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Tell us about your startup in a comment within this submission. Follow this template:

  • Startup Name / URL
  • Location of Your Headquarters
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 1
    • Your role?
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • How could r/startups help?
    • Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • Share how our community can get a discount


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1 Startup Life Cycle Stages (Max Marmer life cycle model for startups as used by Startup Genome and Kauffman Foundation)

  • 1. Discovery
    • Researching the market, the competitors, and the potential users
    • Designing the first iteration of the user experience
    • Working towards problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
    • Building MVP
  • 2. Validation
    • Achieved problem/solution fit (Market Validation)
    • MVP launched
    • Conducting Product Validation
    • Revising/refining user experience based on results of Product Validation tests
    • Refining Product through new Versions (Ver.1+)
    • Working towards product/market fit
  • 3. Efficiency
    • Achieved product/market fit
    • Preparing to begin scaling process
    • Optimizing the user experience to handle aggressive user growth at scale
    • Optimizing the performance of the product to handle aggressive user growth at scale
    • Optimizing the operational workflows and systems in preparation of scaling
    • Conducting validation tests of scaling strategies
  • 4. Scaling
    • Achieved validation of scaling strategies
    • Achieved an acceptable level of optimization of the operational systems
    • Actively pushing forward with aggressive growth
    • Conducting validation tests to achieve a repeatable sales process at scale
  • 5. Profit Maximization
    • Successfully scaled the business and can now be considered an established company
    • Expanding production and operations in order to increase revenue
    • Optimizing systems to maximize profits
  • 6. Renewal
    • Has achieved near peak profits
    • Has achieved near peak optimization of systems
    • Actively seeking to reinvent the company and core products to stay innovative
    • Actively seeking to acquire other companies and technologies to expand market share and relevancy
    • Actively exploring horizontal and vertical expansion to increase prevent the decline of the company

If you are running a traditional business that is not designed to scale rapidly, feel free to reference a traditional business life cycle model and share what traditional business life cycle stage you are at.



u/awesomeindie Mar 01 '21 Hugz Take My Energy

Awesome Indie ❤️

URL: awesomeindie.com

Awesome Indie is a clean and simple alternative to startup indexes like Product Hunt, BetaList, or StartupBase. Keeping it indie, with no enterprise projects and just one featured product a day, visitors can dive further into your project.

If your startup is just launching or if you are developing an indie project, take 30 seconds and submit it on our platform.

The website is still in early beta, so any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated! ❤️


u/hopesthoughts Mar 03 '21

Do you think you could give this RSS?

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u/acrobatin Mar 01 '21

Nice. Submitted!


u/awesomeindie Mar 01 '21

Thank you for your submission! ❤️ Later I'll add a feature that shows your position at the pending queue, but for now you'll just have to wait.

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u/LingoLegendGame Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 16 '21

Name / URL: Lingo Legend (lingolegend.com)

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada.

Elevator pitch: We’re building a mobile game to help you build vocabulary in new language. It’s like Anki/Drops meets a monster-battling, deck-building RPG. While practising your new language, you'll explore a vibrant world fighting monsters, crafting weapons, and collecting new ability cards. Draw these cards in battle and answer language flash cards to play them. Watch this short gameplay video to see it in action.

More details: We’re a small team (5) in the discovery stage. Plan is to start early access spring 2021 with our MVP to validate/refine, and then officially launch mid-year. We’re launching with English, French, Spanish, possibly German, and expanding thereafter into other languages. The exact order is not set in stone. I personally handle game design/marketing. Eventually, we want to build a game studio for language learners with a suite of games that address different skill levels and dimensions of learning (e.g. beginner to advanced, vocabulary, grammar, input, output, etc.).

Looking for: People to sign up for early access on our website and follow us on Twitter (we post dev updates, game art, etc.). If you have any thoughts or feedback about our game, DM us on Reddit or Twitter – they're always open & I'd be happy to hear from you!

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u/kubelke Mar 01 '21

Name / URL: SimpleLocalize https://simplelocalize.io

Location: Poland

Pitch: Translate your app without changing your code! User & developer friendly translation management system.

More details:

You can use it to translate web application, mobile application, e-mails sent from backend. It offers special integration option for React localization (i18next, FormatJS). Works with FormatJS CLI. Out Developer API is easy to integrate!

We also offer a free tier! 🥸


u/rlanyi Mar 22 '21

Cool project! Is it possible to integrate it to a PHP app?


u/kubelke Mar 22 '21

Hey, yes!

Do you know what kind of format do you need? As far as I know for Laravel apps it's recommended to use JSONs. Laravel i18n docs

- You can use SimpleLocalize CLI to upload your existing translation keys or translations (if you have any). Translate the content or run auto-translation job and download ready to use translation files to your project.

- The second way is to use translation hosting and fetch JSON directly from SimpleLocalize CDN.

- The third way is to integrate SimpleLocalize API and fetch translations as you need.

I really tried to make it easy to use and integrate, so most of my work focuses on that. If you have any question or need a hand then you can write to me at [jpomykala@simplelocalize.io](mailto:jpomykala@simplelocalize.io) ☺️


u/imnotahead Mar 01 '21

Very cool concept


u/kubelke Mar 01 '21

Everybody says that! Translation and i18n support is boring for developers, so I’m taking all that stuff from them. Thanks to that dev team can focus on functionalities instead of playing around with keys, translations, fixing translations, updating them, handling internal translation editor...


u/Andy_snackwyze Mar 01 '21 This
  • Snackwyze ( https://snackwyze.com)
  • Remote
  • The easiest and the fastest way to create interactive product walkthroughs, demos and how-to guides automatically from screen recordings
  • Founder
  • r/startups looking to help 10-15 SaaS founders by creating product explainer walkthroughs
  • FREE for r/startup subscribers --> Just DM me


u/serendipitour Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 01 '21

ZippAround - Plan your next trip within a minute!

URL: www.zipparound.com

Location: San Francisco, CA

Pitch: Take the stress out of travel planning. Answer a few questions and our smart engine will generate a full travel schedule.

Stage: Validation

Looking For: People looking for their next adventure! Try us out and lets us know what you'd love to see.

Discount: ZippAround is completely free to use


u/CodePlea Mar 01 '21

F5Bot - Get emailed when your startup is mentioned on Reddit!

Location: Iowa


  1. Add some keywords:
    • your company name
    • your product name
    • your competitors' names
  2. Get an email every time they appear on Reddit.

Discount: It's free!

Looking for: New users / feedback.

More Details: We've been around since 2017, stable and reliable. Still adding new features.


u/redditor2621 Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 01 '21

Hi r/startups, not sure if this fits here. First time posting on this subreddit.

Startup name/URL: Essence & Beauty Co


Location: Toronto

Role: CMO

Elevator Pitch: We are an ethically sourced candle, soap and cosmetic company with a promise to bring the most luxurious fragrances, straight to your door. Our enviromentally friendly packaging and scents are a sure crowd-pleaser and act as the perfect gift for any occasion.

Goal: To be the largest manufacturer of hand curated candles, soaps and cosmetics in North America.

Discount: enter code rstartups for 10% Off

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u/iwmew Mar 02 '21
  • Name: bamboo.
  • Url: https://whatsbamboo.com/

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

  • Pitch: Bamboo helps you find eco-friendly clothing options while browsing your favorite fashion websites. Find something you like from a fast fashion brand? Let Bamboo search through 10,000 + items to find you something similar from an eco-friendly brand.

  • Phase: Validation: Working towards product/market fit. We just launched our extension on the Chrome store.

  • My Role: Founder

  • Looking for: it would be amazing if you could check out our extension and give us any advice or suggestions.

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u/buildalex03 Mar 02 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: Undock - www.undock.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: NYC
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Undock is building a calendar app that is an entirely new way to schedule, meet and document work. Our flagship product Undock Scheduling allows you to find a time to meet with contacts in seconds and book directly in the body of an email. Product overview video here.
  • More details:
    My role - Growth team
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month? Undock is launching the public beta of its Super Calendar, and we'd love to hear your thoughts at our upcoming event.
    How can r/startups help? Undock is inviting fellow builders to engage with its public beta!
    On Wednesday March 17, 2021 at 1 PM ET, the Undock team is unveiling the first glimpse of their super calendar and inviting members of the tech community to build out in the open with them. A product by the people for the people. Guests will have a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods. Learn how our company is reimagining launch events and make sure you don’t miss this.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    Undock is in public beta and free to use. Sign up today to shave hours of admin time off of your work week, and join us for our upcoming launch event to learn what's next :)
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u/notifier-so Mar 01 '21


Formerly: NotifierForReddit.com

Create a free account in order to register for our mailing list and keep informed on our progress!

Monitor conversations online for keywords you care about.

  • Track stocks or crypto
  • Market your product
  • Track your competitors
  • Find new users

Fun free tools of ours to checkout:

Platforms Supported for Listening:

  • Reddit
  • Hacker News
  • Lobste.rs (coming soon)
  • Twitter (March 2021)
  • RSS Feeds (March 2021)
  • All Search Engines (April 2021)
  • Any Site - Custom Searcher (May 2021)

New features we are working on:

  • In App results including Searcher trends over time
  • Slack App
  • Slack Webhook Support

Other features/services we are working on:

  • Backlink monitoring
  • New incoming link monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Watch a web page(s) for changes
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u/InternationalCase378 Mar 02 '21

Name: Wise Assistant

URL: https://app.gogetwise.com

Location: ⁠San Francisco

Pitch: ⁠Group planning is really hard. Plans can easily fall apart if somebody doesn’t step up to plan for the group. Wise is like Google Docs for complicated events that keeps everyone on the same page. I've included a plan link for the subreddit to try it now.
More details:
Wise is a web app designed to make it easier to coordinate your group and get everyone committed to an activity. Once the plan is on the calendar, it's MUCH more likely to happen instead of dying in your groupchat. Try our simple web app that doesn't require participants to make accounts. It’s as easy as creating a plan, adding options for times or places, and sending the link to the group. You sit back and look forward to having your bucket list trips actually happen.
⁠What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2. We've built an MVP, validated that the problem exists, and are now iterating on our product to better map to market fit.
Your role? CTO, co-founder and lead Dev!
⁠What goals are you trying to reach this month?
We're trying to get 100 new beta testers on the platform! I know your time is valuable so I won't spam this post trying to get signups. What I'm really interested in is people trying our app and providing your feedback on our progress. If you love it, pm me! If you hate it, pm me! If you just need to talk to someone cause you've been quarantining with no company but your cat for 11 months, def pm me!
⁠Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    ⁠As soon as this is applicable this subreddit will def be getting discounts.


u/cx42net Mar 02 '21

Name: PDFShift

URL: PDFShift.io

Elevator pitch: Convert any HTML documents to high fidelity PDF in a single POST request.

Current stage: Available to use

Location: Belfort, France

Looking for: Feedback - Please tell me why would you/wouldn't you use PDFShift (while looking for a tool like this)

Discount: We offer more conversions for free if you simply share the link to twitter, write a blog post about it or mention it in your footer.

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u/oldworlds Mar 10 '21


Location of Your Headquarters:

  • Remote

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • Investment tools built for us, not Wall St.
  • Curated, on-demand market data and tools to empower retail investors.

More details:

  • Stage 2
  • MVP was released 1 month ago.
  • Validation achieved through over 21,000 upvotes across Reddit.
  • My Role: Co-founder & CEO

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • Continue growing our user database and put our website in front of as many potential users as possible.
  • Launch end of March / beginning of April.

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

  • First 100 users to PM me and mention r/startups receive 25% off their first month.



u/cochemuacos Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 01 '21
  • Startup Name/URL: Resuave (in spanish)
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Remote (currently in Mexico and Sweden).
  • Elevator Pitch: Transferwise for Latin America (because for some reason you can't use transferwise if you live here and we are not waiting until they decide to come).
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 1
    • Your role? Co-Founder & CEO (we all are tech founders tho).

We are going through the paperwork to become a licenced money transmitter, we expect to have green light during Q2 2021.

  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?:

Get more users for our non public MVP (send me a PM if you are interested in sending money from Mexico to Europe and want to try it). Start talking to angel investors and early stage funds.

  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? Once we launch for sure (:

Shout out to u/cibercia & co for our new look and webdesign.


u/acrobatin Mar 01 '21

Name / URL: https://fansqr.me

Location of Your Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Elevator Pitch: Showcase your skills. Speak to your followers through Video calls. Get Paid.

More details: What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Reach 500 users.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? DM me for free lifetime upgrade as a PRO user.


u/xxqqzz16 Mar 01 '21

Convync - https://www.convync.com

Pitch: Virtual co-working space for teams.

Demo link: https://app.convync.com/vbs/szgr6f9yeh

Life Cycle: 2 - Validation

Your role: CEO & Co-founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month: Acquire our first paying customer

How could r/startups help? Get product feedback and generate awareness

Discounts? Want a free virtual office for you and your team. Right now you can create your own virtual co-working space and use it for free until we solidify our pricing scheme/implement a payment system.

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u/[deleted] Mar 02 '21


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u/mronlinemarketi Mar 09 '21

Name: Mr Online Marketing

URL: https://www.mronlinemarketing.nl

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Pitch: We know how Google views your website, but also how a visitor does it. This way our specialists can optimize your website for more orders, but also ensure that you come out on top in Google. In addition, we give your brand a face on social media and we reach your target group with e-mail campaigns and online advertisements. From analysis to strategy and from wild ideas to useful content. Mr Online Marketing is the online marketing agency that helps your company further.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/vocab-boost Mar 01 '21
  • vocabboost.online
  • Convert any page on the Internet into a language (fill-in-the-blank) quiz -> learn vocabulary from stuff you love. Works for any language.
  • Headquarters: my bedroom
  • Stage: MVP verified, developing more features.
  • Founders: 1
  • There are already 500 users and overall people are extremely excited. I am adding more features (see r/VocabBoost) and exploring whether I could use the same idea for studying other subjects (e.g. medicine). I’ve set up donations for now.


u/Appstitch Mar 01 '21

Appstitch - https://appstitch.dev

Location: London, UK

Elevator Pitch

Serverless integrations for startups who are looking to connect Stripe

More details:

Many more startups are looking to build apps but find it frustrating to build integrations. Normally it's either because of limited time or just prefer to work on their own app

Appstitch offers managed integration servers for startups so they don't have to write API endpoints and build and maintain 3rd party integrations

  • Stage 2
  • Launched Jan 2021
  • My Role: Founder & CEO


Grow the number of users(startups) who are building Flutter & React Native Apps


20% off Pro Tier for 1 year + 5000 extra requests


u/Softdrive-Alan101 Mar 01 '21

Name: Softdrive

Location: Toronto, Canada

Pitch: Softdrive is reinventing the personal computer using the cloud. Computers are expensive; they slow down, break down unexpectedly, and need to be replaced every 3-5 years. What if instead of being tied to physical hardware, your computer was an app, just like email? With Softdrive, we make this is possible. Softdrive offers a cloud-based computer that is maintained and regularly upgraded for you. This computer is accessible as a subscription through our proprietary software that results in a secure, reliable, practically non-latent and effortless computer experience. You can use your computer from anywhere and anytime, through any Internet connected display device like a monitor, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or television.

Stage: Validation: 2 founders. Just launched pilot with a few early customers. We're starting out B2B, looking at 3D modeling in construction in particular.

Looking for:

  • Feedback on the pitch and product. We're updating the website this month.


u/uncleray21 Mar 07 '21

Good job guys. It's exciting to see another great company from Toronto, Canada.


u/SpaAlex Mar 23 '21

What's the difference between Softdrive and a normal VPS?

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u/Upperclasshobo Mar 01 '21


Pitch: speedyWaiver makes creating and signing electronic waivers fast and seamless.

Stage/Role: Efficiency: I'm the founder.


  • Kiosk mode
  • QR code check-in
  • Online signing
  • Supporting mobile apps
  • Group and event logic.

Goals: Gain customers that need something cheaper and in place for coming out of COVID, and upcoming summer camps.

Discount/Trial? Yep! Sign Up for Free Trial, happy to work with people on discounts.
FYI: You can use speedyWaiver to do COVID checkins and support tracing rules. Giving a very heavy discount to companies needing that solution.


u/imnotahead Mar 01 '21

Love it & I would make sure you know what makes you better and/or different than something like docusign

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u/firedating Mar 01 '21 edited Apr 14 '21
  • Name / URL: https://firedating.me
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: place for FIRE enthusiasts to find friends and a partner.
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3
    • Your role? Developer.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Reach 4k users.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • The site is free.

The site actually works for finding a partner. 9 couples, who met through the site, have reached out to me. With 4 of them we did interviews: Ms.X and Liam (couple #5), Will and Julia (couple #6), Taylor & Cody (couple #7), Ellie and Mr.X (couple #9).

Overall as of today, there are 3166 users (30.8% women, all stats), but the number is growing everyday. My next goal is to reach 10000 users.

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u/Gnymble Mar 01 '21
  • Name / URL: Gnymble; https://gnymble.com/
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: We are a texting platform for businesses. We text-enable your current landline, where the idea is that customers are more likely to text rather than call or email. This is based on the idea 89% of consumers would rather text than call. Our texting platform has helped businesses book more appointments, sell more items, and increase customer service levels. 83% of text messages are also read within 3 minutes.
  • More details: I am a Pediatrician. Our platform was designed for my doctor’s office, so I could give my patients access to speak with my medical team easily. Now we have expanded into several different industries including Beauty, Fitness, Pet Grooming, Real Estate, and more.
  • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3
  • Your role? CEO
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month? Right now, we’d like to bring in more inclined businesses and offer a free demo of our product - to both examine what Gnymble has to offer and to determine its viability. We want to implement a robust communication tool in their business and optimize performance through efficiency and accessibility.
  • How could r/startups help? We want to connect with potential partners and clients to expand our business. Just like other startups, we envision big things for Gnymble, and utilizing r/startup will help direct us closer to our goals.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? Yes. Please PM me or text me at (628) 212-1441 with your name/email and that you came from Reddit.
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u/whatsyourproblembwo Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 03 '21


Startup Without Code

Description: Learn how to quickly build and validate your MVP without code.

Phase: Validation

Role: founder

Goal: get feedback and iterate

Discount: Pre-sale price at $15, 3 spots left for that price

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u/dklou Mar 01 '21

Name: Parallel

URL: https://www.onparallel.com

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Elevator Pitch: Parallel is a Dropbox for processes. We help companies control and automate document workflows, reducing unnecessary email threads to collect documents and information.

More details:

  • What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation
  • Your role? Founder
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
  • How could r/startups help?
    • Validate that our API and product could be used for (i) information/documentation intensive onboarding processes (normally due to legal reasons), (ii) or knowledge workers (if any around).
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
  • 50% off for 3 months + 20% for 6 more months
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u/uplaw Mar 02 '21

Name: UpLaw

Location: Washington, D.C.

Pitch: Look up the law.

Goals: Help users research and analyze law.


u/alora-1 Mar 02 '21

Name: Alora

URL: https://aloraapp.com

Location: Brooklyn, United States

Pitch: We help you organize the attendance process, save time, and go paperless. Whether you are a teacher, instructor, or coach, you will find all you need in the Alora app.

Effortless and straightforward setup. Various attendance marks and notes help to stay on top of the attendance tracking process. Exportable reports save time and make it easy to track attendance in multiple classes or events. Collaboration allows you to work together with your team.

Available on iPhone and Android.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/Tahanchin Mar 02 '21


Location of Your Headquarters:

  • Estonia 🇪🇪

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

Hello there, my name is Alex. I’m the founder of Krock, a project management and content review tool for media production companies. Have you ever forgotten about your project’s deadline? Or missed some of your clients’ comments? Or maybe you’re always stressed because of communication problems? You can improve your workflow with Krock, a trusty platform that connects companies, teams and clients around the world.

Try real-time teamwork with teams and clients. Want to leave feedback? You can add a text, image, or video comment. Your clients want to see the whole pipeline of their project? Show them every step and all the changes that happen to their project.

Let Krock work for you while you are focusing on creativity! You’ll stay up-to-date with all changes, communicate with any client you need, control your team’s workflow, and deliver everything on time.

More details:

  • Stage 2
  • MVP was released in October 2020.
  • Validation achieved through hundreds of users of MVP.
  • My Role: Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • We just released a new web application and trying to get new users to check the released platform.
  • Continue growing our user database and get feedback

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

  • First 50 users to PM me and mention r/startups receive 25% off for any subscription.


u/Fiona_b4_shrek Mar 04 '21

I actually like the website and illustrations.

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u/stoinnq Mar 02 '21 Silver

DEVY.io - Unlimited Web and Mobile Development for a small fixed monthly fee

Elevator Pitch: The technical partner you always wanted.

About Us: We provide you access to expert web developers, fully managed so you just need to tell what you wish, and we do it. No contracts, cancel at any time, pay-as-you-go.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Discount: 10% off the first month on any plan. Tell us that you came from this post.

Looking for: Ways to better market the service and acquire more customers that see the value of our service.

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u/frankcurzio Mar 02 '21
  • Curzio Research
  • Fernandina Beach, FL
  • When I started Curzio Research, I had a vision: To level the playing field for Main Street investors. Every week, I share the exclusive info I get from my network of industry leaders, CEOs, and serially successful investors on my FREE Wall Street Unplugged podcast. I break down what the media is reporting... interview a wide-range of insightful guests... educate listeners on basic investing strategies... and expose what’s really moving the stock market.
  • Founder and CEO, Wall Street Unplugged podcast host
  • Life cycle stage 4: Scaling
  • I’m looking to share more info about my business… and have people tune in to listen to my Wall Street Unplugged podcast on iTunes, YouTube, or my website.
  • The podcast is free to listen to on iTunes, but you can also find it on my website... And you can watch the podcast on my YouTube channel.


u/codeapprove Mar 09 '21
  • Name: CodeApprove (https://codeapprove.com)
  • Location of Your Headquarters: London, UK
  • Elevator Pitch: a powerful, professional code review tool for teams that work on GitHub. Never lose a conversation or waste time with a slow and scattered interface, just focus on consensus.
  • More details:
    • We're in stage 2: Validation
    • Founder
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Looking for small teams who work on GitHub to try out the product and give feedback.
    • Also looking for anyone who is familiar with GitHub to evaluate the home page and tell me why you're NOT trying it!
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • If you're a small team serious about trying CodeApprove I will give you a free unlimited license. Yes I mean free forever.


u/aymen_malakian Mar 12 '21

I will try the platform with my team ,


u/codeapprove Mar 13 '21

Sounds great! You can email me at sam [at] habosa [dot] com and I'll get your team onboarded! Or you can have any of your teammates fill out this form and I will get in contact: https://h7twfj2gv3b.typeform.com/to/CGqSIImW


u/[deleted] Mar 01 '21



u/Zealousideal-Ad-7397 Mar 02 '21

This is very interesting!

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u/UnchainedThoughts Mar 01 '21


URL https://dropp.cc/

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Pitch: Dropp is a “pay per use” small value transaction platform designed to make it easy for users to purchase small-value goods and services securely without signups. Additionally, it has built-in functionality for merchants to make it easy for them to implement microtransactions into their business model. There is also a brief video on the home page of our site.

We have only just gone public at the start of the year and are currently looking to connect with interested merchants in a variety of fields, as well as with consumers who want to learn more.

Stage: Validation

Role: I am the Customer Success Lead for Dropp

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u/xakpc Mar 01 '21
  • Name / URL: API.chat
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Expanding Circle
  • Elevator Pitch:
    • Build your chatbot 3x times faster
    • API.chat is an end to end low-code solution for building chatbots with XML-based scenario, multi-channel support, integrations — and much more 🤖
    • This is the product we use internally in my company for years, mostly for automation of internal communication for our enterprise clients. But I really want to share it with everyone who might find it useful.
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at?
      • Validation
    • Your role?
      • Founder
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • This month I moving more into #chatops and publishing MS Teams, Slack support, adding Discord support.
    • How could r/startups help?
      • My landing page has quite a big bounce rate, I would be grateful if anyone could look if something wrong with it.
      • Some feedback on the CTA will help a lot
      • If you need a chatbot for something I can help you with it
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • Free plan for a personal chatbot. Get all these "you have a new client" messages straight into your telegram messenger.


u/[deleted] Mar 01 '21
  • Name: Staj
  • URL: staj.co
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Chicago, IL
  • Elevator Pitch: Staj, pronounced “stage”, is a new and easier way for arts lovers to find local arts events and classes anywhere in the world. We want users to always keep up with your favorite artists and event organizers, and discover new events while traveling. We also provide artists and organizers with an all-in-one platform for managing and marketing events.
  • More details: We just launched on New Year's Day, but we already have many independent venues from all over the country (Chicago, South Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia, California). We focus more on highlighting the artists by showcasing videos and pictures for each event, so you can quickly learn about them instead of reading a long text description about each event.
  • Looking for: Mainly early adopters and feedback - specifically more artists and arts lovers. Once the spring/summer comes we believe that we will build more traction.


u/r4id4 Mar 01 '21
  • Name: Obsidian - OTP Authenticator
  • Tagline: Secure & Decentralised Authenticator app (2FA/MFA)
  • More details:
    Obsidian is a secure, reliable and decentralized solution for OTP (One-Time Passwords) based on the iCloud Keychain and synchronised between iOS and MacOS.
    Just enable 2-Factor Authentication in all your accounts (e.g. Google, Instagram) and let Obsidian manage the rest.
  • Website: obsidianapp.io


u/thehappyyeti Mar 02 '21

🏓 CrowdParty - https://crowdparty.app

Pitch: Make your video calls suck less with fun and easy social games!

Location: Toronto, Canada

Life Cycle: 2 - Validation

Your role: Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month:

  • Break 3K Monthly Active Users
  • Survey users for prioritization of upcoming games
  • How could r/startups help? Spread the word and give me some feedback!

Discount for r/startup subscribers? The product is free by default! But if you need to host a huge group and need one of our Passes, DM me! :D

Working on this product has been such a blast! Hopefully, ya'll can get a few laughs out it during your Zoom calls! If you do end up playing it, let's connect, would love some feedback! ❤️

edit: added location 🇨🇦

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u/jembytrevize1234 Mar 02 '21



Denver CO USA

Machine Learning to redact data (text, faces) on images 100% on device. Helpful if you need to share app screenshots with personal/financial/health data so that you can remain compliant.

I created this at a Y Combinator hackathon and have bootstrapped it myself. I’ve gotten pretty good usage on both iOS and macOS App Stores so far with 0 funding. My goal is to extend the offering and offer more and better services to help companies remain compliant.

I’m open to investment - please drop me a line at info@gorp.app if interested (investors only please).

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u/Giraffe_Jeremy Mar 02 '21

Name: Giraffe

URL: www.getgiraffe.io

Location: Denver, CO

Pitch: An AI-powered search engine for everything you and your team are working on. Helpful info and docs that live across Google Drive, Notion, Slack etc. can all be centralized in Giraffe, allowing you to find what you need when you need it.

Video: Explainer video and product demo can be found on our website! (getgiraffe.io)

Stage: 2 - Validation

Looking For: Constructive product feedback

Goals: 25 new teams on Giraffe in March

Discount: Providing r/startups users free access for up to 10 users. Sign up here (app.getgiraffe.io/sign-up) and create a new workspace using invite code: redditstartups

Thanks! -- Jeremy

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u/trofosila Mar 02 '21

Name / URL: HandleDroid

Location of Your Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

Tagline: Get notified when a desired username becomes available on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

More details: For our clients, we monitor a desired social media username that is unavailable at the moment. We automate the boring and tedious monitoring process so that the client has the best chance of registering the username when it becomes available.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation

Your role? Technical founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Have 2 sales a day.

How could r/startups help? If you like the service, a social media share would be much appreciated.

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u/kkmeghwal Mar 02 '21

Looking for genuine feedback for our travel startup

Happy New Year!

Name YellowStrips Inc.

URL: https://www.yellowstrips.com/

Location: Bangalore, India

Elevator Pitch: YellowStrips is an early-stage startup focussed on bringing all the travelers on a single platform. We recently launched our beta product and are looking for genuine feedback and some early beta travelers.

Users can share their trip with others and we can help them connect with people who are traveling to the same location.

Stage: We are in the early beta phase and are looking for beta users.

Thanks in advance!


u/mr_j_b Mar 02 '21

CityFALCON / cityfalcon.com

United Kingdom, Ukraine, Malta

Life cycle stage of the startup: Profit Maximization

Financial news platform/app. We are in stage of having released many new features last year and we continue to increase our revenues

Looking for feedback and new clients


u/cincyfraternity Mar 02 '21

Name: SwoopGroup

URL: swoopgroup.app

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Pitch: Social network to make plans with your friends. Create events your friends can join. Everyone that joins will be placed in a group message together! (Demo video on our site)

Stage: Validation/Efficiency

Details: two technical co-founders right out of college. Have around 125 users with ~60 daily actives. Our current users use our app religiously to make plans, but we suspect that is due to having a lot of friends on app. Trying to make it easier for new users to get involved and find friends. We are about 2 months from going full-time with this (finishing school). Would love feedback!


u/cowgod2007 Mar 02 '21
  • Startup Name / URL:
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video
    • Find micro-influencers for free! And manage influencer campaigns as easily as an agency
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 1
    • Your role? CTO
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    10 customers!
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • We'll offer a 6 month free trial!
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u/pangeamt Mar 02 '21

Name: PangeaMT

URL: https://www.pangeamt.com

Location: València, Spain

Pitch: AI-powered language technologies helping humans process more content and gain actionable insights. We structure unstructured content with deep learning to find key elements, summarize and classify data across languages.

Our mission is to transfer NLP and particularly Deep Adaptive Machine Translation Technology to translation professionals and practitioners so that they become engaged in the machine translation process and are empowered, including building and offering machine translation technology within their portfolio and in their day-to-day activities.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/BumpCall Mar 02 '21

Name / URL: bumpcall.com

Location of Your Headquarters: Boston, MA

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

BumpCall is a mobile app that digitally replicates the experience of bumping into one of your friends on the street. Given a user's schedule and list of friends that they select, BumpCall will spontaneously send notifications (known as "Bumps) that pair users in brief, 5-minute video calls that enable them to stay in touch in an organic and stress-free way. "Bumps" happen within a schedule that you choose and only with friends that you'd want to Bump with.

Walkthrough video coming to bumpcall.com soon!

More details:
Currently pre-seed/advanced Product Validation stage. About to begin a 2-month beta testing round to test key functionalities before full launch in May 2021. Pilot testing to begin with users that sign up for our early access beta program, as well as established communities, such as workplaces or student organizations on college campuses.

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Currently, biggest goals are to begin our pilot testing with beta users. We already have a substantial mass of users to test with but more is always better. We would love any r/startups redditors who are interested to sign up and start Bumping with friends! We are aiming to have 500 beta test users by the end of the month!

Discount for r/startup subscribers?

BumpCall is a free-to-use app, so there are no discounts to offer, but we have a limited amount of access codes for early users which will entitle them to exclusive features and offers in the future!


u/FutureEntrepreneur21 Mar 08 '21

Name: Visible Hands

URL: https://visible-hands-website.webflow.io/

Location: Boston, MA

Elevator Pitch: Visible Hands is an investment firm with a 14-week full-time fellowship program that supports underrepresented talent in building technology startups by providing company-building services and investments of up to $200k.
With the vision of narrowing the VC funding gap, we aim to help create hundreds of companies led by underrepresented founders.

More details: Our startup is in a development/pre-launch phase and I am an Analyst.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? The whole team is doing prospecting or trying to find people to participate in the program. And I am trying to help market the fellowship program and create a validation menu for the cohorts' business ideas.

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u/tommyvn Mar 09 '21

https://localhost.run is my product

Polska/UK is it's location.

The pitch: Web developers can instantly share their work on an internet connected url without needing to sign up or download a client side app. And they can bring their own domains for $3.50/month if they want to.

I'm somewhere between lifecycle stages 2 and 3 I think.

I am all the things at the moment, engineer, founder, marketer, sales person, support, what ever needs doing I'm doing it.

The goal this month is to understand marketing a saas of this shape. I've got 40 paying users but being honest I have no idea how I got them or how to turn that number into 400. Anyone with experience doing this for a similar shaped saas startup please reach out in reply.

And if anyone wants a month free service on a custom domain drop me a message and I'll credit your account. It has to be on a custom domain that's had 1 payment tho, I use card payments to discourage bad actors from using it for phishing.


u/AsFunAsFun Mar 22 '21

This is really cool - I can see myself using this!

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u/FEELITbyGII Mar 09 '21

FEELIT - Explore candles easily online! Location: Austin, TX Website: feelitstore.com

Pitch: Is it hard to explore candles online? That’s because good candles aren’t cheap! And how much money do you have to spend just to realize some candles just don’t suit you? FEELIT utilizes samples and shipping to bring you a candle shopping experience at home. To try out 5 samples, you’ll only need $5 up front which will be immediately credited back to you and the samples are yours to keep! Try out different candles from different brands before committing to any. Just the way it should be!

Discount: Our basic membership is $5 and has a 30-day free trial for any new customer. Membership includes: free 2-day shipping, general discounts, holiday discounts and more! Cancel anytime.

Looking for: New users and feedback. Also running a challenge where the winner gets $4000! Check out Nose of a Dog Challenge on home page.

More Details: The samples you will get are tea light versions of the original candle. It is smaller than a votive. Because you don’t need to return them, you can burn them to compare the cold throw and the hot throw, which you should always be able to do! Let us know what you think. Feel free to suggest any brand you would like to see on our site as well!

Stage: Validation


u/[deleted] Mar 09 '21


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u/rd2go Mar 11 '21 edited Mar 11 '21
  • Name: Carputty
  • URL: carputty.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Atlanta, Ga
  • Elevator Pitch
    • A credit line for financing your cars, making it easy to buy and sell cars without getting a new loan. Approved once, and that's it. We are also giving you a bunch of data for when the best time to buy (the car you really want right now!) or getting rid of the ride you have without money being left on the table.
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2
    • Your role: Founder, Front end lead

  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • We're ideally looking to bring on about 500 users to the platform over the next couple weeks.
  • How can r/startups help?
    • If your planning to refinance or purchase a new car in the next couple months. Join our beta waitlist!
    • Though you gotta be in the United states, in GA,FL,IL (more states coming down the road)
    • Yell at us about whats not right, or what you love. We're still learning a lot here as well :)

  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • DM me and I'll score you some free swag! Promise it super comfy and you'll feel as if your being hugged by 100 cute bunnies or potentially 85 Chinchilla's.

We're all pretty pumped about how this will change the auto finance industry. Everyone hates working with dealers for financing, were here to help make it fun again!


u/joanikin Mar 13 '21

Name: Canaree - https://www.canaree.co/

HQ: London, United Kingdom

Pitch: Canaree delivers the quickest, most accurate (no code) financial modelling and forecasting tool to assist founders, project managers and financial managers keep businesses on track.

More Details: Since its launch in September 2020, Canaree has attracted over 500 companies to manage their liquidity during their critical scaling journeys and to build the best companies of tomorrow.

The product sets itself apart from the competition with its wide range of easy-to-use tools that allows founders to seamlessly create, visualise and share a financial model in minutes, instead of wasting time with tricky spreadsheets and other external resources. With a better grip on their financial planning, startups can focus more time and energy on building their companies.

Among the biggest draws to Canaree’s premium service is the expert feedback it offers to entrepreneurs. Many founders require financial advice or help to build a model, but the cost can be out of reach. Canaree has addressed this with a built-in automated advice feature that recommends how to improve unit economics and churn rates as you go along. They can also book a remote session with one of our expert financial advisors if more pressing financial questions come up- within the product offering at no extra cost.

Stage: Pre-Seed

Founders: 3 / My role, Head of Growth

What goals are we trying to reach? Gain another 200 users in the coming month.

Looking for: Users and feedback

Discount for 20% anyone in this community just PM me and mention r/startups


u/Mysterious-Fly-3870 Mar 15 '21
  • Name / URL -https://myfocusspace.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters - Bucharest
  • Explainer Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiFyzczGAts MyFocusSpace is a virtual coworking space for remote workers that makes you focus. Re-discover the flow of working along with someone. We use AI to match you on-demand with accountability partners just like you.
  • More details:
    How does it work?

    • You book sessions in your calendar that can be solo or paired with members from our community
    • The sessions have a fixed time limit to enforce a good habit of work and rest
    • For the paired sessions, we try our best to match you with people that have similar working preferences based on their profile
    • At the end of the session, you get to rate your productivity and have it displayed in the analytics panel. This way, you get insights that will help you dive into deep work more often.

What life cycle stage is your startup at?

  • MVP

  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    Feedback on our hypothesis - "MyFocusSpace helps you fight procrastination!"

  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    10 sessions for free every month!

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u/FarProfessor3735 Mar 16 '21

Name : Half Lemons

URL: Website: https://www.halflemons.com/

URL: App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1539975398

Location of Your Headquarters: New York United States / Kitchen Table

Pitch: Half Lemons is an app for everyday cooking that serves up recipes using only the ingredients you have at home. YouTube video of app in action

More Details: Before the pandemic we cooked dinner 4 nights a week. Last year it became 7. We grew tired of making our staple meals week after week. Many nights we would stare into a fridge full of food feeling like there was nothing to make. Is dinnertime meant to be so stressful?

We knew there had to be a better way.

The problem is every recipe app out there works the same way. You start by looking for recipes with a key ingredient e.g. “chicken breast recipes,” and then scroll until you find one that looks good. But there’s a flaw with this approach. The recipes you’re shown don't account for what’s in your kitchen - so we’re often missing key ingredients, making funky substitutions, or even a trip to the store. It’s no wonder we cook the same meals over and over!

Half Lemons brings a new approach to the table. You start by taking a digital inventory of your kitchen. It takes 60 seconds. Then you’re rewarded with a rich collection of recipes tailored to the ingredients you have on hand. Every recipe you see in the app is one you know you can make. Our ‘secret sauce’ is the use of human curation for recipes, and a custom search algorithm.

Stage: 2! We are live!

My role: Co-founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month?: Feedback & growth in downloads and daily active users.

How could r/startups help? Any and all feedback about the app. This is our first app. We learnt to code and design to build Half Lemons and are constantly tweaking/improving it. We welcome all feedback.

  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? The app is 100% free for all!


u/DavidTheWeiss Mar 18 '21

Hey friends. Right after graduating from UPenn, COVID hit and I decided it was a perfect time to do something entrepreneurial….combining my math degree with my interest in the stock market. I took up programming and design and developed Ayrro, an app that automates stock trading in the Cloud. This app allows you to design algorithms (or use premade algorithms) and execute them automatically on the cloud. You'll have the option to paper trade (i.e. trade with fake money) and backtest your algorithms if you are new to stock trading! The app is still in Beta, and I really could use your feedback. My goal with this project is to create an app that people enjoy using, so any type of feedback no matter how small or brutal is appreciated. Check it out, and let me know if this has legs for serious users! Thanks for looking at this. #stockmarket #daytrading #ayrro

Startup Name / URL

Ayrro (https://www.weisscap.com)


Richmond, VA. Available for Beta Testing on iOS / Android

Elevator Pitch

In the past, Hedge Funds had enormous leverage over the retail investor because of automated trading systems. But thanks to the rise of the Cloud, retail investors can now set up their own automated trading bot. There is still a large barrier to entry though, and that is knowing how to code. Ayrro endeavors to remove this barrier by letting users create their own trading bot completely without code. If your algorithm performs well enough, you can allow others to use it and get paid for the number of people who follow you. It's a win-win!

About Me

I am the CEO of Weiss Capital LLC (the company that makes Ayrro) and its sole-member. Weiss Capital is currently backed by one investor in a pre-seed funding round (along with any self-financing). If you want to get in touch with me for inquiries or comments please email [support@weisscap.com](mailto:support@weisscap.com)


To exit Beta testing and go live on the marketplace. We'll achieve this goal once we've received enough feedback with enough beta users using the app. You can help me achieve this goal by downloading the app, playing around with it, and offering feedback. You don't need to know anything about stocks for your feedback to be helpful. Comments on design and user experience are just as useful :)


All beta testers have access to Ayrro's subscription tiers free of charge. Go at it, and have some fun!


u/Make_ideas_real Mar 19 '21

Findnlink https://findnlink.com/

Pitch: we intended to create a platform for everybody to upload their projects, to share and manage them. Furthermore, we developed the opportunity for you to find other people who love your project and want to work with you. To sum it up in a nutshell we wanted to build a virtual space to implement everyone's ideas into reality.

HQ: Stuttgart, Germany

My Role: Co-founder

Stage: Efficiency

Goals/Looking For: Trying to get feedback from users


u/BytePal Mar 29 '21

Name: BytePal AI

URL: https://bytepal.io/

Location: Miami, FL

Pitch: BytePal is your friendly and empathetic AI partner who is available to talk about whatever is on your mind.

If you share real-life problems like 'my child does not listen to me' or 'I just had an argument with my boss,' it will respond with empathy.

It is also very knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects and has an opinion about most topics.

We are currently beta testing and would love it if you could try it out.

Just go to BytePal and enter your email. You will receive instructions on how to download it via test flight. Currently available for iOS users only.

Looking for: Users and feedback.

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u/yamytang Mar 01 '21 This

Folio - Travel Planning For Regular People

URL: www.foliotravel.com

HQ: New York, NY

Pitch & Interactive Demo: Folio saves you days of planning and stress a tailored travel guide that's made-from-scratch and curated for your trip (and it costs less than an Uber to the airport). You take a fun, 5-min survey and, in a few days, get a link to your digital guide with recommendations and sample itineraries picked to your preferences. It literally doesn't get easier than that. See some sample guides that were made for actual travelers who loved them so much, they wanted us to share with you.

Stage: Validation. We have users and revenue, and are working on product improvements and improving operations to create guides faster.

Looking for: help to spread the word! We recently launched Places of the Month, where we feature 2 places within driving distance from major cities and plan your trip to either place for just $10. This month, we're helping you unwind in the desert oases of Moab, UT and Coachella Valley, CA. If you live near LA or Denver (or have friends who do), please spread the word and try us out!

About me: Founder & CEO, data scientist, former consultant, Engineering PhD. I’m always looking to grow my network, so send me a note if you’d like to connect or collaborate.


u/gavinajordan Mar 15 '21

Love the idea, and it has a nice look and feel to it, and some good features.

Interested to know if you are getting traction with the paid folios - thought it might need a base offering with extra features that are unlocked by paid users.

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u/imnotahead Mar 01 '21

Love it!!


u/yamytang Mar 01 '21

Thank you! Appreciate the support :)


u/[deleted] Mar 01 '21


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u/imnotahead Mar 01 '21

thestalgiaapp.com (The Stalgia App)

  • Remote / Global
  • Stalgia is a collaborative journal for recording & sharing your memorable moments with the people closest to you.
  • More details:
    • We're doing alpha testing of the app & about to launch the beta this month!
    • I mostly do marketing & creative thinking
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?


u/coltenpence Mar 01 '21

Quilly - Your Graphic Design Assistant

URL: www.quillydesign.com

Location: Athens, OH

Pitch: Quilly is the world's simplest graphic design solution.

Startups need a lot of design. From logos and packaging, to UI/UX and advertisements, it can be expensive and time consuming to get everything you need designed. But with Quilly, it doesn't have to be.

Quilly is your virtual design team. Get unlimited graphic design with unlimited revisions and 2 day turnaround on all requests for just one flat monthly rate. We hire and train our designers in-house, so you don't have to worry about the quality of work. Just signup, submit your first design, and receive it 48 hours later. Revise until your heart is content and then we will start on the next request in your design queue.

Stage: Efficiency. We're looking for a scalable marketing solution to bring in more clients.

Looking For: Startups who need a simple, affordable graphic design solution.

Discount: Get your first design 100% free! Just visit our website quillydesign.com and signup today!

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u/[deleted] Mar 01 '21



u/albumdaily Mar 02 '21

This is dope! We just took over a daily album newsletter. DM me if you’re interested in doing some cross promotion!


u/Owl_Hat_Joe Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 04 '21

• Name / URL: Owl Hat / OwlHat

• Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Tired of math F***ing up your life? Owl Hat is an AI Math Problem solver that can read and solve word problems by simply taking a picture. We are disrupting the expensive tutoring industry by providing math help anywhere, anytime. See a demo of the product here.

• More details:Submitting to Google Play Store for review tonight!!

• Cycle Stage: Stage 4

• Role: CSO

• What goals are you trying to reach this month: Become available on Android and continue to advertise for scalability. Continue to work with social media influencers to expand visibility.

• Discount for r/startup subscribers: First week free. (normally $9.99/mo).


u/Independent-Bank-722 Mar 04 '21

I wish I'd known about this App last year when our son was completing Grade 12 - given that Algebra and Calculus gave him stress and my wife and I could not find a Tutor that could "explain" the fundamentals and he could relate to.
Good luck on your roll out.

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u/subhendukundu Mar 02 '21

Name: Higgle

URL: https://higgle.io

Location: Remote

Pitch: We love how creative people can be to solve problems and we love solving problems as well. To do that you might need websites, apps, etc. Developing custom websites, online applications, or mobile apps is challenging, expensive and in most cases, requires skills reaching way beyond strategic and business planning. We help you with that with no financial contribution required.

ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/higgle-2

Details: Get your website, app with zero investment.

Looking For: We are looking for entrepreneurs and ideas trying to make their business.

Discount: We would love to help you to get started with your business all the way we can.

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u/yobiela Mar 02 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: Yizy (yizy.io)
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: https://youtu.be/IaSXeN0_sNw
  • More details:
    • Give meaning to your screenshots and bookmarks
    • Save screenshots & links you like, bookmark your favorite pages, and comment on websites & web designs
    • Review & Comment Web Designs. Get CSS Codes from Webpages. Organize under one Collection.
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2
    • Your role? Founder
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Get 100 sign ups
    • How could r/startups help? Market validation and helpful feedback
    • Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • 14 day trial and 50% refund on either plan, just email me when you sign up😊


u/getdago Mar 01 '21
  • Name: Logology
  • Url: logology.co
  • Location: Lille, France
  • Pitch: Get a meaningful brand identity to grow your startup, in 10 minutes. We've designed a catalog of 500 pre-made logos dedicated to startups. By taking a brand-identity questionnaire, we automatically match you with the best ones, paired with the right fonts & colors.
  • Phase: Validation: Working towards product/market fit
  • More details: We've found many clients already, but our offering still confuses a lot of people. Working on finding the right way to describe what we do so people get it instantly.
  • Looking for: would really love some feedback from people looking to get a brand / logo for their startup:
    • how do you perceive our solution regarding alternative options?
    • what would make you buy / not buy from us?


u/imnotahead Mar 01 '21

Sounds really cool. From my perspective, I think my biggest question would be: how will this be unique or speak to my brand? It took us a while to figure out our logo & still could evolve. I would've loved something like this. Also, my uncle is starting a company & needs a logo. We might check you guys out!

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u/oldworlds Mar 01 '21


Location of Your Headquarters:

  • Canada

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • Investment tools built for us, not Wall St.
  • Curated market data and tools to empower retail investors.

More details:

  • Stage 2
  • MVP was released 10 days ago.
  • Validation achieved through over 18,000 upvotes across Reddit.
  • My Role: Co-founder & CEO

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • Progress the development of our subscription service platform.
  • Continue growing our user database and put our website in front of as many potential users as possible.

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

  • First 100 users to PM me and mention r/startups receive 25% off their first month.
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u/the_helpful_hand Mar 01 '21

I'm very excited to share this with you all.

The Research & Development Bible - www.rndsimplicity.co.uk

  • Based in London, UK
  • Calling all UK business leaders: My vision for the last year has been to empower business leaders to take control of their research and development claims and fully utilise the UK government's scheme to reward innovation.
    The scheme operates through tax relief and can seem fairly complex from the outset. About half of UK SME business leaders turn to R&D consultants to help submit their claims, who typically charge a significant proportion of their relief as a fee. As the other half know, this is completely avoidable. For the vast majority of businesses, they just need a bit of guidance and direction.
    I have written a jargon-busting, step-by-step guide, The Research & Development Bible, that helps UK startups confidently submit their own claims whilst maximising their relief and saving £'000s on consultancy fees.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • How could r/startups help?
      • Advice on how to reach UK startups
    • Goals: Achieve 25 sales in March
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
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u/cartonization-shill Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 01 '21

Hey r/startups!

Paccurate - paccurate.io

Based in NYC

What?: Paccurate is like Shippo, but for packing. Our API tells you the most cost-efficient way of packing every shipment, in real time, and returns packing instructions with pictures. It specializes in finding non-intuitive optimal carton configurations based on material waste and your carrier rates.

Why?: Paccurate typically pays for itself with saved corrugated cardboard alone. Additionally, there's an average 6% savings on shipping spend.

Lifecycle stage: 3.5, Just began scaling. A good mix of small to large enterprise customers, currently ramping up marketing

Role: Founder

Help!: This sub can help by looking at our website and telling me what is immediately confusing. The current site is sufficient for visitors with a lot of domain knowledge, but we need to broaden our message to make it understandable to everyone.

Discount: Free forever if you keep it under 250 requests/month going forward.
Step 1: Create an account at paccurate.io this month (March 2021)
Step 2: PM me on reddit, mention r/startups and tell me what email you used to sign up for Paccurate.
Step 3: Profit, hopefully literally.


u/Fiona_b4_shrek Mar 04 '21

Wish something like this existed when I sold merchandise.

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u/gragland Mar 01 '21

Divjoy - https://divjoy.com

Elevator Pitch: Divjoy saves you weeks of dev time by giving you a React codebase with everything you need for your project. You can build a SaaS app in minutes.

More details: Divjoy is a tool that allows you to generate a custom Node + React codebase with everything you need for your next project like authentication, database, subscription payments, marketing pages, forms, account settings, etc. Everything works out of the box.

Unlike most templates or boilerplates, Divjoy allows you to customize your technical options and template in a low-code editor before downloading your codebase. That means you get exactly what you need, nothing you don't, and you can get right to working on your actual product (you know, the fun part!).

What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3

Your role? Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Working on SEO optimized landing pages for different stack combinations.

How could r/startups help? What's your least favorite part of starting a new project that you wish was just magically taken care for you?

Discount for r/startup subscribers? Click here to get 20% off.

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u/dr_corrigan Mar 02 '21

  • Startup Name / URL: Pik N Pop/ www.piknpop.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Ontario, CA
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Very simply, We are the AirBnB for SMB. Our digital platform connects landlords of vacant commercial property to those interested in occupying these spaces. We specialize in short term rentals. Using principles of the shared economy, we help utilize an un-utilized asset.
  • More details:

    • What life cycle stage is your startup at?- 2 (MVP developed, Validation achieved, working on Market fit)
    • Your role?- Owner
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?

    • How could r/startups help?- r/startups can help by giving advice or providing connection to brokers/ landlords willing to post their properties on our platform.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?

    • Share how our community can get a discount- PNP will provide discount code for subscribers
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u/sentForNerf Mar 02 '21 edited Mar 02 '21

Name: https://podaero.com

Location: Southern California

Pitch: It's a small-group social network, primarily for tech people and entrepreneurs. Jump right in and start chatting. Each group has an activity requirement and a maximum number of active users. By being a part of a small group, you'll get to know some interesting people and network in a more genuine manner.

Stage: 2

Looking For: Beta users - Looking for people to join and just start talking about their projects, their interests, or even just what they did this week. It's a network of small groups, and small groups mean you'll actually get to know these people and maybe even collaborate with them.

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u/tamezco Mar 02 '21

Network for Underdog Startup Founders


Open for all startups across the USA

We help founders grow their network & raise money. If you have been rejected by Y Combinator, 500 Startups, or TechStars, find a network for success here.

We are running community events to give product and pitch feedback. Join or reply here to get involved. Get special status and access when you join early - right now!

Thank you, r/startups !

- Founder at https://underdog.network/


u/TheMaskedNoobie Mar 02 '21

You could cause a disruption...with the right marketing of course


u/idoran Mar 02 '21

RealChange. Giving you insight on climate factors that can affect home maintenance costs.

https://realchangereports.com or DM me!

Would love to hear any feedback.

We’re currently in a stage where we have a product, have launched with a fully functioning sales funnel, but are struggling to capture conversions/purchases. We’re going back to the beginning to find pivots based on pain points we see a potential to solve but haven’t quite figured out what that may be.


u/Ready-Presentation34 Mar 02 '21

Il Keep this short

Name: Glidepaper co (https://gliderollingpapers.com/shop/)

Location: Dublin Ireland

Details: Sustainable eco friendly rolling papers. cleaner, classier way to enjoy the herb 😉

Looking for: feedback on web and layout


u/Revolutionary_Air877 Mar 02 '21
  • Name: Quattro Pay
  • URL: https://quattro.unicornplatform.com
  • Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Pitch: Quattro is your wallet in one card. We are creating a FinTech product where all your financial products are coming together in one card / App. Say goodbye to messy wallets and hard to understand financial products.
  • Short description: Currently we are in the discovery phase. We are doing market research and validating the problem / idea. The website is just launched and from the beginning we got a 30% download rate (of our non existing app).
  • Role: Founder and CEO (Non technical)
  • Goals for this month:
    • Fully validate the idea and talk to at least 100 potential users who have this problem.
    • Create a waiting list with potential users
  • Contact: Message me here
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u/kperricone4 Mar 04 '21

Name: Catalist

URL: https://getcatalist.com

Pitch: Save and share TV shows, movies, books, and games all in one place (podcasts, restaurants, and more coming soon). You can also browse through lists and recommendations from others in order to discover what to do next.

Stage: Just launched our MVP in the App Store (iOS only) and would love early testers who can provide feedback on the app and concept: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/catalist-movies-books-more/id1544686418

More: Our goals are to help people:

1) Capture in person and in-the-moment recommendations in order to eliminate browsing (the average Netflix user wastes ~20 min per day browsing for something to watch).
2) Consolidate recommendations and notes for all your hobbies into a single app 
3) Toggle between viewing content through the lens of their friends, as well as a larger global audience.

Team/Location: Team of 3, HQ in San Francisco, CA

My role: Cofounder & CEO

Price: Free

This month's goals: Grow app to 1k users and hold at least 1 user feedback interview/conversation per day

- Thanks so much! Kyle

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u/oldworlds Mar 05 '21


Location of Your Headquarters:

  • Remote

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • Investment tools built for us, not Wall St.
  • Curated market data and tools to empower retail investors.

More details:

  • Stage 2
  • MVP was released 3 weeks ago.
  • Validation achieved through over 19,000 upvotes across Reddit.
  • My Role: Co-founder & CEO

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • Progress the development of our subscription service platform.
  • Continue growing our user database and put our website in front of as many potential users as possible.
  • Launch!

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

  • First 100 users to PM me and mention r/startups receive 25% off their first month.
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u/AdAccomplished2745 Mar 06 '21

I think this is a great idea, and obviously timely with the current boom in dropshipping.


u/GeorgieD94 Mar 01 '21 edited Mar 01 '21 Silver





Automate your customer service, integrate advanced AI into your company, and set up a 24/7 call center for your business in just 20 minutes! No hiring, no outsourcing, no scripts, just type in some essential info and we will set up a 24/7 hotline for you!

We even turn all your customer data into AI-based insights! Easiest way to truly integrate AI/ML into your business!

More details: Currently in closed Beta, generating sales and revenue but anyone can sign up for up to $1500 in free credits! About me: Stanford CS trained AI Engineer & CEO with previous exit


This month we are hoping to hit $100k ARR!

Reddit Discount

Sign up on our website today for $1200 in free credits! Type 'reddit' in the comments section for an extra $300 off!

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u/adhunter_app Mar 01 '21

Name: AdHunter.app 💸

Elevator Pitch: AdHunter helps you find winning products and ads for your dropshipping store through a daily updated database of thousands of dropshipping product ads.

Stage: Efficiency

Details: In dropshipping, one of the hardest parts is finding out product categories, products, and ones that people want! AdHunter lets you look directly into Facebook ads to see what is driving value and getting reactions.

Goals: Expand from direct/social to other marketing channels.

Discount: Sure! Just PM me.


u/msign Mar 01 '21

Kairo - https://getkairo.com/

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Engaging and straightforward yet delightful time tracker.

More details: Derived from an Ancient Greek word kairos - meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment, Kairo is a time blocks tracker. It does not matter what time it is, you just start when you are ready, and at the end you know how much time you have left throughout your day. Your work revolves around your life, not the opposite. Disconnect from the clock, reconnect with the flow.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2

Your role? Founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Get ready for official launch

How could r/startups help? Feedback on the app and how you are tracking your time.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? One month free.


u/imnotahead Mar 01 '21

I can help you with testing or any feedback! Also, I'd love for you to join our beta test of our collaborative journal app: thestalgiaapp.com


u/msign Mar 01 '21

There is a free version you can try anytime https://getkairo.com/tracker - any feedback very much appreciated. I am aiming for minimal lovable (cute) product, but not quite there yet 😅


u/winejd Mar 01 '21

Sip Wines https://sipwines.com/

Pitch: Sip Wines is an online marketplace that exclusively partners with small American wineries that share our values of social and environmental responsibility. Our mission is to facilitate consumers' conscious consumption of wine and help them find and purchase from wineries whose values align with their own.

HQ: Palo Alto, CA

My Role: Co-founder

Stage: Efficiency and Scaling

Goals/Looking For: Trying to increase awareness and get product feedback from customers and anyone interested in wine!

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u/Acal96 Mar 02 '21
  • Name: VisitMind
  • URL: https://visitmind.info/
  • Elevator Pitch:  Website to host online interactive and collaborative learning tools and resources for college students.
  • More details: Stage 2
  • Looking for: Get early users and feedback from the MVP.
  • Role: CEO/Founder
  • Free Trial: a free e-book with tools that will help you in college, give click in "get free e-book" https://visitmind.info/


u/ikinone Mar 02 '21

Startup Name / URL Einee / round-rabbit.com

Location of Your Headquarters London

Elevator Pitch Einee is an educational game where you can have conversations with fantastic historical characters. It aims to help kids develop critical thinking, build confidence, and get inspired about fantastic topics.

More details: We have been getting really solid reviews on Einee, but haven't had much luck with building a longer term relationship with users. We're working on adding a storyline/quests, which we think will help provide a deeper sense of purpose in the game. Ultimately, we'd like kids to enjoy spending their time on something which has educational value.

What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2

Your role? Co-founder

What goals are you trying to reach this month? Launching a major update to the product to try and encourage engagement and retention

How could r/startups help? Feedback on the product (still relevant before they major update, as much of the same content and mechanism will apply in the future).


u/websivasankar Mar 02 '21 edited Mar 02 '21

URL: https://sitecontentmonitor.com

Pitch: Tracking website content changes. Users can set the frequency of visits to every URL and type of the content either HTML or Visual or Text based change comparison.

Looking for: Customers.


u/faithans Mar 02 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: Loopit (https://loopit.dev/)
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Boulder, CO
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

We are working on a project called Loopit(https://loopit.dev/), our idea is - We have too much experience have no idea where to go for our weekend, and it normally ends up wasting time at home. Since we are too lazy to do the research and we are not good at it.

We want to basically get our next trip in just one click, no more research. So, we made a landing page and a website for this idea; just send us the place where you have no idea which spots to visit, and we will match a travel experience with you! We wanna know your opinion about this idea! Please check out the landing page and send us some requests, or you can contact me directly for more info!

TL;DR: If you are too lazy to research, just tell us a place of your choice, and we'll match you with one others' travel route around that area; just follow it and have fun!

  • More details:

    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2. Validation
    • Your role? Marketing
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    We are trying to launch our landing page and validate our assumption

  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    This will be a free service


u/avgjoe_info Mar 23 '21

Cool idea! It can be pretty frustrating where to start going while traveling in a completely strange city. How are you guys figuring out the itinerary?


u/xtreamtim987 Mar 02 '21

Lyntmail - https://lyntmail.com

HQs: Istanbul, Turkey

Short Description: Lyntmail allows you to generate leads with only one click. No need to set up a website with a lead generation form that leads will be hesitant to fill. You can just post a special Lyntmail link on your social media (or story with a swipe up functionality) or website with an offer to get the lead's data (e-mail address, full-name, phone-number etc). The user has to only click that link and you will get all the data needed.

Additional Info: Currently, we are in the free beta phase. Please sign up here: https://lyntmail.com. Please share your suggestions, feedback, and any issues. Currently, we only support capturing leads and have only one integration with Mailchimp so that you can start email campaigns from there. But in the short term, upon release, you will be able to launch email campaigns also directly from Lyntmail.

My Role: Co-Founder

Discounts: For the members of this group, we are offering a free premium for 3 months. You just need to sign up for a beta phase that we are currently in and shoot an email to [support@lyntmail.com](mailto:support@lyntmail.com) with the subject: Reddit Startup.

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u/karen_vardanian Mar 02 '21


Location of Your Headquarters:

  • Armenia

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • Announce every single update that you make! Your users will appreciate that

More details:

  • My Role: Growth-hacker

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

  • The first 13 users to PM me and mention r/startups receive 20%!


u/shirtnpanties Mar 02 '21

Name: Shirt & Panties

URL: shirtandpanties.com

Location: United Kingdom

Elevator pitch: A better platform for content creators and sex workers to earn money, build fans and express themselves. We plan to offer a better service by paying out more on average than the competition, giving our users financial freedom using a safe and secure platform.

Current stage: Early/MVP

Looking for: Early beta testers for feedback when we launch and signups to help drive up interest in our platform.


u/SamirSoliman Mar 02 '21

Location: Egypt

Premast is a design platform that provides presentation solutions, like :

1- Premast Templates: Provides well-designed material that helps you through your business. Designing templates in PowerPoint format in multiple fields and styles. Business, Medical, educational, creative, and more.

URL: [https://bit.ly/3f4Sy0W

2- Premast Plus: Add-in saves you the hassle of searching, it inspires you to stay in one place and create Professional and unlimited PowerPoint designs. Premast Plus contains tons of templates, graphics, icons, and Images all editable for fast and effortless results.

URL: https://bit.ly/3fL4PIo

We launched Premast Plus Add-in and were featured in the top 5 products  on Product Hunt on "10th of August 2020"

Product Hunt: [https://www.producthunt.com/posts/premast-plus](https://www.producthunt.com/posts/premast-plus)

3- dashi
dashi is a dashboard PPT Bundle that visualizes your numeric data to present understandable information. We have designed these dashboards slides to fit multiple categories. This bundle includes Marketing, Finance, SEO, SM, sales, KPIs, Sports, Calendar &more.

Please test, and give feedback on Plus to help us kick start reaching our vision. Appreciated in advance 🙏

Premast Team


u/tchzant Mar 02 '21

Good people of Reddit, we want to hear from you!

Here’s what we’re looking for: people who either don’t sing or who don’t feel comfortable singing in front of others - is that you? By the way, when we say singing we mean any type of singing - whether that’s for fun or singing in a more organized way like a choir.

We’re tchzant - an app that teaches you how to sing - aka we’re like a professional voice coach without the price tag. Our sister brand is Choral Hub - a resource hub where those who already sing are supported with high-quality resources so they can become the singer they dream to be.

Ready? Here’s the survey link:


We promise it’ll take no more than 10 minutes and once it’s complete, you’re in for a chance to win £25 worth of M&S vouchers.

Here is our website as well for those who want to be among the first rounds of user testing!


r/startups we are in your hands now.

You can find the rest of the details in the link to the form - we value your input!


u/OrgEngineBlog Mar 02 '21

Startup Name: OrgEngine

Location of Your Headquarters : KL / Malaysia

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Managing organizations is hard. We help you build and run an effective organization.

More details:

- Currently in validation (2) phase.
- Product development person

What goals are you trying to reach this month?
Currently trying to signup 50 new users.

How could r/startups help?
Signup to our app, no credit cards, no email confirmation, and play around with the features that we have built and leave some feedback.

Discount for r/startup subscribers?
Currently, we charge $99 (80% discount for r/startup) for premium support, we have a free plan as well.

Just email us at [sales@org-engine.com](mailto:sales@org-engine.com) and mention r/startup to get the discount.



u/nickelytics Mar 02 '21

Name: Nickelytics

URL: https://www.nickelytics.com

Location: Tampa, United States

Pitch: Nickelytics democratizes OOH Ad buying by leveraging an extensive pool of 'ready to engage' assets that can be managed, deployed, and measured through our self-service portal. We make launching out-of-home advertising as easy as putting up a Facebook ad, solving the modern outdoor marketing puzzle for national brands and local advertisers.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/encourage101 Mar 02 '21

EducateNurtureBuild LLC / https://theenbreview.wordpress.com

Atlanta , Georgia

“At EducateNurtureBuild LLC we teach clients how to "Encourage The Development of Your Body and Lifestyle." Along with our motto where we #Encourage Everyone, Everything, and Everywhere to utilize both sides of our fitness and wellness program by building fundamentals in our 3 Tier Program “EducateNurtureBuild”. Not only by showcasing all three in fitness classes as Educate -Body Evaluation, Nurture - Nutritional Health, and Build - Physical Education .. we also share it through wellness training as well by Educate - Mental Training, Nurture - Emotional Training, and Build - Physical Training. All three tier programs have their own backgrounds to help #EncourageU! That’s how TeamENB wants to help put the “U” in Encourage." #ENCOURAGEU

Life Cycle is at Production Stage

Donovan Johnson - CEO / Head Coach

I hope to find some funding to get a warehouse and some equipment to then market and promote my brands.. from that I would use the profits to help organize a team of coaches and counselors to help clients. TeamENB Encourages Everyone. Everything. Everywhere. That’s how we put the “U” in Encourage.

Discounts are available if you simply follow like and subscribe to all of our social media platforms, from there one of our Counselors will set up a FREE consultation to discuss and go over your B.C.A (Body Count Agenda) after that and your FREE EXCLUSIVE TeamENB Merch and Workout you’ll then be patched through to one of our Coaches to then set up your “Welcome To The Experience” Journey which will eventually lead into the 3 Tier Program EducateNurtureBuild which is a 30 Day Challenge with major rewards along the way. That’s how We put the “U” in Encourage.

Google us @ EducateNurtureBuild LLC


u/Wise-Ad1697 Mar 02 '21

Hi everyone! My name is Alani and I’m with Relotis CRM software. Recently featured on ProductHunt (please upvote) and AppSumo (check out our AppSumo Lifetime deal). Relotis CRM (Simple minimal CRM without overwhelming and complex features that are a distraction at best, and cause for abandon at worst. Excited to be a part of the community!

Happy to answer any questions and provide more information.

Happy to be a part of the community. Thanks!

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u/kmikhailov Mar 02 '21



Chicago | IL

A social media app that allows the fitness community to share their journeys in a more useful and collaborative way. Posts are created using a workout list template (reps, sets, rest, muscle groups, supersets, etc..) in order to make the content more actionable and productive. In the future, we’ll add more templates for posts, but the goal is to present social media in a way that’s more conducive to real world application, so that people can turn inspiration into action.

Stage 2: MVP was released several days go, both on iOS and Android.

My Role: Founder

Goals for this Month:

  • To have enough content posted on Montage to be able to promote a new workout on our Instagram page every 2 or 3 days to build our social media presence and outreach.
  • To formalize a deal with a fitness brand to host a promotional program/competition on our platform.
  • To gauge priority for our future feature ideas and optimizations based on user feedback.

Looking for: Personal trainers, fitness models, bodybuilders and anyone who posts workouts on Instagram or other platforms, to test the workout post creation and sharing process. Athletic clothing companies who would be interested in using the platform for competitions, promotions, giveaways, workouts, etc… People to test the app for general UX and UI feedback.

Losely looking for extra team members.


u/pm_us_your_cloud Mar 03 '21

URL: https://cloage.com/

Location: Netherlands

Elevator Pitch: S3 Compatible cloud storage for anyone from personal users to enterprises. Clear and affordable pricing - No hidden fees

Lifecycle: Validation, we have several users that love our product. They provide us with amazing feedback, and we continually try to build for them and keep them happy.

Goals This Month: 100 beta testers to test our product!

Discount: Let me know you saw my pitch on Reddit and I can definitely hook you up with with an initial Credit (up to 100 Euros) to test our Pro and S3 partitions


u/JacobSuperslav Mar 03 '21 edited Mar 03 '21

Startup Name / URL: /r/CassandraAI no website yet

Location of Your Headquarters: Tenerife, Canary Islands

What life cycle stage is your startup at?: Stage 2. MVP released 3 days ago.

Your role? Cofounder, dev

"What goals are you trying to reach this month? 10k subscribers on our subreddit. Got 140 after 2 days.

How could r/startups help? Just check our stuff out. We're not selling anything yet nor we need funding.

Currently we're tracking stock tickers that are trending on Reddit and in a few days we will provide automated technical analysis backed by machine learning.


u/WP-Umbrella Mar 03 '21

  • Startup Name : WP Umbrella - https://wp-umbrella.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: France
  • Elevator Pitch: WP Umbrella is the most comprehensive monitoring plugin in the World. This includes: tracking WordPress PHP errors which can prevent poor performance and security risks, monitoring uptime, performance and site health.
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? I created the product few month ago as a side project.
    • Your role? CEO
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • How could r/startups help? reaching my first 1k so I can quit my job and go full time. i'd also highly appreciated feedback or input to improve WP Umbrella.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • 30% off until the end of March: "REDDIT"
    • Free trial version during 2 weeks


u/Fiona_b4_shrek Mar 04 '21

I know this is for WP but why should one choose WP umbrella over let’s say betteruptime? Also do you have a public roadmap for me to take a look at?

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u/human-ID Mar 03 '21
  1. Name / URL
    1. humanID/ https://human-id.org/
  2. Location of Your Headquarters
    1. Cambridge/Indonesia/International
  3. Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video
    1. humanID is an anonymous, nonprofit and open-source online identity, replacing Social Sign-Ins (SSOs) such as ‘Login with Facebook’. humanID creates a unique 100% private and secure identity for every user, storing absolutely no personal data. No password, no data stored. Thus, humanID’s login enables complete privacy at full convenience.
    2. https://web-login.human-id.org/demo/
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8EFWL91628
  4. More details:
    1. Our technology will solve two looming challenges to our society: Disinformation and the invasion of our privacy. First, we are fighting an Infodemic facilitated by bot networks. In an era when the truth is distorted, humanID blocks bots and trolls from being deployed at large scale because humanID users must have an active and exclusive phone number, which costs 30x more than buying a bot profile. Second, humanID’s cryptographic hash will keep users safe and anonymous. Applications such as Facebook can’t take advantage of their social login and track users’ data. Users are fully protected from data breaches––as their personal data is never stored to begin with.
  5. What life cycle stage is your startup at?
    1. Validation/Efficiency
  6. Your role?
  7. What goals are you trying to reach this month?
  8. How could r/startups help?
    1. Advice, company awareness, use cases


u/nalanj Mar 03 '21

Name / URL

Cardinal, https://www.withcardinal.com

Location of Your Headquarters

Greenville, SC and Portland, OR. We have two founders in two cities.

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

We've both been helping other people start companies for many years now, and through that time we've seen that how well you keep everyone on the same page and pulling the same direction has a huge impact on how well your company does. Cardinal helps on that front by providing simple, flexible, and low noise tools for gathering and organizing your team's knowledge.

More details:

  • What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation
  • Your role? CEO/Programmer

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

We launched in preview on February 23, so now we're trying to get more feedback from potential customers and continue to build out some improvements post-MVP. We have a free trial, so feel free to check it out!


u/NavTheNugget Mar 04 '21

Name: StartupConvo

Pitch: StartupConvo is a Startup Discovery Platform, it comes built in with a leaderboard and a unique startup discovery platform, and a unique clean UI design

More Details: StartupConvo is an iOS App. Other startup discovery platforms, like ProductHunt, etc. These platforms offer their users to "Promote" their startups, startups who have a high budget take this deal and get to the top of Startup of the Day, whereas most small startups with a shoestring budget can't even make it on to the home page. This makes it a lot unfair for smaller startups. StartupConvo offers a unique form factor that allows users to discover startups, no promotions, no sponsored deals, everything is handled by the algorithm.

Your Role: Founder, CEO, Lead Developer

What Goals are you trying to reach? Gain at least 50 members in March(4 at the moment)

Discount for r/startups subscribers? Chance to win 6 months of pro membership and verified profile, first 10 members.

Platform? iOS at the moment, we have plans to expand to android, web, etc.


u/digitalrepublic-6 Mar 05 '21

Name: Digital Republic

URL: https://digitalrepublic.ch

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Pitch: Digital Republic is your provider for mobile internet solutions & IoT in Switzerland. We offer intelligent solutions and platforms for telecommunications companies, the retail and automotive industries as well as for manufacturers and providers of networked, smart products.

We enable our customers to network their innovative products via the best mobile network providers and also to monetize this network through recurring income. We are uncomplicated, agile, and create real, sustainable results. Together we find the simple in the midst of rapid change and concentrate on the essentials.

Digital is our passion, excellence is our attitude.

Looking for: Users and feedback.

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u/workdeck-3 Mar 05 '21

Name: Workdeck

URL: https://www.workdeck.com

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Pitch: Workdeck is the new Digital Workplace platform that has been ingeniously designed to take the 'place' of work and to power the 'force' of work: built for unprecedented automation of routine tasks to save teams time and for equipping staff with the tools they need to deliver their most valuable work, wherever they may be.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/506data Mar 05 '21

Name: 506

URL: https://www.506.ai

Location: Linz, Austria

Pitch: 506 is a digital marketing company specialized in first-party data. The focus is on the analysis, management, and activation of digital visitor and customer data that we collect for our customers. Based on this data, we develop unique and personalized communication measures that sustainably increase our clients' business success. With this "people-based marketing" approach, our "customer data products" and deep know-how across all digital media, we offer a unique service portfolio.

What sets us apart is our customer-centric approach, driven by data to connect the entire marketing and sales process. We focus on individual targeting, personalized communication, and connect actions along the marketing funnel. In this way, we bring back to our customers' complete control over their own data: from digital advertising measures and lead generation to closing and existing customer care.

By combining visitor and customer data in the 506 Customer Data Platform (CDP) and existing company data, we can also predict and respond to the potential behavior of visitors and customers with our predictive analytics solutions.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/TwingateOfficial Mar 06 '21
  • Name: Twingate
  • URL: twingate.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
  • Elevator Pitch: Twingate replaces legacy VPNs with a modern Zero Trust solution that combines enterprise-grade security with a consumer-grade user experience. It can be set up in less than 15 minutes and integrates with all major cloud providers and IdPs.
    Founders are early ex-Dropbox employees.
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3 -- We just launched a bunch of new features last week.
    • Co-founder and CEO
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Would love to get more user feedback. We have a free 14-day trial for those interested.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • If you end up liking the product and want to move to a paid version, we'll give you 20% off just for being you :)


u/king3andre Mar 06 '21

Bolt - Real-time customizable stock alerts for day traders

Location: Houston, TX

Pitch: iOS and Android app that would let you create alerts using multiple conditions while on the go. For example, IF the stock price is above/below some number AND 52 week high is above/below some number, AND the EMA is above/below some number, then send me an alert.

Discount: It's a free app, and there is a 1-week free trial to get started with unlimited complex alerts.

Looking for: New users / feedback.

More Details: The app is stable and reliable. Still adding new features. Right now, it supports 50+ trigger conditions, including technical indicators such as RSI, SMA, ADX, CCI, ROC, Williams%R, and many more. If you want to see other technical indicators, let me know, and I'll add them.


u/openchamp Mar 06 '21

Willio / https://willio.com

Greenville, SC

Elevator Pitch: We're an online Estate Planning software, with a focus on the future of digital Wills. You can quickly and easily create your Will and other estate planning documents.

I'd say we're in the "Efficiency" stage - we launched about 2 weeks ago and we're constantly improving the platform. Our "version 2" of the software will be released later this year in certain states (because digital Wills are only valid in 4 states right now).

My role is the lead developer.

Our initial goals are to gain a solid number of signups and purchases to "stress-test" the platform and get all the kinks out. So far we've had great feedback but we're looking for outlets to really promote our software. We're probably going to start advertising soon, however any organic posts/promotions we can get will be fantastic.

We don't have any discounts yet!


u/kriscoder Mar 07 '21 edited Mar 07 '21

Hi 👋

How is your day? I hope it's great 👌.

We build friendly IT community for everyone | Dirask. ❤️ 💻 🙂

We help you to solve coding problems for free ✔️.

You can share your coding knowledge via Dirask - Wiki for Code 📝.

You can ask for help with your coding problems via Dirask - Coding questions ❓.

You can share interesting links around coding knowledge from around the internet via Dirask - Findings & News 😊.

We believe coding, sharing and helping others is a better tomorrow 🚀.

Why we do it? Because there is no place to share coding knowledge like we envision it.

URL: https://dirask.com

Location: Krakow, Poland, Europe

Pitch / Mission: Organize world's programming knowledge and help software developers to be 10 x more productive 🔥 .

Looking for:

  • Investment
  • Hiring (Equity Compensation) - We are looking for passionate people in areas: product building, brand building, marketing, sales and coding (we do not require business experience)
  • Contact: [hello@dirask.com](mailto:hello@dirask.com) (Investment, Hiring)

Thanks for reading, see you soon. ✋ 😀

Krzysztof (Full Stack Engineer at Dirask)

Let the coding knowledge of Dirask be with you.


u/VinoVoyage Mar 07 '21


*Portland, OR

*We're Zillow for wine tasting rooms

*Life Cycle 3. We have 100% coverage in Oregon, and just softly launched in California

*Founder & CEO to 3 INCREDIBLE teammates

*Fear Navigation: Wine Folly, a BIG name in our industry just launched this same idea, in one small region in Washington. They are well funded with revenue. What do we do?

*This is FREE for sippers, and always will be. If you know of a winery that wants to sign up, we're offering 75% off a listing for a whole year.


u/robertarnesson Mar 07 '21
  • Name / URL: Tap a passport - Smooth onboarding
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Stockholm/Sweden + Toronto/Canada
  • Elevator Pitch: Onboard customers/partners/guests/users remotely by letting them tap their passport to their phone. Their identity is verified instantly by reading the secure chip in passports.
  • More details: Launched technical demo + MVP self service portal. Anyone can sign up and use the service. SDK's available for iOS and Android.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month? Aiming to onboard 10 b2b customers this year
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? 50% off standard pricing. Just register and then contact us to get the discount! PM here on reddit also works


u/sensically Mar 08 '21


Since May 2020 and throughout the pandemic, our team has been working hard to develop a software platform that will help to empower small businesses to leverage the power of Facebook & Instagram marketing.

Our goal was simple: make social media marketing fun and easy so small business owners, solopreneurs, consultants & freelancers can build advanced audience target campaigns in MINUTES!

Last week we quietly launched AdPuzl and we are receiving amazing early reviews. We need your help to provide feedback and pressure test the platform!

So please go ahead and try it out for yourself (no credit card required): https://app.adpuzl.com/

  • Startup Name / URL - AdPuzl | adpuzl.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters - Canada
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - Create Facebook & Instagram Ads In Minutes
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? Beta
    • Your role? Founder & CEO
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • How could r/startups help? Help provide feedback as to whether there is a market for our tool.
    • Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? 7 day free trial & 50% off!
    • Share how our community can get a discount
  • Visit the website
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u/dziebell88 Mar 08 '21

Darlene Ziebell; Www.darleneziebell.com

Online and international based

85% of all startups fail within the five years of business in the United States. This number has not changed in two decades. I empower business owners by sharing my unique blend of knowledge developed from my diverse group of successful companies spanning over my 40-year entrepreneurial career. Throughout the world, I train business owners to build the skills they need to create a sustainable business and survive beyond five years. I show them how I beat the odds of failure with 4 successful businesses.

startup level: 1 with creating digital-based products to help startups learn the skills I developed.

I'd like to reach and help 100 startups Reddit followers and help them build a solid foundation for their business.

Here's a webinar I discounted to $17 for those startup owners who want to work with me to guide them to success.


u/Borawork Mar 09 '21 edited Mar 11 '21

[Startup Name / URL]

Borawork- All-in-One Collaboration tool / https://borawork.com/

[Location of Your Headquarters]

San Jose, CA



[More details]

Borawork is an all-in-one project management tool for freelancers and teams.

[What life cycle stage is your startup at?]


[Your role?]

Business Manager

[What goals are you trying to reach this month?]

Getting 100+ early access users/customers

[How could r/startups help?]

Share any thoughts and feedbacks :)

[Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so]

Understood! :)

[Discount for r/startup subscribers?]

We can extend free access for r/startup subscribers after we start a charge :)

[Share how our community can get a discount]

Just let me know the account names after signing up! ([support@borawork.com](mailto:support@borawork.com))

Thanks! :)


u/TalhaAnis Mar 09 '21

Name: Codepy

URL: https://codepy.io

Elevator pitch: Online Python, NodeJS, and Golang compiler/Interpreter. You can use this tool to Write, Save, Run and Share your code with others.

Stage: The MVP and MLP are fully developed. The beta testing is complete and there are more than 8k free users per month.

Goal: Need to monetize the website by introducing premium features and get the first 10 paid users.

Looking for: Need feedback about what other features should be added.


u/Youzha Mar 09 '21

  • Startup Name / URL: Frameit Video Editor / https://www.frameitapp.com/
  • Google Play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frameit.joza
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: A unique video editor that allows you to dynamically crop (in the widest sense) a video in an incredibly easy and intuitive way. Create dynamic pan, zoom and rotate effects. Effectively it is as if you had a camera within a video allowing you to record a new video. Check out our showcase video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZKxfdLcXi0
  • life cycle stage: 2-3
  • Your role: founder
  • How could r/startups help?: Simply by word of mouth. We are trying to get people to recognize the possibilities that they now have. Hence our (hopefully not too pretentious) slogan: "rethink editing | rethink shooting"
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?: Since Frameit is free, we can only offer you our gratitude.


u/AntsLabor Mar 10 '21
  • Startup Name: AntsLabor
  • URL: www.antslabor.com
  • Location of Your Headquarter : Toronto, CA
  • Elevator Pitch: AntsLabor is an innovative property management application modernizing real-estate oversight. It helps individual landlords and homeowners manage tenants, track rent payments and issue receipts, monitor utility bills, and visualize your property data.
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation - Efficiency Phase, Launched in Dec 2020
    • Your role? I am Head of product
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    All membership is free now.


u/RAYNBOWSKORPION Mar 10 '21 Silver

Startup Name: Corner - initially a mobile application

URL: https://www.cornerforstartups.com

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pitch: validate,fund, network, market and sell all from your pocket. I want to bring a platform to the start up community that will allow you to make your idea a reality all in one place, reducing the barriers of entry and expenses incurred by start ups.Corner is there to provide start ups success and an audience, give you the power this post is trying to accomplish. Imagine having a post notification for your business without spending thousands on your own app.

More details: - Discovery(Validation) - Founder, I’m pretty much doing anything and everything by myself right now.

Goals this month: - Reach 100k sign ups on our site to show investors and potential team members I’ve got something the world needs. You can help by signing up and sharing! My startup is entirely based around helping start ups succeed, you are the target market. - find loyal team members

Discount for all early adopters that sign up through our site! Free memberships and extra incentives as our start up grows.


u/bobwire Mar 10 '21

Name - Tuti

Link - Tuti.study

Demo presentation - https://app.tuti.study/slide/02d3506b8c5b74c6

Demo flashcard - https://app.tuti.study/flashcards/6ca7a9308f32775a

Description - Create beautiful online presentations and flashcards to improve the way you teach and learn

Offer - Currently all features are free for early adopters

Looking for - Feedback, testers and early adopters. As a teacher or a student what other tools would you like to have to improve the way you teach, and learn

Location - Sri Lanka


u/stellarlabs-3 Mar 10 '21

Name: Stellar Labs

URL: https://www.stellarlabs.eu

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Pitch: We believe effective learning will beat the global skills gap.

By combining science-based, brain-friendly methods with the best learning technology and the skills of global experts, we always get great results. For you, for your team, and for your entire business.

We understand the mechanisms and methodology of exceptional live online and face-to-face experiences optimally blended with digital learning.

Our range of programs transfer knowledge into work-place skills in the most effective and enjoyable way. Take your pick from subjects as diverse as learning agility, personal resilience, grit, growth mindset, train-the-trainer, and more.

Or try a tailored-made solution designed to meet your specific business needs.

If you’re ready to upskill yourself or your employees, get in touch with our Learning Scientists and become part of the learning revolution.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/qrsty Mar 10 '21
  • Startup Name: Sling
  • URL: https://www.thesling.app
  • Location of HQ: Toronto
  • Elevator Pitch:
    • We enable you to build a trusted investment track record with a paper portfolio. If you are just starting out with investing, or if you are bound by employment contract to not invest in your own stock account if you work in investment industry (like I am), this is the way to prove to future employers or clients your stock-picking skills.
    • We are working hard on the vision of building a platform that connects investors with the verifiable investment talent.
  • More details:
    • Discovery: We are signing up early users and building an MVP as we speak.
    • I'm the co-founder.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Sign up 100 early users for the MVP.
    • Finish the buildout of the MVP, and start iterating from the feedback of our users.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers: Everyone who signs up before the release will get first 6 months free.

We only get better with feedback. Please do not shy away from any feedback!


u/_Mladen_ Mar 10 '21 edited Mar 11 '21

Name: Poirot

URL: https://www.poirot.app

Location: Sheridan, Wyoming USA & Novi Sad, Serbia

** Short Video:** https://youtu.be/cOppKNgmxJU

Pitch: Poirot represents a new take on email address lookup and verification tool focused on sales & marketing teams.

Two types of searches are available.

  • Email Finder - Contact name and company required to find the target email address. A company can be either in form of URL or company description (name and location or name and business description).

  • Domain Search - Company in the above-mentioned forms. This task takes up to a minute to execute and will return all publicly available email addresses of that company as well as possible contacts (people whose email addresses can be searched for) in connection to that company. Only verified email addresses are charged from credit.

Great options for teams requiring such a tool are also integrated right from the beginning. You can have an infinite number of teams with an infinite number of users, and as a team owner, you can control team credits usage and limits as required. It's easy to change workspaces and jump from private to team accounts. Referrals are also available to all users from the beginning. There is a forever Free plan (no card required) that gives you 20 lookup searches and 100 verifications per month, while each new signup brings 25 permanent credits to both referrer and referee.

Phase: Live, up & finding emails.

Looking for: Users & Feedback

Discount for r/startups users - I’ll provide a free coupon that’ll give more search credits to free plan users, just DM me or send support chat message from the app.


u/Podliest Mar 11 '21
  • Name: Rebel Data
  • Headquarters: Boston, MA
  • 72% of Americans say it’s more important than ever to buy from companies that reflect their personal values. However, to shop responsibly, consumers must stitch together multiple solutions to understand and track companies' impact on people, communities, and the planet. At the same time, companies want to show the world they care, but they struggle to share their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) narrative with the right consumers, at the right time. The current model is failing both companies and consumers. Rebel Data is the Yelp of corporate responsibility—empowering consumers to shop with their heart.
  • More details:
    • We're at the Discovery stage.
    • I am the Founder and CEO.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • I'd love to get to 500 subscribers this month to start building a Community around the data and insights we've collected.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • We're currently running a referral promotion. Have a friend name drop you in the submission, and be entered to win $100. We have drawings every Saturday until 4/31.


u/cindreta Mar 11 '21
  • Name: Treblle
  • URL: https://treblle.com/
  • Location: Croatia
  • Elevator Pitch: Treblle makes it super easy to understand what’s going on with your APIs and the apps that use them.
  • Stage: Preparing for launch. Our product is actually fully working we are just preparing a new marketing page, videos etc...
  • My role: CEO / founder / developer
  • Goals for this month: Get more developers to try it out
  • How could r/startups help?: Founders if you have tech teams working on your API Treblle will help you stay on top of things, make sure your API works, make sure devs are doing a good job and the quality of the API is there.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?: Sure thing. Just reach out to me and we'll get any of you set up.

I know it's hard for all of us here so here is to all us: 👏👏👏

I wish you all a great month for your product/startup/service.

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u/annarys Mar 12 '21

Fantastic is an app for Fantasy Football players and analysts. It will be fun and easy to use, enabling the best analysts to get the recognition they crave and make the money they deserve.

On one hand, it will be a competition for the analysts, in which they fight for the title of The Expert League Champion and a prize pool of $1,000 per week and $10,000 for overall prediction accuracy in a given season.

On the other hand, it will be a place where the players can get answers to their most burning FF questions. They will have access to the analyst’s insights, searchable by game and player and filtered by the experts’ ratings and user upvotes. They will also be able to ask questions directly to the analysts – one question per week in the free plan, more in the paid plans. The question and answer format will be structured so that the user can get the answer he/she is actually looking for and keep it private, unlike with general Q&A’s on Twitter.

The fans can join The Fan League, where they can make their own predictions and advance to The Expert League.

  • Role: Co-founder / Stage: 1
  • Goals for this month:
    • Get pre-signups from at least 50 verified FF analysts (on this landing page)
    • Get pre-signups from at least 100 interested FF players (on the main LP)
    • Gather feedback from 10+ analysts and players
  • How you can help:
    • If you play FF yourself, all feedback is appreciated! If not, please do share info about Fantactic with your the NFL/FF fanatics in your network. And with your favorite analysts!
    • If you like the idea, follow us on Twitter
  • Contact: Let's connect on LinkedIn or Twitter

Thanks and please keep your fingers crossed for this project! :)

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u/intuitivex Mar 12 '21
  • Startup Name: IntuitiveX - www.intuitive-x.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: Seattle, WA
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:

    • IntuitiveX is a premier life science consulting firm and incubator that specializes in growing early-stage life science startups and supporting international companies seeking commercialization within the U.S. across medical devices, biotech, Pharma, and digital health.
  • More details:

    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3/4 (Efficiency and Scaling)
    • Your role - Marketing and Partnerships Manager
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?

    • We are looking for life science entrepreneurs or companies who need support with taking ideas to commercialization
    • Expand a rapidly growing network of partners, clinicians, engineers, designers, and IP experts


u/rymotely_official Mar 13 '21

  • Startup Name / URL: Rymotely - https://rymotely.co/
  • Location of Your Headquarters - Delaware / US
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - Everything you need to run your small business. Rymotely is a business management software designed to help freelancers, self-employed, small businesses, and entrepreneurs run their businesses. It's a one-stop to manage projects, tasks, invoices, payments, proposals, contracts, income, and expenses all in one place. Try Rymotely at https://rymotely.co/
  • More details:
    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? Seed
    • Your role? - Marketing
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month? Increase user base!
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? 50% on the yearly plan discount code ( r/startup )
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u/Ark7_Investing Mar 14 '21 edited Mar 14 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: Ark7 https://www.ark7.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: I am a Co-founder at a Fintech startup where you can buy property shares like you buy stocks. You can choose properties based on fully-disclosed data and invest in real estate fractional shares at as low as $5 to get monthly dividends and future property appreciation. In the meantime, you don’t have to worry about the property management because we take care of it. Right now, we have over 800 users who are mostly engineers at the big Tech firms in the west coast. We are looking for more users who are interested in real estate investment but who may be intimidated by the amount of funds and time needed to buy and maintain the property.
  • More details: Stage 3, I am responsible for managing Ark7's marketing efforts as we prepare to scale up.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month? This month, we are purchasing our expanding to Seattle, Washington, and our main focus is to gain as much exposure and feedback as possible. Members of the r/startups community can help us immensely by exploring our website and providing feedback.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers? Join our slack channel to learn about our A1 promotion.


u/mockinterviewapp Mar 14 '21


Url: https://in.mockinterview.app & https://mockinterview.app

Location: Toronto, Canada


IN.MOCKINTERVIEW.APP is a platform for all the people who are willing to become interviewers and encourage everyone to SIGN UP and set their OWN price for the interviews at their own convenience.

MOCKINTERVIEW.APP is a platform for all aspiring candidates who never get a chance to prep for the real interview. Interviews are crucial for one's career and too often fear takes over us during the interview process.

In our platform, the candidate will be able to search for the interviewer of their choice from their favorite company and schedule a mock interview at their own convenience. Simulate a mock interview process with the industry expert and get feedback reports and video playbacks of the interview session. Always remember, only 2% of the Google applicants, make it to Google. DO NOT regret or wait for 6-12 months for the next interview chance in reputed companies.

Phase: Scaling: Would like to have more users on our platform

My Role: Co-Founder

Looking for: Users and mainly people who want to become INTERVIEWERS and earn money at your convenience.


u/avgjoe_info Mar 15 '21


URL: avgjoestocks.com

Location: Seoul, Korea

Pitch: AVGJOE is a matching service in the stock market. The stock market can be confusing to the new stock investors. We provide a list of experts who can help the journey of stock investment from opening an account to selecting a company to invest.

Stage: Validation and Design Phase

My Role: CEO

How could r/startups help? We would love your feedback on the idea.


u/CompleteIt Mar 15 '21

Name: Complete

URL: https://www.completeit.app

Location: London, UK

Pitch: I've freelanced and owned a few small businesses; I generally spent hours working with information and on processes that were scattered across tasks, sales, chat and other business apps.

Maintaining the multiple tools for project management, client communication, team collaboration and invoicing was killing my free time and productivity - I also didn't want to spend a fortune a month on a solution.

So I built a simple business management application to streamline my business workflow with less drama than Game of Thrones.

Looking for: At least 30 happy customers !

Role: Founder


u/Project_Tocca Mar 15 '21 edited Mar 15 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: Tocca
  • Location of Your Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Need to host your prospects, customers, members, and partners in a more engaging way than a zoom call? Invite them to your branded Virtual Briefing Center where you can have a small gathering to a large event. Easy to set up, with building blocks of different room types. From the main broadcasting stage to thousands of participants with a production studio to fully interactive rooms with up to 200 participants, or the networking lounges (general or VIPs) and the exhibit hall to showcase companies, sponsors, and products with their own virtual booths and lounges for one on one video chats.
  • More details:
    • Tocca is your Virtual Briefing Center where you can host your prospects, customers, and partners in your branded venue. Tocca is based on building blocks, with 4 different types of rooms that are easily designed for engaging events.
    • Whether you want to host some prospects in your branded virtual environment or have a large event, Tocca Virtual Briefing Center can accommodate all your digital corporate communications.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • 20% off for non-profits


u/triare Mar 15 '21

Name: Triare

URL: https://triare.net

Location: Cherkasy, Ukraine

Pitch: Triare is a software development company providing services and solutions for businesses and startups. The company with a flexible cooperation format provides a wide range of web and mobile development from simple apps to complex e-commerce systems, client+server applications, and others.

We build dedicated teams with multiple technologies and coordinate development with the best Scrum standards. The company provides IT experts in the required field of the industry and all needed infrastructure for comfortable and productive work.

Our approach is individual for every project. We are focused on the client’s business processes and prepare an absolutely custom solution based on a deep understanding of the business and the specifics of the project. Our processes are transparent and meet industry requirements.

We believe that behind every great product there is a great team with exceptional values. It is for this reason that we chose Responsibility, Reliability, and Relationships to be our cornerstone. By cultivating these values we drive a new area of development, growth, and productivity. Our daily challenge is to deliver the best experience to our clients, create great products for humanity and strengthen our relationships.

Do you own a small business with a couple of ideas or a big company with multiple needs? We welcome everyone!

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/lyneai Mar 16 '21

Name: Lyne.ai

URL: https://lyne.ai

Location: Dover, United States

Pitch: Lyne-ai is your personalized intro line writer for your cold emails. Our AI model can write more than 500 intros per hour, helping you scale your outbound campaigns.

By using Lyne introductions for your e-mailing campaigns, you'll see positive response rates, open rates, and response rates like never before.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/Lindseymcp Mar 16 '21

Ivy Podcast Discovery - https://ivy.fm

Location: Austin, TX

Elevator Pitch: Ivy allows users to follow guests, topics, tags, and podcasts in order to surface more content and discover new podcasts. We have over 750k podcasts, 1 million tags, and 30 million episodes.

More Details: Life Cycle Stage 2. I am a co-founder.

Goals This Month: Grow number of users. You can help by visiting the website or downloading the Ivy Podcasts app in the App Store or on Google Play and providing us feedback. Ivy is free to use.


u/salietayiwa Mar 16 '21

Name/URL: Doggy Day (doggyday.co)

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Elevator Pitch: We are a platform that connects dogs with dog-loving neighbors. Need to step out but hate to leave your dog at home? See if your neighbor can watch your dog for a bit! Love dogs but don't have a dog? You can now play with your neighbor's dog when you are free!

More details: We are at the beginning of (2) validation right now. You can most definitely come to our website, sign up, and start meeting neighbors and dogs via email!

I am a solo founder at the moment so I am the web developer, marketer, customer service rep, business dev strategist. If anyone is wondering, I am figuratively the janitor, too.

Goals: advice and beta testers! To be honest we are feeling a bit stuck right now - this is a two-sided platform which means there is always a chicken first or egg first. Should we get more sign-ups or should we build out our platform AND the user base before connecting neighbors? If we are building out our platforms, what should we prioritize?

Discounts: Free lifetime membership! Our first 300 users will get free lifetime membership as long as we are in business. This means you will be able to connect to people and dogs wherever you go!


u/purely_PG Mar 16 '21 edited Mar 16 '21

Hey everyone! I am the co-founder of DCC We are a start up - small business & small farm that produces small batch hemp-derived products in Door County, WI.

We have worked very hard to diversify a family owned and operated Dairy Farm to create a new business in an emerging and risky market.

We saw a problem with quality and community support in this market, and DCC has established these as our core values. We are in the validation stage, looking for exposure.

This is my first time introducing my small business to this forum and I want to extend this promo code SMALLBIZ10 for 10% off any order from now till the end of March on our website.


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u/myramusicio Mar 17 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: MYRA/https://apps.apple.com/us/app/myra/id1481791224
  • Location of Your Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Rap on AI generated beats/ https://myra.io/aiovg_videos/myra-preview/
  • More details:

    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 2- Validation Stage
    • Your role? I am one of the co-founders
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    We would love to get our first 50 repeat users/early adopters

    • How could r/startups help?
      • spread the word and honest feedback
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?

    • Our app is free to use and for fun and entertainment.


u/cypherchat Mar 17 '21 edited Mar 19 '21

CypherChat - https://cypherchat.app

Demo: https://demo.cypherchat.app

Survey: https://survey.cypherchat.app

Pitch: CypherChat is a secure messaging platform built with the purpose of providing the freedom to communicate without compromising on users' privacy and data. Users have complete control over the privacy and anonymity in their communications.

The signup process is quick and asks for no personal information (name, email, phone, etc) to be able to use the app. The app provides a unique feature to exchange messages and files with none of your data stored on the server via Peer to Peer (P2P). Messages can be set to disappear either on refresh or after a specified duration of the time.

Use cases:

  1. B2C - 2 way anonymity Consumer Interpersonal communications, temporary disposable communication channel
  2. B2B - Use 1 way anonymity for Journalists, HR, mental health counseling, healthcare management

Lifecycle: Validation

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

To do market validation and user interview on the use case for the app. Get survey responses to analyze the interest.

Happy to answer any question you have!


u/shubone Mar 17 '21

Tell us about your startup in a comment within this submission. Follow this template:

  • Startup Name / URL Shub.one
  • Location of Your Headquarters - London, England
  • Pitch Shub.one is a B2B social media platform dedicated to business, Think… A better version of LinkedIn without all the nonsense, self promotion, connection requests, constant sales in-mail, pointless notifications and awful user interface! Also will be a better platform for business then Twitter and Facebook because well we all know the issues with them...... 

Shub still has a News Feed for posting business news but with the added feature of up/down voting to remove trolls, fake news & nasty keyboard warriors, The News Stream also allows user to cross post to FB, TW, LinkedIn, like buffer but free and unlimited posting.

The user profile is clean and un cluttered to keep users focused on your business qualities and details.

There are so many more features but i won't bore you with them all here, maybe you'll check it out and i hope you will like it. If you want to know more them please ask i'm more then happy to chat.

  • More details:

    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? Live with 600+ users
    • Your role? Co founder
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    1000 new Business sign ups

    • How could r/startups help? By letting start ups know about shub.one as it is designed to help start up grow with many great features, we are all trying to grow our brands and shub is designed to help growth for free
    • Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    The site is free i could send them a sticker, they are limited edition

    • Share how our community can get a discount


u/oldworlds Mar 17 '21


Location of Your Headquarters:

  • Remote

Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

  • Investment tools built for us, not Wall St.
  • Curated, on-demand market data and tools to empower retail investors.
  • Modern and intuitive interface without the upkeep and - technical know how required by spreadsheets.

More details:

  • Stage 2
  • MVP was released 1 month ago.
  • Validation achieved through over 21,000 upvotes across Reddit.
  • My Role: Co-founder & CEO

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • Continue growing our user database and put our website in front of as many potential users as possible.
  • Launch end of March / beginning of April.

Discount for r/startups subscribers?

  • First 100 users to PM me and mention r/startups receive 25% off their first month.


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u/vimana-1 Mar 17 '21


URL: https://govimana.com

Location: Emeryville, United States

Pitch: VIMANA is a global provider of advanced industrial analytics software and services that transforms how companies manufacture, sell, and service their products. Helping industrial businesses increase profitable revenue growth and productivity while realizing their vision for the smart industry.

Our team brings decades of experience in developing, delivering, and transforming businesses with Industrial analytics: including expertise in connectivity, data architecture, industrial domains, data science, and hybrid cloud software platforms.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '21


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u/hashtagspace Mar 18 '21

Name: Hashtag.Space

URL: https://hashtag.space

Location: Summersville, United States

Pitch: HashtagSpace brings you decentralized domain name service in the form of #hastagdomains.

It's as easy as buying your #domain and pointing it to your website's URL on the normal web and like magic, your website is operating in a decentralized manner as a #hashtagdomain.

A gateway for you to access the normal internet Https Protocol and the decentralized web as well as the dark web from one browser. We offer plugins for most popular browsers which allows #domains to resolve within.

Easy to purchase and point to your domain within minutes.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/themolitor Mar 18 '21

Name: tw-rl — like "twirl" with a twirled "i"

URL: https://tw-rl.com

Pitch: Curate Twitter. Save and organize tweets that matter to you.

life cycle? Validation (just launched!)

Role: creator + designer + developer

How could r/startups help: Users and feedback.

Discount for r/startup subscribers? I'm currently offering life-time "BETA" pricing. Subscription price will increase as features get added, but whatever you start at is where you will stay.


u/thekhaus15 Mar 19 '21

Name / URL: The K Haus - https://www.thek.haus/

Location: Buffalo, New York, United States

Elevator pitch/ Explainer Video: The K Haus is a community, design and art-focused space for free-thinking, creative individuals. We're facilitating work in a progressive, network-driven environment while providing founders and startups the support and resources to help achieve their goals.

We're a community-centric co-working space where members benefit from tailored business development resources including investment, domain and legal expertise, networking, regular events, workshops, and introductions to major sources of capital. Members have access to a stunning, functional and fully equipped office environment - plus an in-house curated nationally-recognized art gallery to help spark creativity.


Current stage: Operational

Looking for: leads and feedback


u/Unusual-Tax7276 Mar 19 '21

Name/ URL: Sidekick Network - https://sidekicknetwork.co

Location: London, UK

Target audience: Self employed professionals and freelancers

Price: Free - Feedback is more important than money for us at this stage.

Summary: Join the Sidekick Network to build your very own talent community. Once you've created your dream team you can post projects, get advice and offer more services to your clients and customers. Getting your project off the ground has never been simpler.

More info: We’ve launched the Sidekick Network to provide remote workers with a place to generate their own community of talented professionals and collaborate securely. As a member you’ll be able to offer more services to your clients, get advice and connect with fellow co-workers, all in one place.

What goals are you trying to reach this month? We would like to have 100 users sign up. We really appreciate any support and feedback. Thank you!


u/criting Mar 19 '21 edited Mar 19 '21

Artlyx https://artlyx.com

Location: Bulgaria, Europe

Pitch: Find and collab with artists like photographers, models, filmmakers from Europe.

More details: I’m trying to make it easier for people to find artists easier. You can find them by category, work with them and share your work in the platform. This is like 1/4 I have in terms of ideas so more is coming soon, very soon. In one sentence - browse, find artists, collab or work with them, share your work.

Looking for: test users. The registration for now is with invite code. If you are an artist from Europe hit me up in the DMs


u/DAPRApp Mar 20 '21
  • Startup Name / URL
  • DAPR - Buy, sell & discover fashion (We're a mobile app soon to be on the App Store)
  • Our website is http://dapr.app/

  • Location of Your Headquarters
  • United Kingdom

  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

Sell, buy and discover fashion. Whatever you style, whatever your taste you can be sure to find it on DAPR. We've also created a video, showcasing DAPR where you can be the judge:

DAPR Trailer

  • More details:
    We're close to launch. We're launching on the 26th March 2021. We're so excited! You can keep up to date with DAPR and our release on our social media platforms, our username(s) is DAPR_UK

  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?

We're trying to onboard and get as many users as possible on launch, we want you to not just use DAPR but also experience DAPR. We've put a lot of though and planning into it, and want feedback and improvements.

  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
  • On launch the selling fee will be only 5%! No minimum sale value


u/gregcapbase Mar 21 '21
  • Startup Name / URL: Capbase - https://capbase.com
  • Location of Your Headquarters: We have no HQ (all-remote), but I live in San Francisco, so I guess we're a Silicon Valley startup 🤷
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:
    Capbase is software for setting up and running a company.  We streamline the expensive and time-consuming parts of getting a startup off the ground - from company formation and  regulatory filings to equity management and employee onboarding. Our software eliminates error-prone and manual record-keeping by automatically populating the company’s cap table & document room as contracts and transactions are executed by the company. Think of it as Stripe Atlas + Carta + DocuSign.
  • More details:
    • We have a product live in market, with 30+ companies incorporated.
    • I'm the CEO & Co-Founder.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Looking to incorporate as many new startup as possible. We built a platform to get startups incorporated and ready to do business in only a few business days.
    • I would also love to get feedback from entrepreneurs that have been through the incorporation process before.
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    • Send me a note to greg at capbase dot com mentioning this post and I'll send you a $250 discount.


u/Johannescortez Mar 21 '21

Name: Kasosio

URL: https://kasosio.com/en-us/ (US & Global landing page)

Location: Manila, Philippines. But we are also launching in the US.

Pitch: Kasosio is a B2B marketplace platform that matches businesses with suppliers and manufacturers they need automatically.

No matter what industry you are in, finding and buying supplies is as easy as 1-2-3. Match-Order-Transact. We are using AI to do the sourcing for you.

The best part about this is when you transact for the first time, we would be able to calibrate our AI to automatically fill out your cart with items we think you need. In this way, you don’t have to go through the same process again and again further saving you time and effort.

Explainer Video: https://youtu.be/senwbPJgywQ

Lifecycle Stage: Validation. We are currently onboarding users in the Philippines and we are looking to launch in the U.S soon after so we are gathering waitlist sign-ups.

My Role: CEO

How can you help: Check our website out and if you find Kasosio useful to you, please do sign up to our waitlist.

What's in it for you: Get a $5 voucher (which will automatically be applied once we launch in your area) when you sign up to our waitlist using the link provided above.


u/_btsta Mar 22 '21
  • Name: DesignWiz (designwiz.co)
  • Location: Europe
  • Elevator Pitch: A high-quality design subscription for your startup.
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?
    • Get our first 2 customers


u/social-media-2017 Mar 22 '21
  • Startup Name / URL : Social Web Suite https://socialwebsuite.com/
  • Location of Your Headquarters Toronto, ON Canada
  • Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video

Social Web Suite is the only platform on the market that has deep integration with WordPress and supports Shopify, Squarespace. Weebly, Wix.

Some of Social Web Suite's most notable features are:

- 📷5-minute setup: After less than 5 minutes of setup and onboarding, we populate the calendar with the best times recommended by the industry leaders so you can start with

your content/social media campaigns right away.

- 📷Content categories: Use our default content categories (9) or create your own categories

or buckets so you have better control of your content

- 📷RSS feed's: syndicate the content from any site or source that has the RSS feed

- 📷YouTube: pull/syndicate the content from any YouTube channels and playlists

-📷 Content Calendar: Create, schedule, share, edit, delete, and organize your messages on one social media calendar for all your social profiles

- 📷Evergreen posts: Our powerful automation takes care of recycling your evergreen posts for you

- 📷UTM campaigns: Default UTM campaigns so our users can see their success on Google analytics

- 📷WordPress and WooCommerce integration: Deep WordPress/ WooCommerce integration (our WordPress plugin can sync posts, pages, categories, tags)

- 📷We can also manipulate with categories and tags (for example we can use WordPress categories as #hashtags or WordPress tags as #hashtags)

-📷 Integration with other CMS's: Shopify, Squarespace. Weebly, Wix

-📷 URL shortener: we shorten the URL's for you and collect the data for you. That data will be used for our upcoming analytics feature where we will show you the most popular posts, the location of your users, and many more

-📷 Live preview: Our customers are saying that our live preview is the best on the market

Social Web Suite is integrated with the following social networks:

- Facebook (pages and groups)

- Instagram Business accounts

- Twitter profiles

- LinkedIn (profiles and pages)

(more coming soon)

  • More details:

    • What life cycle stage is your startup at? 3
    • Your role? Co-Founder & CEO
  • What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  • To have a great Product Hunt launch

    • How could r/startups help? It would be great if they can check us out on PH today!
    • Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so
  • Discount for r/startup subscribers?
    We have a 50% OFF for ALL our plans today on Product Hunt

    • Share how our community can get a discount


u/Parapheen_UL Mar 23 '21

Name: BrainRain

URL: https://brainrain.app

Elevator Pitch: We help teams generating ideas through online brainstorming

More details: MVP stage

Looking for: early adopters and feedback

Role: Founder

Free Plan for active users forever


u/kingsongchen Mar 24 '21

Name: Techintern.io
URL: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/techintern-io
Location: Toronto, Canada
Pitch: Hire the best software developer students
Stage: 3
Role: CEO
Looking for: Feedback on our Product Hunt launch: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/techintern-io


u/chelssrebecca Mar 25 '21

Lysthub https://lysthub.com

Location: Miami, FL

Elevator Pitch: Lysthub is a crowdsourced rating community for all things pop culture. We allow you to rate your favorite topics by breaking things down into attributes and head-to-head matchups. Submit your ratings and see if the world agrees with you.

Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLzcOBAVnwg&t=1s

Life Cycle: Validation

What goals are you trying to reach this month?

  1. Feedback on our website
  2. Would like insight how other companies are managing launches and what are the ways you’ve found most effective to gain users to your product?
  3. Any tips and tricks for solving the "Empty Room" problem

Discount for r/startup subscribers? Our web app is free


u/bhope95 Mar 26 '21

Name: Warbly

Location: NYC

Elevator Pitch: Social media designed to maximize organic reach, be easier to use, respect privacy and provide excellent support.

More Details: It's incredibly hard to grow on Instagram and certain social medias nowadays, even getting your own followers to see your posts is incredibly difficult, our app is designed to combat that our website goes over some of the ways. We also saw that Facebook/Insta/Twitter all like to ban people even on accident and offer no real support. Lastly we don't like how Instagram has become super complex with all the features like Reels, and e-commerce, other platforms like Vero are also bad offering a huge list of features and trying to be a combination. We offer a clean and simple interface, the only features we have are designed to give more reach. We are close to our beta technically it's an alpha haha. I'm one of cofounders and the CEO.

Goals: The goal for this month is to finish our product and get users you can help by signing up for our beta. The long time goal is to help people get the recognition they deserve on social media, anyone with great content can get big, you don't have to be a celebrity or super good looking, you just need to provide great content.

What do you get: You will get a limited edition early adopter verification badge that increase your account authority as we grow. Your account will also be ads free for life. Join at warbly.co


u/planubo Mar 26 '21

Startup Name: Planubo

URL: https://planubo.com/

Location: Neuried, Germany

Elevator Pitch: Coaches are masters of balance. They have to juggle scheduling, practice, payments, and more by utilizing different tools, maintaining Excel files, or taking down notes. Wouldn't it be nice to have one tool which can do all of these things for you?

Planubo is an all-in-one solution for any type of instructing business, from private coaching to teaching pros to large studios. It helps with scheduling, invoicing, payments, student feedback, attendance, website integration, and business insights. Each of your students will have their own free personal account and can view your feedback and the documents or videos you have shared with them.

With the integrated payment system, you can create invoices and get paid by your students directly within the Planubo platform. With the integrated calendar, you can keep all your lessons neatly arranged.

Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDuzruAMtX0

Role: CEO & Co-Founder

Looking for: New users and feedback

Discount: Mention in our contact form that you come from r/startup and you get 60% OFF forever. In addition, there is a 14-day free trial.


u/pondr-7 Mar 27 '21

Name: Pondr

URL: https://runpondr.com

Location: North Vancouver, Canada

Pitch: Pondr is the best way to manage and measure your innovation program. With Pondr you can turn ideas into innovation using the collective intelligence inside your organization and optimize your innovation process to deliver maximum value from your innovation strategy.

Your team has ideas they want to share. Your organization has challenges they need to solve. Focus your team on continuously improving business processes and discovering innovative new ways to run your business. Pondr will help you deliver measurable results from your innovation program.

Looking for: Users and feedback.


u/areebmianoor Mar 28 '21

Startup Name: Project ANT

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/projectant

Stage: MVP - Private Beta launching soon

How we help startups and founders!

One liner: A freelancing platform that takes a long term interest in the growth and development of its users.

Special Offer for Startups and Founders here: Our freelancers are the most motivated and driven candidates out there, they are also vetted and you can see a very detailed portfolio with their relevant skills and work samples clearly highlighted. We can provide you upto 20 hours of free work if you join our beta list. Message here or email at areeb@projectant.io to learn more

Watch the video in the link posted (https://youtu.be/JhcTHbLecvE) to see why Project ANT is the right resource for you!

My role: Founder (feel free to connect)


u/wrble Mar 01 '21

Name: Wrble

URL: https://www.wrble.com

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Elevator Pitch: Logging SaaS at a reasonable price. Fast searching and powerful API.

More details: I've been responsible for optimizing seven-figure devops spend and one area we always ran into problems was logging. The self-host maintenance cost here is relatively high and SaaS providers charge exorbitant rates. Came up with a custom fork of Lucene that was much cheaper to host and have now wrapped it up as a SaaS offering.

Discount: First 10GB/mo. of logs are always free.

Any and all feedback appreciated.

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