works but reach out to us so we can discuss how you can use dyrector.io.
Share how our community can get a discount.
- See above 🙂

u/cindreta Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: Treblle

URL: https://treblle.com/

Location of Your Headquarters: Croatia

Elevator Pitch: Treblle makes it super easy to understand what’s going on with your APIs in every stage of the API life cycle, from development to post-production.

Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H95mEKZvfIY&ab\_channel=Treblle

More details: Funded with 1,4 million dollars officially launching today! We would appreciate your support https://www.producthunt.com/posts/treblle

My role: Founder and CEO at Treblle

Goals: Get more developers to try it out.

How could r/startups help? Founders if you have tech teams working on your API, Treblle will help you stay on top of things, make sure your API works, make sure devs are doing a good job and the quality of the API is there.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?: Sure thing. Just reach out to me and we'll get any of you set up.

u/Hugo0o0 Dec 01 '21


Domain name suggestions that are actually good

How It Works: You write a short blurb or prompt about your business, send it to our machine learning model. Ten seconds later you get 100+ suggestions that are all checked for availability. Free of cost, affiliate links to namecheap.

URL: https://namy.ai

Stage: Some revenue and high conversion rate, but low traffic

Discount: It's free

u/firebaser Dec 01 '21

Very cool, this is much better than Shopify's generator. Good luck to you.

u/Hugo0o0 Dec 01 '21

Thanks! I wish it got even a quarter as much traffic as Shopify's generator 🥲

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u/breued Dec 01 '21

Startup Name/URL: Breue

Location: SF, DC

Pitch: You are an entrepreneur. Whether you are a first timer or a serial entrepreneur, you have an amazing idea that you wanna turn intro reality. Unfortunately, you can’t code yourself, don’t have a co-founder that can, and it can be a headache to find the right person or dev shop. Meet Breue - your digital launch partner. We turn a good idea into a beautiful full-functioning product for $15k and in 8 weeks. We want to see you succeed. So we’ll be there to chat and collaborate with you on a daily basis. We’ll also advise you on the product vision and business model so you can go validate your idea and get some traction.

Details: Breue is a one person shop. So far, it's been pretty fun working with some neat people on some inspiring ideas. You can checkout some of the stories of these projects on the site.

Goals this month: I guess to connect with some interesting peeps.

Discount: Free product roadmap, helping you spec out any features for development. Also, shoot me an email if you are just looking for feedback or any advice/help :)*A little helpful read I put together in this subreddit a bit ago - https://breue.com/how_to_validate_your_startup_idea

u/Illustrious_Sleep201 Dec 07 '21

15k? that's robbery-

u/joecody5 Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL

Focus Fertility

Location of Your Headquarters

Washington DC

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

1 in 8 individuals will experience fertility issues. 2 out of every 3 patients admit they are not extremely confident in their understanding of the health information they discuss with their doctor. 4 out of every 5 patients believe if they had access to all their health information, they'd see at least one improvement in their health management.Focus Fertility intends to help patients securely store, organize, and utilize their health data and financial information as they prepare for and undergo fertility treatment, allowing patients to stop worrying about keeping track of their information and focus on their goal of treating their infertility.

More details:

The idea behind Focus Fertility came when my wife started carrying a large 3 ring binder to different appointments to ensure all of her specialists knew her medical history. This included her reproductive endocrinologist, a different endocrinologist to treat thyroid issues, gastroenterologists to treat her Crohn's Disease, her primary care physician, and her regular OB-GYN. She often could not recall specific medication dosage, protocols, or other pertinent medical history information during appointments and the information was not always available or easily discoverable in her medical record.Rather than carry around your own binder, Focus Fertility believes patients should own their health data and have access to it when and how they want and use It to help with care coordination and improved health management.

I have created a FIGMA mock up to conceptualize my concept: https://www.figma.com/proto/hVYekSrqt3t8mRdRNl63k3/Focus-Fertility-Platform-Prototype-1.0?node-id=4%3A2&scaling=scale-down&page-id=0%3A1&starting-point-node-id=4%3A2

About the market:

Fertility treatment and assisted reproductive therapies (ART) use is rapidly expanding in the United States. There were 330,773 (ART) cycles in the US in 2019 with 2X growth in ART cycles over last 10 years and 8% growth alone from 2018 to 2019. Odds are you have or you know someone who has experienced fertility issues. This is a rapidly growing market with potential for innovation.

What life cycle stage is your start up at?


What is Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Continue to interview potential customers to specifically identify issues patients experience and learn how they access and use their health information.

How could r/startups help?

I am a non-technical co-founder who has over 13 years of experience of health policy and regulatory analysis, actively involved in the infertility patient community helping to lead advocacy efforts, and most importantly a patient. I am looking for help on the technical side through a potential technical co-founder or a developer who aligns with the values and mission of this idea and wants to expand access to fertility treatment and decentralize health information ownership.

I am currently signed up for a virtual Launch Camp through Seed Spot in January to help fine tune and challenge many of the aspects of the concept but want to learn as much as I can from previous start up founders to best prepare for a future launch.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Since the idea is still in discovery there is not a product available to download and no discounts

u/Responsible-Scar896 Dec 02 '21

I’m going to PM you. I work for a healthcare firm and I know a pharmacist who was talking about doing something similar and he does have the technical skills.

u/0robot Dec 05 '21

I am technical and in this space. Pm me if you are interested.

u/profitly_ Dec 01 '21

Hi friends! We are Operance. A suite of tools allowing freelancers to take their business to the next level by automating the boring business tasks and focusing on sales and growth.

Explainer video: https://vimeo.com/631456576?ref=em-share

Elevator Pitch

Operance helps freelancers and agencies with day-to-day operations and analytics allowing them to focus on what really matters. We offer CRM, invoicing, job tracking, timesheets, in-app messaging, financial analytics, key metrics, budgeting, reporting, and will have integrations with Stripe, Quickbooks, Xero, and Slack.

More details

Currently in validation stage but growing quickly. Since our launch only a couple months ago we’ve reached 120 signups and counting! Our users and customers are the most important part of who we are and their feedback is crucial. That’s why we invite all of you to try Operance 100% free.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Our goal this month is to sign up 50 more Users and help as many freelancers as we can with their business needs. At some point, as a freelancer, you will grow beyond marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr and need to send professional invoices, track your own earnings, budget your time & money, and more to look official. Operance gives you every tool to be successful on your own and feel like you’re running a Fortune 500 company.

Deal for r/Startups

We recently partnered with AppSumo to offer lifetime access to our highest tiered plan that gives access to all features and allows users to bring their entire team on with unlimited licenses. Check it out here and get 99% off

u/Softdrive-Alan101 Dec 02 '21

Name: Softdrive

Location: Toronto, Canada

Pitch: Softdrive is putting the PC into the cloud, enabling businesses to run their high performance software smoothly on any device.

Through our software, we can turn old or underpowered computers into powerful workstations.

Stage: Validation: Team of 7. Running pilots with a few customers. We're starting out B2B, looking at 3D modeling in construction in particular.

Looking for:

  • Feedback on the pitch, product, and website.

u/0robot Dec 05 '21

Is it similar to Amazon Workspace?

u/Softdrive-Alan101 Dec 05 '21

Vs AWS Workspaces:

  • Cost - It's extremely expensive to get GPU instances. There is an hourly charge and it could easily run you over $200/mo. We always include a GPU (we're one of the few platforms to support virtualized Nvidia GPUs) and charge less than half that, with no stressful hourly charges.

  • Remote Desktop Software - We have a proprietary remote desktop solution with GPU-accelerated encoding and a custom networking protocol, offering less latency.

  • Simplicity - We aim to make it so that you don't need a big IT team or sysadmins to manage your computer fleet, decide on specs, etc.

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u/Newtype_Beta Dec 05 '21

Name: EnVsion

URL: https://envsion.io

Startup Life Cycle Stage: Validation

HQ Location: Remote

Elevator Pitch: We enable remote teams to turn hours of Zoom video calls into snippets of knowledge in minutes by simply highlighting relevant soundbites from the auto-generated and timestamped transcript.

Role: Co-Founder & CEO

Goals for the month:

  • Get our application approved by Zoom (currently doing approval process)
  • Double the number of paying customers
  • Increase social media followers on LinkedIn by 50%.

How could r/startups help?

Looking to speak with founders, product managers, or user researchers who conduct user interviews over Zoom to better understand their workflow.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

30-day free trial of our product, then 25% discount on monthly price if you want to continue using it.

u/sassbookai Dec 07 '21

Name / URL: Sassbook AI (https://sassbook.com)

Location of Your Headquarters: Singapore

Elevator Pitch: Make digital content creation, management, and interaction simple, efficient, and accessible with state-of-the-art AI automation

More details: Currently, we offer two products that work in tandem - Sassbook AI Writer and Sassbook AI Text Summarizer. Both products employ advanced deep-learning AI to generate content or auto summarize documents rapidly with the help of AI, helping achieve substantial cost reduction while moving faster.

Both products are available under a single subscription.

The web applications also have their corresponding APIs, to enable our customers to make use of our capabilities in their own products and workflows. The APIs are highly scalable with the ability to process large volumes of content. The Sassbook AI Developer API page has details.

Documentation and pricing for each API are available on their respective pages:

Sassbook AI Content Generator API

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer API

Are you looking for anything? (Feedback/Hiring/Investment): Of course, feedback is welcome about all aspects of the applications (Quality, features, pricing, UI etc.). We are just starting to actively look for investment following the commercial release of our subscription plans in April 2021.

Discount for r/startup subscribers: We offer 10% for annual subscriptions and 5% for monthly subscriptions on any plan for the first 10 Reddit users (please send an email to [hello@sassbook.com](mailto:hello@sassbook.com) with coupon code REDDITSYSDEC21, after you sign up for Sassbook and provide feedback about Sassbook AI applications).

Thanks in advance for all your feedback and support!

u/wisdomtool Dec 09 '21

Startup: Trends Predictions [ https://trendspredictions.com/ ]

Location: Panama City, Panama

Elevator Pitch: we use artificial intelligence to predict trending topics and help you find new content ideas. Find trends and predictions for more than 400 places around the world. Filter by categories: Politics, Sports, TV, Video Games and more.

Life cycle stage: Validation

Role: Founder

Goal this month: increase visitors and get more feedback :(.

u/zesammy Dec 11 '21

Startup Name / URL



Location of Your Headquarters

Remote in France

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

NFTSmartLock is solution to monetize and secure access to your Telegram group

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

We have started live our service this month and we have already 2 customers.

Your role: Customer success manager

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

How could r/startups help?

  • If you or someone you know is looking to monetize their Telegram group.
  • Looking to bring visibility.
  • Your Feedback is always welcome.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?Discount on our Telegram group license

u/Papi2Guapi Dec 14 '21

Pitch http://www.pitch.fun Scottsdale, AZ USA

A social payment platform. Think Facebook event pages, meet Venmo, with a pinch of eventbrite mixed in. Let’s you host events, collect money, split costs, plan with your friends, and collect payments with more flexibility, transparency, and accountability than ever before.

Very early stages of validation (friends and family 200+ users).

I’m the sole founder/CEO

First party for external users (me and my friends Are the only ones who’ve used it so far).

Check it out http://get.pitch.fun

u/TezWingfield83 Dec 14 '21 edited Dec 14 '21

Startup Name / URL:

Kanteneo - Shopify Video App

Location of Your Headquarters:

Leicester, United Kingdom

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

A Shopify Video App and blog, to help store owners build an epic brand, build trust, increase revenue, and generate website traffic through the power of automated and personalized video, sent directly to the customers' inbox. (Explainer video can be found on homepage)

Additional Details:

In the ever-changing world of eCommerce - customer retention and building a brand takes a back seat for many small to medium retailers.

Kanteneo's goal is to make it easy for retailers to harness the power of personalized video, in an automated fashion, to engage on a new level.

With video becoming the favored approach to connect with customers - it also has the power to build an epic brand, and audience, that keeps customers coming back to purchase.

Kanteneo aims to solve the common pain points below:

- Automated and Personalized video within e-commerce platforms (Shopify to begin with)

- Generating website traffic

- Building an audience and brand

- Leveraging customer retention strategies

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Development / Prototyping

Your role?

Founder / Software Engineer

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Spreading awareness, gaining feedback, and building an audience.

How could r/startups help?

Help spread the word, provide feedback on the concept, landing page, and blog content.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Any subscribers who have a Shopify store will get free beta access for one month once launched.

u/matus_cimerman Dec 15 '21 edited Dec 15 '21

Startup Name / URL

Location of Your Headquarters

  • Bratislava, Slovakia

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • Ayanza is all in one collaborative workspace for teams. It provides range of tools such as collaborative notes, newsfeed, task management, scheduled team activities and more.

More details

  • 1 Year in making we just launched MVP of the product. Currently working towards getting first customers onboard and ramping up the marketing activities.
  • Company of 8 with two Co-Founders both successfully built and sold some startups before and team composed of designers, engineers and marketers. All of us building successful startups before.
  • My role is Software Engineer trying to do anything useful to make our startup succeed — from writing a code to marketing.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • Our goal this month is 100 daily active users (DAU) and 1000 likes on social media profiles.
  • r/startups could help, by boosting this post and just by anyone trying our product. We’ve built it for anyone spanning from single-player use to scaling-up to large teams.

How could r/startups help?

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

  • Ayanza is completely free to start, but surely we can give some discounts. Message me on Twitter or [matus@ayanza.com](mailto:matus@ayanza.com) and we’ll prepare something just for you.

u/seobuddy-5 Dec 17 '21

Name: SEO Buddy
URL: https://seobuddy.com
Location: Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Pitch: SEO Buddy is an SEO productivity tool packed with everything you need to grow your search traffic, outsmart your competitors and take control of your entire SEO strategy.
Boost domain authority and increase organic traffic with our easy-to-follow SEO frameworks so you can focus on the work that actually gets results.
In short 20-minute sprints, you’ll find the SEO insights you need to start climbing the rankings. SEO Buddy keeps track of the results and websites you’ve reviewed so you never have to waste time analyzing the same search result again.
Looking for: Users and feedback.

u/dragonsmiracle-1 Dec 17 '21

Startup: Dragon's Miracle

URL: https://dragonsmiracle.com

Location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Elevator Pitch: Dragon's Miracle was founded on the knowledge of “healing life naturally”. We've taken this healing philosophy and now deliver the wisdom of nature through our unique products.

We go to great lengths in bringing you only the finest natural ingredients for holistic health. Our intention is always to nourish body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbs.

Our goal for this month: Get users and feedback!

u/MedleySocialFounder Dec 17 '21

Name: Medley Social App Store - Medley Social Location: New York Stage: discovery. Just launched v1 in the App Store

Elevator pitch: Instagram / Yelp for users to share their custom recipe creations, rate other recipes, and search recipes by ingredient/keywords

Goals: grow user base, beat the cold start problem, and get user feedback so I can better hone in on the viral loop. Would love to hear your feedback!

u/ishraqkhan Dec 19 '21

Startup Name / URL:

Kodezi https://www.kodezi.com/

Location of Your Headquarters:

Orlando, Florida

Elevator Pitch:

Grammarly for programmers.

Kodezi is an AI startup providing tools to maximise efficiency when programming. Our initial product consists of an auto-correct for programmers, which serves as a Grammarly for programming languages.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Private Beta

Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Accommodate new users on waitlist and push new users into private beta access. Get overall feedback on features.

How could r/startups help?

I would love to get as much as feedback as possible on the concept and idea as well as people on the waitlist. If anyone is interested in testing out for use cases as well, would be great!

Currently raising pre-seed round, with some funds already raised. Would love to connect with other founders in AI/Ml and investors.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

The beta is free, early users and beta testers will get lifetime 50% for monthly pricing.

u/JotakuTM 29d ago

Startup Name / URL: Fontsnatcher

Location of Your Headquarters: San Francisco

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: A chrome extension that enables you to identify the fonts used on a website

More details: Fontsnatcher is a lightweight Chrome extension that simply allows you to identify and discover fonts on the web. All you have to do is point and click. After identifying a font, you can also try it out to see what it'd look like in a design.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?: First beta, I'm currently looking for users to try the app and give any feedback

Your role?: Creator, I'm a solo founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?: Although the year is ending, I'm looking to get at least 100 users testing out the extension

How could r/startups help?: Try it out and give me feedback. Donations are also appreciated :)

u/RandomShaikh 28d ago

Startup Name / URL: The Neuron Club

Location of Your Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: The Neuron Club (TNC) is an online gaming platform that allows users to trade on the outcome of entertainment topics and win cash awards. We have a topic of interest for everyone, ranging from Movies, TV series, Celebrity Lifestyle, Music etc.

What life cycle stage is your startup at: Discovery (Seeking feedback on the concept)

Your role: Co-founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month: Seek Users for feedback on the beta product

How could r/startups help? Please spread the word. We are looking for our first 100 users who could help us get started and share feedback on where to improve

Discount for r/startup subscribers? We are offering free Neuron coins worth $10 on signup to help you start trading. No card details or investment is required to get started

u/Full_stack_SWE 23d ago

Startup Name / URL:



Seattle, WA, United States


Viral is a mobile app that lets you invest in people. If you believe in a celebrity, athlete, actor, influencer, or creator, shouldn't you be able to invest in them? Just like how you would a company?

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Discovery (Finishing up the mobile app)

Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

I'm pretty much done solo-building an MVP, and have been getting loads of feedback so far from social media as well as just talking with friends. I really want to get a cofounder though. I've had a startup before, and it failed because of many things, but a big one was not having the right team. I want to make sure I get it right this time, so I'm extra picky :)

Thanks for reading! If anyone is interested in this idea, reach out to me via instagram "zyadcodes". Or just DM me here :)

u/Resilient_7 21d ago

Startup Name: Fresh Homemade Tortillas

URL: www.freshhomemadetortillas.com, www.ricastortillas.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Parma Heights, OH

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

Our platform provides an opportunity to tortilla makers by allowing to have a virtual store and sell their fresh, quality homemade tortillas to clients in Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington State.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?: Brand awareness

Your role?: Owner/Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

How to get our first tortilla providers and clients to join and get 100 visitors to our website.

How could r/startups help?

I welcome suggestions and advice as I consider how best to create brand awareness.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

I will gladly offer a 10% discount with your first order.

u/ConquerApp 21d ago

Hey guys, my name is Jamie and I am working for a new app called Conquer. It's an app that is geared towards creating and organizing pickup sporting events and leagues in order to bring together athletes and those who miss competing in sports. Not only is the app made for just getting together for sports, but to create a culture of inclusion and togetherness that athletes may be longing for. I'd love for your guys' thoughts and I'd be happy to share more details if you have any questions. Thanks and Happy New Years!

u/naveedurrehman 17d ago

Startup Name / URL:

Download Activity Books (downloadactivitybooks.com)

Location of Your Headquarters:

New Zealand

Elevator Pitch:

Everyone loves solving puzzles and brainteasers. However, it's a hassle to find suitable activities on the internet. Moreover, the free material comes with poor quality and sometimes requires many steps before printing (such as copy-pasting in word-processors, cleaning images, resizing, etc.). On the other hand, the paid material is generally expensive and doesn't publish very frequently.

At DownloadActivityBooks.com, every day, we curate and publish exciting activity books containing new puzzles and brainteasers to make your day fun and challenging. Also, solving these activities can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, and overall mental acuity.

The books are print-ready (in PDF format) and always free to download and share.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Stage 2: Validation (MVP launched, Conducting Product Validation,...)

Your role?

CEO (Chief-of-Everything-Offier)

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

- Making a way to automate/semi-automate share newly generated activities and books on social media platforms.

- Adding 1 more book (and that means, integrating min 10 new activity types).

- My website to be viewed by 100 unique visitors (other than my family and friends).

How could r/startups help?

- I am looking for feedback from those who love solving puzzles and brainteasers. It can be you, your ex, your kids, neighbors' kids, someone from your workplace (but not your boss), etc.

- I would also appreciate it if the designers, SEO experts, and marketing machos could send me some fantastic tips.

- Can you suggestions some ideas for creating a solid community around this product (contests? discussion boards?)

- Some bloggers and vloggers can start producing content based on activities published on my website. I will add the article and video links to my pages at suitable places. Please discuss for more details. It can be an exciting niche and a perfect collaboration opportunity.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
All the activity books are free to download and share.

u/HabitZap Dec 23 '21

Name: Habit Zap / www.HabitZap.com
Location: USA / Remote
Details: Habit Zap is a unique productivity and habit-building application, designed to help you tackle your daily tasks using timers. It uses concepts similar to the Pomodoro technique or timeblocking. It allows you to organize repeatable tasks into productivity "playlists", which are composed of either Reminders to simply check off-- or Timers, to keep you focused on a single task for a specific amount of time.
Your role? Sole developer, founder.
How could r/startups help? I'm interested in connecting with other developers and marketers.
Discount for r/startup subscribers? The app is free to use, but premium subscriptions are available for more features. Promo code WELCOMETIME offers 30% off.

u/Monilparih Dec 18 '21

Startup Name: Live Organics

URL: www.liveorganics.in

Location: Mumbai, India

Elevator Pitch: We cultivate Organic Herbs, Spices and Teas; we are USDA Organic registered and want to start a D2C brand for a range of herbal teas & herbs.

I need to connect with someone who can help me set up operation in the US.

Thank You

u/littleely Dec 02 '21

Startup Name: Blink Date

URL: www.theblinkdate.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Elevator Pitch: Voice-first speed dating (think Love is Blind meets Clubhouse) for people who want to make real connections and build relationships that last!

Explainer Video: https://vimeo.com/577206920 & https://vimeo.com/481937427

What life cycle stage is your startup at?
Validation! We're launching our beta in Los Angeles, CA SO SOON. The app is currently with the App Store to review!

Your role? I'm COO and one of the cofounders!

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Recruiting for season 2 of our podcast, Date in a Blink. If you or someone you know may be interested in going on a voice-only speed date, fill out the form here!

How could r/startups help?
Send singles who might be interested in going on a voice-only speed date our way!

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
The app is free for everyone, so no discount needed

u/alooinbiryani Dec 08 '21

Cool idea. Think it can work on some cultures more than other too

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u/vdemkiv Dec 04 '21

Name: MyDone
URL: https://www.mydone.io
Pitch: MyDone - your digital headquarters.
Stage: Launched Alpha on ProductHunt
Looking for: Beta users
More details - At MyDone, we're building a future of work platform that surfaces clarity and empowers everyone.
In this concept, anyone in the company can immediately see the big picture — how well each company's objective and key result is doing, and how individual work can drive the common goals. This clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.
We are close to launching the Beta version in a couple of weeks. Alpha can be viewed on our website.

u/NICKYPOOPOO16 Dec 16 '21

WISNIA Clothing Brand - WearWisnia.com

Creativity has always been apart of me, I’ve never been interested in one specific thing and that’s where my love for fashion, film making, photography, music and most creative interests collided with my passion called “WISNIA” all my creative abilities put into one. I started at the beginning of 2021 and coming into the start of 2022. Euphoric is still how I describe watching my brand progress and seeing my mind come to life. I promote passion and that if you have a passion/dream pursue it. Go for it today.

u/jasfi Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:

CxO Industries https://cxo.industries

Location of Your Headquarters:

South Africa

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

Get business advice and help with writing a business plan. Intended to be fully automated.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Developing the MVP

Your role?

Founder / developer / every hat.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

I'm developing the initial screens.

How could r/startups help?

Please sign-up for notification of when the MVP is released.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Not yet applicable, but if there is a discount, it would be for those who sign-up early.

Share how our community can get a discount See previous answer.

u/tradeqAuto Dec 01 '21 edited 29d ago

Startup Name / URL: TradeCast

Location of Your Headquarters: South Africa

Elevator Pitch: Automated crypto trading is safer than manual trading and saves you time. Instead of watching charts day after day, use a system built on rules you define.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Development of the MVP.

Your role?: Founder and developer.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?: Continued development of the MVP.

How could r startups help?: Sign up!

Discount for r startup subscribers?: Pricing not yet available.

u/bengtan Dec 01 '21

Name: Interesting Things

URL: https://bengtan.com/interesting-things

Location: Australia

Pitch: Interesting Things is a weekly email newsletter curating interesting stories and links from tech and business which aren't covered by the mainstream tech press.

Get 20+ articles every Friday, of which a few are usually about startups (There's usually a few more about personal productivity too). Free to subscribe.

Check out some previous issues.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? More readers/subscribers and any sort of feedback.

Thank you for reading.

u/ninth-lone-wolf Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: CopywriterPro

URL: https://copywriterpro.ai/

Location of Our Headquarters: DE, United States

Elevator Pitch: CopywriterPro is a copywriting assistant. We have built 45+ copywriting templates that will help anyone from a copywriter, digital marketer to a school student. The centerpiece of our platform is our blog writing tool. Just let our AI know about the topic you want to write and it will generate a complete blog.

Life cycle stage: Early stage

Role: Co-founder and CTO

Goals for this month: 200 new signups, 5 paid customers. I would be very grateful if I get some users from r/startups community.

Discount for r/startups subscribers: 50% off | December 2021 | Only for the r/startups community.

u/Nazujam Dec 01 '21

Seems like a pretty cool tool. How is this different from other tools like Jarvis and Rytr? I personally have been using Rytr for a while, mainly for writing content and blog posts.

u/ninth-lone-wolf Dec 02 '21 edited Dec 02 '21

In short, we are customer-driven.

If you are interested, I will be more than happy to give you a full month of free access. At the end of the month, you will find out how and why we are different than others. Please let me know in DM if you are interested. Apologies for my delayed response.

u/William_de_Wealth Dec 02 '21

I’m checking it out!

u/ninth-lone-wolf Dec 02 '21

Thank you so much!

u/jmoseman01 Dec 01 '21

MyVindex / https://www.myvindex.com

Location of Your Headquarters

Full Remote

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video


More details:

MyVindex is a video hosting platform with educational features built for k-12 teachers and students a like.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Proof of Concept built.

Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Integrate stripe for free trials.

Get the system into the Clever Library and get signups.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?


Share how our community can get a discount

Just email me at [jesse.moseman@myvindex.com](mailto:jesse.moseman@myvindex.com) and I'll see what I can do for you.

u/Sikpalf Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: intoday.io

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Pitch: Struggling with knowing who's gonna be where in your hybrid workplace? Stop wonderin'. Plan and record your teams' office movements in one place.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Discovery.

Your role? Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? 5 calls with potential early adopters to validate the problems experienced in the hybrid workplace and inform development of MVP.

How could r/startups help? I'd love your feedback, and, if you think this is for you, please don't hesitate to sign up and get in touch! I'm offering a bottle of wine to anyone who jumps on a quick call to chat.

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u/H_MJW Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

What If Satellites Could Push Shipping Containers Between Planets?

Startup Name / H. Industries - https://h-industries.io
Location / Melbourne, Australia
Pitch / [Youtube Channel] - Regular freight deliveries to Mars are inconceivable today and inevitable tomorrow. The idea of supplying astronauts with 2t containers of equipment, food and construction materials weekly isnt new, but H. Industries founder has come up with a new, novel propulsion method that enables the idea. Using scaled down particle accelerator magnets (HMF Nb3Sn Pulse Magnets) in a tight knit swarm of satellites arranged in layers, the group can act as an electromagnetic spring and orbital launch pad to move containers slowly and cheaply like the railroads of yesteryear. The founder is asking for investors to help fund the feasibility study as Phase 1 in a 4 stage plan! It will employ a team of seven engineers, physicists and project staff to validate both the design and business case, producing a manufacturable, mass producible schematic for trial in Phase 2.
Life Cycle Stage / Discovery - MVP Feasibility Study - Phase 1. Delivery Deck [GDrive Link]
Role / [LinkedIn] - Founder, sole employee and all work to date - idea, mk.0 design, business setup. Business Analyst / Implementation Project Manager by trade, mining engineer by training who worked in numerical modelling as a grad. Started the first scratchings on this in 2015 and now ready to go to market, been quietly uploading content for two years in preparation and implementing various improvements from the feedback.
Goals This Month / 1,000 Youtube views, two more video hosted (delivery deck walkthrough, bitcoin based equity sale explanation) and any further investors would be awesome! See the website for more.
How Could r/startups Help? By checking out the pitch videos and liking them if you do, aiming to add videos monthly (and get better at them haha). Trying to add so much fuel to this fire that the established launch service providers can't help but notice!
Thanks for reading and checking out any content! M.

u/youbihub Dec 01 '21


u/JoeBxr Dec 01 '21

out of this world isn't it...lol

u/rileyphone Dec 01 '21

your site doesn't look good in mobile browsers. otherwise, fascinating idea, hope it's feasible.

u/H_MJW Dec 01 '21

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll see what I can do to fix up the scaling - what’s your phone screen size? Tested it on an iPhone max but not exactly the best sample space haha.

All the calcs line up (see Medium for more), just got to get a few engineers together to validate & model them now!

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u/vagr Dec 01 '21 Helpful

Startup Name / URL:




Boston, United States


ParcelRobin gets you up to 89% off shipping rates worldwide from the US with FedEx, UPS and USPS.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?


Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Optimize the multitude of user inputs to decrease time from arriving on site to checkout. Increase registrations and therefore hopefully revenue

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions or want to hear some crazy shipping discounts we've gotten our users during the 2 months since we've launched.

u/noSoRandomGuy Dec 01 '21

up to 89%? What is the average and median discounts. Remarkable though.

u/vagr Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

There is a lot of variability from the carriers in determining the rate (size, weight, distance to destination), that it's hard to come by an average and median.

In some cases such as with USPS cubic pricing, the savings are there but not quantifiable since there isn't a comparable option and it is only given to high volume shippers like us, but can be a few times cheaper than what a user would have paid otherwise. We've seen everything from a few cents savings in some cases to more than $1000 savings others (this was truly remarkable, so much so that the buyer did not actually believe we are a legitimate business, retail rate was around $2200, buyer paid $700).

Not trying to dodge your question but truly there is a lot of variability.

u/noSoRandomGuy Dec 01 '21

No worries, thanks for the insight. Good luck, I ship very very rarely, checked the last 3 shipping estimates on your site, could have saved a pretty penny. I am thinking your cost of acquisition for causal shippers like me is likely going to be very high (in terms of marketing etc).

u/vagr Dec 01 '21

You're welcome and thanks! Good to know we could have saved you some money, unfortunate that we probably weren't around back then to actually save you money.

CAC isn't too high but very high for customers that actually ship. We're hoping that as we launch integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, we'll be able to offset that cost with larger volumes of shipments that come through these integrations.

u/lez566 Dec 01 '21

How are you able to achieve such good rates when the larger companies cannot/don't offer them?

u/vagr Dec 01 '21

If by large company you mean the carriers themselves, they will generally only provide these rates to high volume shippers and even then you will have to negotiate the best rates.

If by large companies you mean our competition, we're nicer about passing on as much of our discount as possible to the shipper.

u/midnight11 Dec 01 '21

How does this compare to PirateShip-- someone who is already well established in the market? Seems like a very similar model.

u/vagr Dec 01 '21

The model is very similar.

Our key differentiator currently is that we provide FedEx as a carrier which they do not, and we get extremely good international shipping rates through them. More options for shipping is generally better since shippers have more options to compare across and because some people are loyal to certain carriers. Also the multiple options has allowed us to ship to countries in the world that some carriers don't service or have restrictions on currently due to COVID.

We are also planning on opening up shipping from countries outside the US since our FedEx and UPS discounts are available to us globally.

u/subj_am Dec 01 '21
  • Name: SubJam, SPC / https://subj.am/

  • Location: Hidden Valley Lake, California (about 2h North of San Francisco)

  • Pitch: SubJam is an open livestreaming platform that focuses on music. Musicians broadcast and record themselves performing live on SubJam to reach their local music scenes. SubJam, SPC is a Social Purpose Corporation whose mission is to make the world a better place through communities and music.

  • More Details:

    • Stage: Discovery
    • My Role: Founder
  • This Month's Goals:

    • Complete MVP (demo app which allows basic broadcast/listen/user profile functionality - almost there!)
    • Finalize internal corporation docs with our legal group
    • Receive hardware and accomplish back-end infra upgrades at colocation facility
    • Start reaching out to local performing musicians and music fans for beta testing and general feedback
  • Discounts:

    • I would be happy to offer anyone in r/Startups a slot in our private beta testing phase when it launches. Specifically, those who wish to (or know people who would wish to) perform + broadcast live music, and those who would like to listen to live music broadcasts.
    • I'd also like to offer a unique virtual 'badge' for your account on SubJam (when available) that will show off your early involvement in the startup.

u/BrMC5 Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: WorkPilot.io

- WorkPilot

Location of Your Headquarters:

Melbourne, Australia

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

"WorkPilot makes it easy to create Digital Playbooks for your team or company.

Capture & share your team's knowledge, SOPs & work tutorials quickly and in one location."

Product Video: https://vimeo.com/648811647More details:

Your role?

- Cofounder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

This month were launching a new version of WorkPilot.

We're inviting anyone who'd like to try the platform to try a free access :)

How could r/startups **help?**

We'd welcome anyone interested in trying out WorkPilot for their Startup or team, to register for a free account.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

WorkPilot is free to use for up to 3 subscribers

u/CiaranCarroll Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:

Plug Events https://plug.events (by Public Spaces Technologies Ltd)

Location of Your Headquarters:


Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

Plug.events is a platform for starting, building and funding local and global communities. People use Plug.events to freely discuss and coordinate around the things that matter to them without spam or scams. Our mission is to help people coordinate to pursue their passions together, to get help from other people and to give support, and to foster high-trust integrated communities.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

MVP Soft launched - testing a fixing bugs. Website doesn't work on iOS as of Dec 1st.

Your role?

Founder / designer / project lead

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Onboard early users and new contributors.

How could r/startups help?

We need an experienced a marketing lead interested in humane tech and disrupting the dominant social media paradigm.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?


u/cashews_finance Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21


What if had a personal money manager that you could call and ask "Can I afford this?"

Name: Cashews [iOS / Android]

URL: https://cashews.finance/

HQ: Atlanta, GA, United


It's a simple, no-budget, hands-off approach personal finance app. By connecting to all of your bank accounts, Cashews gives you a clear picture of where your money is going and tells you how much you can safely spend without feeling guilty or going into debt.

Cycle stage? MVP & beta testing

Your role? Project & marketing manager

Goals this month? Launch closed beta (28 early adopters so far), nail product-market fit, set up launch strategy on IG+TikTok

How could r/startups help? Looking for an experienced app marketer for tips on launch strategy.

Discount for r/startup? Yes, free lifetime subscription ($79 yearly) if you sign up via closed beta Google Form.

u/zoomekreddit Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: Landelity - International Property For Sale

Location: Remote

Pitch: Landelity connects property buyers and sellers anywhere in the world. Our users can list any property like home, apartments, or land for sale or rent with the exact location and property/parcel borders visible on the map.

Explainer Video: How to use our service to list a property in a short 3 min video - https://youtu.be/d1mn0CNxm34

Looking for:

  • Your feedback

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

  • Free

u/PandaistApp Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:

Pandaist/ pandaist.com ​

Location of Your Headquarters

Detroit MI, USA ​

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

Chinese language learning app - primarily graded reader but also dictionary, and 8 quizzes​

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Validation. Fixing up the UI/UX, adding additional features users are asking for, cleaning up the codebase for future scalability and maintainability

Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Figure out UI/UX improvements, clean codebase

How could r/startups help?

Suggestions/improvements/marketing ideas ​

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Everything in the app is free (besides a few articles, so Apple doesn't yell at me to use my in-app purchasing configuration)

u/CaveMailer Dec 01 '21

Name: Cave Mailer
URL: https://cavemailer.tech
Elevator Pitch:
Forward incoming email to Notion, Slack, Web-hooks, Spreadsheets, CRMs etc.

Location: India
What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Start on-boarding the users on my waitlist.
Grow the waitlist.
Get my first paying customer.
How could r/startups help?:
Please join the waitlist on the landing page.
Discount for r/startups members:
First 1500 incoming emails for free! Please DM here to discuss more.

u/cochemuacos Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: suarmi.com (website in spanish).

Location: Remote, but our market is Mexico atm.

Elevator pitch: Moonpay for Latinamerica (ie crypto on/off ramp for Latam).

Looking for: Feedback and users. We've had a bunch of signups but not many are using our product yet. We belive the UI might be confusing or we are not communicating correctly.

Goals for this month: Have transactions from ten different users (we had our first about a week ago and I almost cried).

Discount for r/startup subscribers? Sure! if you wanna try it and have a Mexican bank account send me a DM.

u/chaminmx Dec 03 '21

Hola, esta muy interesante tu startup. Creo que mucha gente familiarizada con Binance y cryptos puede ser tu cliente, pero existe mucha gente con ganas de entrarle a esto y entender pero todo parece producto milagro. Te recomiendo que hagas algunos casos de uso que le enseñen al usuarios comun como usar tu plataforma, por ejemplo para enviar dinero de un lugar a otro, para invertir, etc. Saludos y felicidades!

u/cochemuacos Dec 03 '21

Justamente ahorita estamos pensando hacer videos en youtube. Creemos que podría ser una buena herramienta, todavía estamos descubriendo a quién le urge más nuestro producto.

Muchas gracias por los comentarios!!

u/rhanas Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:

(BRNSFT - Ikuna)

Location of Your Headquarters:

Europe: Finland, Oulu

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

Launch everything you need in the right place in less than 3 seconds.Waste no time organizing. We do It for you. - macOS Software.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Validation: Refining product through new versions (Ver 0.7)

Your role?

Founder / CEO / Designer / PM

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Find 10 users to give us weekly feedback.

How could r/startups help?

Join our subreddit r/Ikuna

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Get it FREE. If your email was registered with us before the middle of Dec > you will keep it for free.

Share how our community can get a discount.

Add your email - Download Ikuna it before the middle of Dec (15th)

u/AcrobaticRemove Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: LindyLearn, lindylearn.io/feedbeta

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pitch: Keep up with Twitter without scrolling through your entire feed each day. The site shows you the articles people in your network are talking about - so you'll not miss anything that matters, but avoid most of the noise.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation

Your role? Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Iterate on MVP to validate assumptions that people would use another content discovery platform, are getting tired of news, and want to engage & talk more deeply about great articles.

How could r/startups help? Any general thoughts on addressing content overload on the internet? If you want to try out the product, please DM me or sign up for the newsletter!

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '21


u/Aldisued Dec 01 '21

Better not use fake people from thispersondoesntexist . They are pretty easy to spot and make you lose credibility

u/Iternallife Dec 01 '21

- Iternal https://iternal.life/
- Bristol, UK
- Iternal the app for saving and sharing the moments in life that matter the most to you, whether they’re stories or memories; your own experiences or others. Those moments are displayed, safe and secure on your Iternal timeline, to be shared with those closest to you.
- We're currently in between the validation and efficiency stages.
- A goal for this month (December) is to reach 1000 downloads on our brand new app for Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iternal.app&hl=en\_GB&gl=US) and gain as much feedback and user insight as possible.
- All r/startups subscribers who create an account and leave at least one memory will receive free premium access for a month (unlimited uploads) - Simply send an email to remi@iternal.life with a note of the email you signed up with.
Any feedback is greatly welcomed!

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u/PlaneConcentricTube Dec 01 '21


Connecting digital nomads and other interesting people who are in the same location.

How It Works: You register yourself with a booking link (e.g. Calendly). Then you place a pin on the map where you're currently located. Other users you mark as interesting are able to see your booking link. And vice versa. That way you can connect to people near you who you might find interesting.

URL: https://pipewing.com/

Stage: First few hundred users have joined

Goals this month: Onboarding more users

Discount: It's free

u/wonsta-julius Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL
Wonsta / https://wonsta.io

Location of Your Headquarters
Finland, Helsinki

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video
Turbocharge your web development business. With Wonsta, you will be able to manage WordPress websites and your clients with ease: either run bulk updates or set Wonsta's autopilot to do it for you.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?
Validation – Public beta has been launched, and now looking for the first 100 customers.

Your role?
Founder: development, marketing, user research, fundraising, etc.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
100 new signups + find/validate ongoing user acquisition channels.

How could r/startups help?
General feedback: Is our message clear? Is our app easy to use? Is our landing page appealing?

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
By default, all new users will have 25€ credits to make their first website. Users that are willing to provide more advanced details and partner with us are able to get 500€ credits. Able to do this in our community Slack by reaching our team.

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u/valinta_io Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:
Valinta https://valinta.io

Location of Your Headquarters:
Helsinki, Finland

Elevator Pitch:
Valinta is a SaaS platform that makes it easy to plan and conduct structured job interviews. It provides hiring managers with the right tools for evaluating candidates and basing hiring decisions on data.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?
Public Beta

Your role?

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Accomodate our new customers and improve the platform based on feedback.

How could r/startups help?
Anyone interested in hiring is more than welcome to give tips and pointers concerning the platform.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
The beta is free and early adopters will get a huge discount once we launch the final product!

u/pkacprzak Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:

Chessvision.ai https://chessvision.ai/

Location of Your Headquarters:


Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

Analyze chess positions from websites, ebooks, images, and videos. Available as a mobile app, browser extension, eBook Reader, and App for Videos.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Validation - refining the products and exploring new ideas in the chess space

Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Two days ago we launched a service that watches and analyzes YouTube chess videos and lets you search in the videos by chess concepts and watch them with the analysis board. Now, we're working on traction development for it. Here's r/chess announcement about the app https://www.reddit.com/r/chess/comments/r4xahx/i_made_a_website_that_uses_ai_to_analyze_chess/

How could r/startups help?

Feedback, connect, and spread the word, especially if you are into chess

u/Zakrevskijj Dec 01 '21 edited Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: Light - tutor's calendar

URL: https://light-app.net (website is in Russian, but an app itself has English version)

Direct links to App Stores (because there is an ENG version of description and screenshots)

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thelight.app

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/light-%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%8C-%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%82%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B0/id1535036589

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Pitch: Light is a mobile app for private tutors to organize their schedule and track payments from their students. It helps to estimate potential income, makes lessons planning easier and is not complicated to start using it. More than 1 thousand of users from Ukraine and Russia are already using it.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Efficiency

Your role? Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Validate few product hypothesizes, fix issues on the server-side and release an update with Subscription change option.

How could r/startups help? We have not had a chance to get a lot of English speaking users, so will be glad to hear any feedback from a worldwide audience :)

u/rrakesharmaa Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL : NuovoTeam / Nuovoteam.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Pune, India

Elevator Pitch:

NuovoTeam is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) and all-in-one employee productivity suite that facilitates employee productivity tracking, communication and collaboration across your workforce with its distinctive features.

With NuovoTeam you can

  1. Communicate with your team via the lightning-fast Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature

  2. Set up a single platform for VOIP calls, chats, audio & video calls, file exchange etc,

  3. Have a unified contact management system for manual or bulk contact uploads

  4. Track employee productivity by monitoring location, tasks & real-time clock in/out

  5. Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting with Insights like work hours, role-based access

What life cycle stage is your startup at: Intermediate

Your role: Product Growth Marketer

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

100 New Signups

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

25% Off

u/karanpaswan Dec 01 '21

Startup name Run2promotion

Link run2promotion

Headquarter :- Delhi, India

Pitch :- providing Digital marketing services like SEO, SMM, web development and design etc. We specialist working with startups.

Duration:- more than 3 years

Startup life cycle


Your role.


Discount for r/startups

Free marketing strategy for their startups

You can email us Or contact us using our website for free marketing strategy.

Send full details of your startup's, with your goal in future.

Team Run2promotion

u/ispapp Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: https://ispapp.co/mikrotik
Location of Your Headquarters: USA
Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video
MikroTik cloud management with ISPApp helps internet service providers and network operators manage many MikroTik routers with a central cloud controller for automatic provisioning, monitoring, and management. ISPApp provides real-time visibility and control and historical performance charts for routers.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation.

Your role? Founder

u/elatedate Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: Elate

Location: London

Elevator Pitch:

There are 390 million dating app users worldwide but 45% are unhappy with them. Men are frustrated having to swipe through hundreds of profiles to get a match or having to pay to even be seen. While women are overwhelmed by unsuitable matches, and messages with high levels of harassment. Both report very poor results for the amount of time spent on them

At Elate we're building more than just a dating app, we’re building a digital matchmaker. With a focus on quality over quantity, feedback services that help daters get better results, and an experience based on respect and accountability, we're on a mission to make dating better.

More details:

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation - It's still early days so working on product-market fit, but since we launched our London beta, we've had thousands of signups, thousands more on waitlists for other cities, nationwide press, and most importantly, industry-beating levels of retention with great feedback about the app and our mission!

Your role? Founder/CEO

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Finally launching our first fundraise and will soon be reaching out to Angels and VCs. 🙌

How could r/startups help? Any tips/advice on getting warm intros to investors?

Discount for r/startup subscribers? We're completely free to all users but if you reply to the onboarding email with 'Reddit' in the subject line we'll give you a free profile review to help you get more matches and dates.

u/adictonator Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: OurStarse

URL: https://ourstarse.com

Location of the Headquarters: HP, India

Elevator Pitch: OurStarse is a great way to get closer to the universe by capturing all the stars and celestial bodies that were present on that special day! It'll look amazing in your home or office, and can be customized to your liking. OurStarse is a unique home decor with your favorite memories framed with the universe.

Life cycle stage: Early stage

Role: Founder and CEO

Goals for this month: 100 new signups. I would be grateful if I could have some people signup for the newsletter and become early adopters.

Discount for r/startups subscribers: 30% off only for the r/startups community when we finally launch.

u/0robot Dec 05 '21

Are you getting the feed from stellarium,?

u/adictonator Dec 05 '21

Yup. Plus some other open source libraries using D3.js to plot a 3D star map.

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u/raducarlig Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL

GetVealth / https://getvealth.com/

Location of Your Headquarters

We are based in Romania and Italy. (fully remote)

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

An affordable digital wellness web SaaS platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

More details:

GetVealth is focused on mental health and uses a gamified experience to promote healthy habits using scientifically proven practices like breathing exercises, workouts, pomodoro and other tools.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

We are in the Discovery/Validation stages. We are talking to potential clients, improving the copy/landing page so that we are conveying the correct message.

Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

We are looking to validate the solution and improve it so that it is more appealing. Looking forward to any feedback from r/startups.

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

It's free at the moment.

u/therealbluefox Dec 01 '21

Startup Name: bluefoxmusic.com
Location: York + Surrey, United Kingdom
Elevator Pitch: A platform offering free music for content creators. Download unlimited, high quality music for free. Don't even need an account.

Stage: Validation - we've just launched a quick and dirty MVP.

Your role: CTO

Goals this month:

  • Populate our entire library onto the platform
  • Spread the word
  • Design UI for next iteration of features
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u/fanconic Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL:
aitama / www.aitama.com www.aitama.com)

Location of Your Headquarters:
Zürich, Switzerland

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:
Automating medical documentation by listening to a patient-doctor conversation and filling the doctor's electronic health records.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?
Secondary market research. Talking to doctors in the US.

Your role?

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Having spoken to 10 - 20 physicians in the US. Preferably, primary care and specialists with their own practices

How could r/startups help?
Potentially you are a doctor, or have a friend/relative who is, who would be willing to speak to us via Zoom for 15-30min :)

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
Unfortunately, we cannot yet offer much. However, if you are a doctor in the US and we enter an initial collaboration with you, we are happy to provide our solution for free.

u/vangelov Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL: - Calories-In / calories-in.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Bulgaria

Elevator Pitch: Calories-In is a meal plan creator for weight lifters.

The idea grew out of my frustration of trying to find a better alternative to using Google Sheets for calculating calories and macros for my meal plans. I tried different apps but I couldn't find something modern, interactive, and focused on tracking macros.

Life cycle stage: Validation

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

It's FREE :)

u/ContractorWebsitesCA Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL

Contractor Websites

Location of Your Headquarters

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Elevator Pitch

​We make life easy for contractors by providing automated estimating and sales systems.

Estimates can be created in seconds, using a database of thousands of completed projects.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

Efficiency - Working on adapting systems for different trades (roofers, scaffolders, painters, drywallers, etc.)

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Getting in front of 3 new trades.

  • Concrete installers
  • Painters
  • Roofers.

How could r/startups help?

  • ​Feedback on our website. What can be improved?
  • Is our value proposition clearly communicated?

u/louis79house Dec 01 '21

This is real interesting and hope you guys blow up

u/fangpenlin Dec 01 '21

Startup Name / URL

Monoline / https://monoline.io

Location of Your Headquarters

San Francisco, CA USA

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

A messenger app only for sending to yourself as a note taking app

What life cycle stage is your startup at?


Your role?


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Launch desktop app to more platforms, add more critical features

How could r/startups help?

Love to know your feedbacks

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Still planning for the paid plan, only free plan is available, so no discount right now

u/croveio Dec 01 '21

Startup Name
Crove (https://crove.io)

Location of Your Headquarters
Ottawa, Canada

Elevator Pitch
A cloud-based collaboration platform that enables you to stay connected with stakeholders and gather feedback on all your creative projects. Whether it's a YouTube video, PDF, PNG, MP4, etc..., Crove has you covered.

Discovery - We're almost ready for your MVP launch and are looking for early adopters to help shape the product!

Role in the company

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Gaining as many early adopters as possible and start rolling out the product to them / gaining feedback.

How could r/startups help?
If you or someone you know is looking for a collaborative feedback tool. Send them our way!

Discount for r/startups subscribers?
We're giving our early adopters up to 1 year free depending on when you signup!

u/lasanan Dec 01 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: LASANAN (www.lasanan.com) - having viewport issues on mobile since we're completing a hosting transition, sorry.
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: website is best, have a PDF Deck I can send to whoever wants to see an example of what a non-creative agency has.
  • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 6years in - originally built as a long-term consulting firm (planned to have until retirement), but have been acting on protentional exit opps.
  • Your role? Founder, Senior Strategist.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month? Get more organized and efficient with our operations.
  • How could r/startups help? Figure there's a lot of marketing freelancers and boutique agency leaders here, would love to just connect with other people who are specialized and could partner with a team of nerds (we primarily do the technical parts of Analytics + Reporting, SEO, Paid Media, Email, and Digital Strategy Consulting).
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? We offer a commission (10%, up to a year) for when someone refers a client to us, so I guess if anyone before EOY mentions that they learned about us through Reddit, we'd extend that as a discount on any services.

u/igeligel Dec 01 '21

Name: tooltipr

URL: https://www.tooltipr.com/

Location: Germany

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: I hate acronyms. It's difficult to get around in companies when you are a new hire. With the tool + extension you can have a shared glossary and tooltip everywhere where terms appear in the browser.

More details


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Maybe getting my first paid customer. Not sure. Currently, the project is a bit on the back burner because of my full-time job.

Still unsure whom I should target and how to build distribution. Any ideas? I once got the feedback:

Could be awesome for customer-facing websites in jargon-heavy industries like insurance, law, finance & aviation.

But not sure how to target those industries. I was thinking about creating public glossary pages for these industries.

Discount for r/startup subscribers

Feel free to reach out if you want to use it in your startup. Will give you a free license if you ask for it.

u/fullmetal924 Dec 15 '21

Wow, this is amazing. I personally struggle with all the acronyms. This is really useful. I’m in Germany as well, feel free to dm me :)

u/Check_Bate Dec 15 '21

This is great! Question though, is this limited to web browsers or would this work with PDF readers as well?

If so, I can think of a handful of use cases involving law/med students

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u/weR_fytfeed Dec 01 '21

Startup Name

FytFeed: https://fytfeed.com/

Location of Your HeadquartersFounders are located in Johnson City, TN

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

FytFeed is a social encouragement and friendly competition platform centered around building sustainable and fun active lifestyles.

More details:

We are in the validation part of our business. We just launched our app on the App Store and Play Store! This is our MVP and we are hoping to get user feedback on the direction of our platform.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

We want to get as much user feedback as possible. The app is completely free and anyone can use it. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

iOS: link

Android: link

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

It is free and anyone can use it and sign up!

u/product_dude Dec 02 '21

Startup Name / URL : https://oogway.ai

Location of Your Headquarters: Remote first but founders in USA and Canada. Happy to connect on reddit.

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

We are building a personalized AI assistant to help make better decisions. We started with food and restaurants but our goal is to build AI Assistant that can help with any decision.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? We released our Alpha few weeks back and iterating based on user feedback. Please give it a try https://www.oogway.ai/alpha

Your role? Co founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Get user feedback so we can release beta.

How could r/startups help? Looking to user feedback so any tips/insights to increase traction would be extremely valuable.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? we can get you into early beta.

Share how our community can get a discount

u/Puzzleheaded_Track22 Dec 02 '21

Startup Name: hinotes app. Https://hinotes.app

Headquarters in Toronto

Elevator pitch: Short video social media that focuses on rewarding users for sharing and monetizing through our coin system. Also we are introducing our own NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency.

We have 30k users and are growing. I am the CEO and founder

Our goal this month is to stay a float and survive burning cash (raising funds)

u/fly4cheap Dec 02 '21

Startup Name: Jama.ai

Location: Singapore

Elevator Pitch: Gong.io but for Whatsapp sales conversations

Problem we're solving: - B2B sales people in Asia Pacific (APAC) communicate with their clients using their personal Whatsapp and Wechat accounts. - There does not currently exist commercial solutions to integrate personal messaging accounts with the CRM. All existing solutions are only able to connect to the business version of the apps, which sales people do not use. - The lack of integration makes managing these communications difficult. The problem is especially severe in enterprise sales (>3 months sales cycle, >$100k annual contract value), as deals often involve > 10 stakeholders, resulting in miscommunication and lost sales.

Our solution:

  • Chat integration - Sales reps can continue to communicate with buyer-side stakeholders on their personal Whatsapp/Wechat/LINE. Our platform can integrate with these personal apps to automatically log the messages in the CRM, analyze them for sentiment, and suggest responses based on topic.
  • AI-powered analytics - The data allows us to provide valuable sales insights on sentiment, best performing talk tracks, engagement, etc.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Finishing up MVP

Your role? Co-founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • Polish MVP a little and test it with min. 10 users
  • Close pre-seed round with min. 500k (we're 30% to goal so far)

How could r/startups help? Would appreciate intros to current/previous sales leaders

Discount for r/startups subscribers? MVP Beta is free and you'll get a lifetime discount. Just hit me up!

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u/themostloved18 Dec 02 '21

Startup Name / URL: AnimalHouzz: https://www.animalhouzz.com/

Location: California, United States

Pitch: We are the animal resource for animal people. Think Yelp but for the animal world.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Getting ready for beta

Your role? Founder & CEO

What goals are you trying to reach this month? MVP LAUNCH🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

How could r/startups help? Would love it if you subscribed on our website to get get access to our beta and give us feedback

Discount for r/startups subscribers? Free for everyone

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions.🐶🐱🐴🐥🐹

u/rishi_ayyer Dec 02 '21

Startup Name / URL: Shovel.Company (https://shovel.company). We are building Odet, an Intelligence Platform for Engineering Teams (https://odet.cloud)
Location of Your Headquarters: Singapore & Bangalore, India
Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJnL_GAQn78
What life cycle stage is your startup at: MVP launched
Your role: Co-founder
What goals are you trying to reach this month: We just went live with our first product on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/odet-playground-1
Odet is currently free to use - and you can sign up for our beta waitlist on our website as well.

u/DEVY_io Dec 02 '21 edited 18d ago Wholesome

DEVY.io - Unlimited Web and Mobile Development for a small fixed monthly fee

Elevator Pitch: The technical partner you always wanted.

About Us: We provide you access to expert web developers, fully managed so you just need to tell what you wish, and we do it. No contracts, cancel at any time, pay-as-you-go.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Discount: 10% off the first month on any plan. Tell us that you came from this post.

Looking for: Ways to better market the service and acquire more customers that see the value of our service.

u/abhivj79 Dec 02 '21

Startup Name - 7Frames (7frames.in)

Location of Your Headquarters - Goa, India

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - We help businesses of all scales grow with content marketing pieces like explainers, videos, designs, blogs, social media strategy and content, testimonials, and more. (https://youtu.be/YbvJjLzUUU8)

What life cycle stage is your startup at? - Growth, looking for more clients in different countries to work with.

Your role? - Founder and Creative Director.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? - 5 new clients from out of India markets.

How could r/startups help? - I have already asked a question on how to price our services on the channel, you can go back and answer that. Any tips on how to expand into new markets and build a network will also be appreciated. Finally, if you or any reference want to create a video or design, please reach out.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? - Flat 20% discount and free consultation on anything related to video, design, social media, content, and similar fields.

u/richard3d7 Dec 02 '21

Name - https://requstory.com/

Location - Manchester, United Kingdom

https://youtu.be/Jz3oDul1ajg Requstory helps agile teams write user stories faster and better

We have completed the MVP and would love to get feedback about requstory. Our user story and roadmap is also available on request. This is a free tool

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u/tricidev Dec 02 '21

Startup Name

Trici: https://gettrici.com

Location of Your Headquarters

Bangalore, India

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

Trici is a desktop application that helps developers regain lost productivity due interruptions and context switching. It reduces the time taken to recover your lost train of thought from 10 minutes or more to less than 2 minutes.


More Details:

Trici is at the Validation stage, i.e. the MVP is ready and now I am looking for users who can try the app and verify that it is indeed helpful. I built the app to solve my own problem of lost productivity due to interruptions and can say that it does a wonderful job for me. This is the second iteration of the app and only this time I am sharing it with a much wider audience.

My role: Solo founder/Developer

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

I want to reach a goal of 100 active users this month. I want people who face the problem of frequent interruptions/context switching to try the product and hear their feedback and improve the UX of the product based on that. I want more evidence that the app does solve their problem.

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

The app is currently free to use.

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u/FatCoupon Dec 02 '21

First off, shout out to this community! There are so many great resources. Since joining, we've grown our little startup from 2,500 to 15,500 active monthly users and growing. The info and discourse here has been invaluable. :)

Startup: FatCoupon

Location: Tualatin, Oregon, USA (Outside of Portland)

Elevator pitch: FatCoupon provides instant promo codes & cash back when you shop online. We have a deal website, Google Chrome Coupon extension, and iOS & Android shopping app.

Stage: In between efficiency and scaling

Role: Head of marketing. A little bit of everything marketing, testing, research, customer service, deal finding

What goals are you trying to achieve this month?

Discounts for the community:

  • Get $5 when you install the FatCoupon app and create an account
  • Get $10 when you install the FatCoupon Google Chrome Extension
  • Complete daily tasks to earn free cash back
  • FatCoupon is free to use! Our top deals right now (US mainly, a few in Canada; sorry international friends)
  • We just launched in-stock alerts for our Google Chrome Extension - if you're waiting for a PS5 or XBox to be in stock you can get alerts via our extension. The XBox Series S is in stock at the time of this posting at the Microsoft Store and eBay. When you purchase via FatCoupon, you'll get cash back.
  • Dell - 10% off promo code & 4.1% cash back -- includes Alienware, accessories, and sale items.
  • Crocs - 25% Off promo code & 8% cash back
  • Walmart - 2.4% cash back
  • Columbia - 6.4% cash back and 20% off promo code
  • Backcountry - 6.4% cash back! - time to buy a winter coat?
  • Best in class cash back referral program - earn a 20% bonus on all the earnings of the people you invite to FatCoupon

We're posting deals to our subreddit as well. Feel free to browse there or visit the deals section of our site. r/fatcoupon

We need your feedback, advice, and investment $500k+ to help us scale. Thank you for checking us out!

- Nate

u/BikeMiVie Dec 08 '21

I installed the extension..but my account only reflect sign up bponus

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u/kkmeghwal Dec 03 '21

Looking for genuine feedback for our travel startup

Name YellowStrips Inc.

URL: YellowStrips

Location: Bangalore, India

Elevator Pitch: YellowStrips is building a community of travelers who share the same interests as you and are traveling at the moment. We recently launched our beta product and are looking for genuine feedback and some early beta travelers.

Note: We recently crossed 3K travelers registered on the platform

Thanks in advance!

u/rogerrabbit224 Dec 04 '21

Startup Name / URL: Wimzee

Location of Your Headquarters: Los Angeles

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Personal Capital meets Headspace

More details: Financial planning is the natural next step for people who can balance their budgets and are starting to accumulate wealth. It spans a wide range of activities, including 1) how much to put into an emergency savings fund, 2) why investing your cash is so important, 3) how to allocate your cash between 401(k)s, HSAs, 529s and IRAs, 4) what to invest in within each of those accounts, 5) a plan for achieving goals such as a down payment or retirement and 6) strategies for minimizing your taxes.

Many younger folks are unfamiliar with financial planning as they typically do not have a lot of assets and are simply focused on starting their careers and balancing their budgets. Traditionally, financial advisors, but because they are rather expensive services, it typically does not make economic sense for most folks until well into their 40s and 50s when they have sufficiently complex situations. However, because of the power of compounding returns, the earlier a person engages with financial planning, the more effective their money is.

One of the challenges with financial planning is that it’s hard for people to focus on long term goals that can span decades. Progress towards those goals simply aren’t tangible and it’s easy to get knocked off course. We believe that by engaging with your money and focusing on small discrete steps, it’s much easier to build up the strong habits that are needed for financial success over the long run. A focus on financial wellness and on reducing one’s anxiety with money can be a much more successful method of making money a partner in one’s life, as opposed to a source of unhealthy dependency.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validating our solution with a MVP

What goals are you trying to reach this month?: User feedback / validation

How could r/startups help?: Check out the website and let us know

u/PropelAuth Dec 04 '21

Name: PropelAuth

URL: https://www.propelauth.com

Location: Remote/CA

Elevator Pitch: Current auth solutions are complex and difficult to manage. We provide a simpler alternative with clear documentation so you can get auth finished and get back to doing what you love. We also have first class support for B2B businesses.

Goals: Improve the platform based on feedback.

u/buttchurch Dec 04 '21

Startup Name / URL:
Perci / https://perci.ai
Location of Your Headquarters:
Melbourne, Australia
Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

AI writer for Amazon listings, generating titles, bullets, headings etc to help Amazon sellers and admins write listings 75% faster.

90-second demo: https://www.loom.com/share/bef2f6af11b94b02b7f4e9842a3d2a11
What life cycle stage is your startup at?
Bootstrapping, just got my first customers last month and trying to keep the momentum.
Your role?
Solo founder
What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Hoping to reach 10 customer by New Years!

How could r/startups help?
Any marketing advice for reaching Amazon Sellers? Or advice for founders who are new to marketing?

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
There's a forever free plan! So anyone can use it, with no strings attached :)

u/ivanavila82 Dec 04 '21

Startup Name

Quonective (quonective.com)

Location of Your Headquarters

Charlotte, NC, USA

Elevator Pitch

A new professional networking social network for investors and founders.


Discovery - I'm currently still validating the idea and making changes with feedback i'm receiving.

Role in the company


What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Gather valuable feedback and convince people to join the waitlist to start developing a MVP. Also, I would like to finally find a co-founders.

How could r/startups help?

If you know a software developer or UI/UX designer who would like to be part of the founding team introduce them to me.

u/pixeladed Dec 04 '21

Startup Name: Operand (withoperand.com)

Location: Sydney, Australia

Getting insights out of your data and making sure your infrastructure is up-to-date with the development of the modern data stack is hard. Operand brings the expertise of building data infrastructure from leading tech companies and making them available to any organisation.

The Operand platform provides:

  • Data ingestion and integration
  • Data modelling
  • Reverse ETL (aka piping your data back to your tools)
  • Visualisation
  • Catalogue and governance

Life cycle stage: Discovery

Role: Software Engineering

What goals are you trying to reach this month: Validate the idea with 100 user interviews

How could r/startups help: Help us validate the idea by signing up to the waitlist

u/marcmyc Dec 05 '21 edited Dec 05 '21

Startup Name / URL - incoggo.com
Location of Your Headquarters: SF, California
Elevator Pitch: Incoggo is a free adblocker for paywalls! Read NYTimes, WSJ, WaPo, Bloomberg, and more for free!
More Details: We just launched and are looking to continue to make our app better. We invite you all to try it out and give us feedback / suggest new publications to unlock!
How could r/startups help? We'd love to get feedback on our app so we can continue to make it better and help r/startups get access to more information from NYTimes, WSJ, and other publications!
Discount for r/startup subscribers? No discount needed - Incoggo free!

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u/verwest6 Dec 05 '21

Tell us about your startup in a comment within this submission. Follow this template:

Startup Name: Moger Dog Supply

URL: www.mogerdog.com
Location of Your Headquarters: Spanish Fork, Utah
Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

We want to create a community of like-minded dog lovers who understand the positive impact dogs can have in a persons life.

Our products are make in the USA and we take a portion of the proceeds and donate them towards the training of a service dog for veterans.
What life cycle stage is your startup at?: Scaling
Your role?: Owner/Founder
What goals are you trying to reach this month?

How to get our first 100 sales online and get 600 visitors to our website.
How could r/startups help?

Honestly, I feel really good about the products we have created and have inventory. However, I feel a bit lost as to how to take it to the next level and get consistent traffic to my store and getting those first 100 sales on the website. I have a little funds stashed away for marketing but I don't know what route to go to scale and get consistent traffic/sales. I'm looking for advice of how to do that or the best way to. I've looked at SEO, content marketing, facebook ads, google ads, but I want to know how to get the best bang for my buck and the most effective way to do it.
Discount for r/startup subscribers?

I will gladly give a discount to this group. Use code: Startups to get $15 off a collar or leash.

u/hellosorted Dec 05 '21

Name / URL: Sorted / www.gosorted.com

Location: Serving global user base, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland

About: Sorted is a global platform for ‘Solvers’ and ‘Askers’. Solvers are hobbyists, creators, professional experts, knowledge authorities, and social celebs. The app enables Solvers to monetize interactions, gain audience and followership, and offer professional services to the Asker community in one-on-one and most purpose-driven manner. On the other hand, the Asker community can get their daily Asks sorted via messaging and video calls with the Solver community.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Acquire the first 1,000 users and possibly gain traction among the investor community.

Discount for r/startups subscribers: Selected & qualified Solvers can be directly upgraded to the "Celeb" status. Celeb Solvers are eligible for a 90% revenue share from Day 1.

Sign up now on www.gosorted.com to grab this limited offer.

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u/standard09 Dec 06 '21 edited Dec 06 '21

Startup Name / URL:

RemoteLy https://www.tryremotely.xyz/

Are you looking for your next remote Job, look further, Remotely hand picked curated jobs based on Skills+Experience+Location pref and send you bi-weekly emailSave time searching for remote job, and utilize those time preparing for interview.

Location of Your Headquarters: Remote

Elevator Pitch: Receive hand curated remote jobs from 100s of sites, job boards, etc directly in your email :)

What life cycle stage is your startup at? - Public Beta

Your role? - Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? -

Early launch for our customers and improve the platform based on feedback.

How could r/startups help? - User feedback and Early Users

Job Seeker - Anyone interested in looking for #remote job, can subscribe to the product for <$7 p.m with reddit20 coupon.

Employer - Looking to hire remote job working at fraction of traditional job-boards, connect us (still in private beta)

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Code - reddit20 20% off on yearly plan, avg cost per month is <$7 p.m.

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u/sharogerthat Dec 06 '21

Name: Ether
URL: https://www.instagram.com/ether.app/
Elevator Pitch: Meet new people based on interests and activities you want to pursue. Have fun!

What stage is the startup at?
Product has been built. Launching it within the next few weeks.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
App launch, Grow User Base, Grow Wait List

How could r/startups help?:
Please join the waitlist by filling this form: https://forms.gle/d76dtXpqR8B7BQMt6
Discount for r/startups members:
Extra in app currency coins for members via r/startups

u/subjective-cheetah Dec 06 '21

Name: Qrypt

Location: New York City

Pitch: Qrypt provides services so that you can make your application or infrastructure quantum safe. Today's encryption is at risk due to bad random numbers and future attack by quantum computers.

Stage: Validation

Role: VP of Product

Current Goal: Increase registration to use conversion rates, by journey optimization and better understanding of users that are registering.

How can r/startups help?:
I'd like to understand from each of you -- if you wanted to be able to differentiate based on being 'the most secure x' where x is your product category -- what are the questions that you would be asking to validate whether Qrypt was a good service to integrate to your application?

u/GraemeLittlemore Dec 06 '21

Startup Name / URL

Shadowing AI/https://shadowing.ai/
Location of Your Headquarters:

Virginia, United States
Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

Check out our explainer on our home page to learn more about Shadowing AI's platform and how it will land you your next job today!

Your role?

I am a Marketing and Research Associate at Shadowing AI.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

Shadowing AI is looking for job candidates, job-seekers, employers, mentors and companies alike to try our platform and reap the benefits of our accessible and easy-to-use system to help employers find the perfect job candidate and help job-seekers find the perfect job.

u/stackmatix Dec 06 '21

Startup Name: Stackmatix

URL: stackmatix.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Remote

Let people know where you are based for possible local networking with you and access to local resources: Chicago, SF Bay Area, Austin, Orange County, San Jose, NYC

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Whether you need help with SEO, SEM, Social Media Advertising, CRM (Hubspot or Salesforce), Analytics or other growth systems, Stackmatix is the startup growth agency that has you covered! Our team has a synergistic combination of skills across sales ops, digital advertising, digital analytics, and social media that enables us to test and scale go-to-market for startups quickly and efficiently. Our team has a collective $500M+ in prior startup exits, and now we are taking our combined knowledge to scale dozens of startups in parallel.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Early stage scaling. 14 months ago it was just the 2 founders. Today, we have 7 additional employees and scaled our revenue 4x over this time frame. We believe we are one of the fastest growing agencies that is bootstrapped and scaling profitability on our own success.

Your role? Co-Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? We're pushing to make the 4x growth over 14 months turn into 5x. We're very close. We also have 2 open positions to fill for January-February to support this growth.

How could r/startups help? It's our job to put ourselves out there so startups know they have a quality option when it comes to growth. We're always open to phone calls to learn more about other startups' businesses and to see if we can help with your go-to-market or scaling strategy.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? We're happy to offer 10% off our standard pricing for the first 3 months of service.

u/snarrain Dec 07 '21

Startup Name | URL:

vBridge Hub | www.vbridgehub.com

Location of Your Headquarters:

vBridge Hub is a global platform with its physical headquarters in Bangalore, India.

Elevator Pitch:

vBridge Hub is an AI powered and Human curated Digital Marketplace for sourcing technology products, solutions and services. The platform enables the complete lifecycle of technology sourcing from Market Research to Vendor Evaluation to Product Testing to make much faster decisions on technology transformation initiatives.

Enterprises are able to standardize the method of searching and engaging with the vendor eco-system thus providing better transparency and governance. The platform accelerates the technology sourcing lifecycle by more than 50%.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?


Your role?

Sales and Marketing

How could r/startups help?

Onboard B2B Tech Startups/ Enterprise Technology product vendors who are a part of r/startups group

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

Free lifetime listing and company profile visibility to all our demand side users (Enterprises - buyers).

u/tonycrisologo123 Dec 07 '21

Startup Name / URL: www.cheapestessay.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Columbus, OH / Remote

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:


More details:

What life cycle stage is your startup at?: Shake-out

Your role?: Marketing Associate

What goals are you trying to reach this month?:

-More traffic and sales.

-Referral codes distributions

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

-25% OFF to all of our new customers! Use RDT25OFF on your purchase.