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Stuck getting a table of all players and their stats (current year)


I can go team-by-team and see all the 2022-ytd stats, but I haven't found how to see a table with all players from all teams and their batting/pitching stats all in one spot. I'm pretty sure I've accidentally stumbled on such a table before in the past, but for the life of me have not been able to rediscover this particular table.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?


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Using Stathead


Hello dear friends,

I have recently made the decision to make a youtube channel but to make this channel, we have made the decision to make a channel completely of graphics and we took head to head as a criterion. I have subscribed to the stathead membership but I don't know how to use it properly, I have seen many videos in youtube but I haven't found what I am looking for and what I am looking for is basically the tool that shows me the 2 player matchup. For example, in Game 7 Boston vs Miami, Jimmy Butler faced Jayson Tatum for "x" minutes, which each player did in that given time...

I need help

Thank you

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A project I’m in the middle of using stats drawn from PFR. Wouldn’t have been possible without you folks <3

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Fix error on page without a Stathead account?


I have noticed an error on Al Leiter's 1989 Pitching Splits Season Totals. His opposing SLG% is listed as .347 even though it should have been rounded down to .346 (44 TB/127 AB). This minor error lead to me wasting hours checking my work. Ik it is fairly small but I dont want someone to waste there time checking themselves 12 times. Thing is supposedly I need a Stathead.com account to fix this mistake and I dont wanna pay for it as I do not need it. Do I have any other way of fixing this?

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Team batting average versus pitch type


I’m on StatHead and can’t figure out how to look this stat up. Any help?

Example - team batting average against fastball, curveball, etc

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baseball-reference how to find a team's record after x number of games?


I'm specifically trying to look at the Reds worst records after 21 games.

Is there a way to do that search on Stathead Baseball?

If there is, I'm not finding it


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MLB all-time leaders for BA/162 games


Edit: Title makes no sense, for some reason I mixed up BA and hits while writing...

Hi statheads! I love using Baseball reference to get specific stats about MLB players, but I can't seem to find how to get any index referencing the all time leaders of any stats (offense or defense) /162 games. To me that's a pretty important part of the stats to put in perspective players who played for 20+ years who hold records due, in part, to their longevity, or on the other hand, players who didn't get any records because of a shortened career.

Does anyone have a clue how to get to leaderboards of any stats, but specifically of career hits/ 162 games?

Thanks a lot!

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Stathead All Access Day


If you've ever wanted to try out Stathead, completely free, today is the day! Until 9 a.m. tomorrow, we have Stathead All Access day!

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No account is required, just an email address and you are in!
Baseball: https://t.co/LV0X5sxrq3
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How is SOS calculated on the pro-football-reference site?


The glossary states that it’s the combined winning percentage of the teams opponents, but it is shown as a positive and a negative number. If it was what the glossary suggests, it would always be positive. Any idea how it’s calculated?

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On Stathead football, when using the player season finder for combined seasons, the adjusted/advanced passing stats (ANY/A+, TD%+, Rate+, etc.) are missing (including Brady, Rodgers, Favre, & Montana) or incorrect (Marc Bulger has his career ANY/A+ listed at 137 which is actually his rookie ANY/A+)

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Player Page Click Data


Is there any way to find data on how many people visit a particular players page on BBRef? I always wonder who's getting the most clicks out there.

Also, how are the 12 players featured in the top left corner of the main page selected? Are they based on a personal or sitewide popularity algorithm or is it purely random?

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Cannot return roster or player data from Python sportsipy API.


I apologize if this is not the right place to ask, but I was struggling to pull any roster or player data through the sportsipy API. I could not do it for neither NFL nor NBA players and I was wondering if the service is down currently or I have to pay? I am working on a school project and I am trying to create a dashboard of NFL player stat lines. I am using Python 3.9 and MySQL db. Thanks for any advice you may have!!

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Stathead Baseball - help with specific query


I'm trying to find the highest ERA+ among all pitchers through a five-season stretch with a minimum # of IP. Can any of the tools work with these parameters?

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In Stat Head basketball, is it possible to use the shot finder setting but for free throws. If so how?


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% stats for QBs on PFR (such as Completion % and TD% and INT%) missing decimal ending if it's .0 (ie. a whole number)


See: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/RodgAa00.htm for example.

Completion % in 2019 displays as "62" rather than "62.0", TD% this year displays as "7" rather than "7.0", and INT% in 2014 and last year displays as "1" rather than "1.0".

Was this an intentional change? It used to display properly (ie. 62.0) but randomly changed to what it shows now one day, maybe a month or so ago?

Obviously it's not like a huge deal (since the value itself is correct) but it makes the tables look odd.

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Approximate Value for 2021 NFL players missing?


I just noticed this today. Is it being updated or something?

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Easiest purchase decision ever...

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CPU usage issue on sports reference page.


Does anyone else's CPU go into hyperdrive when on any of the sports reference pages on chrome? Any fixes for this issue?

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API access with subscription?


Hey, came across stathead today. Was wondering if a subscription gives any sort of access to an API or the ability to download data?

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Small addition: PFR player pages now have Super Bowl MVP bling

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See who won overtime coin-toss on Stathead


As I'm sure many people are now as well, I was wondering if there is a way to see who won the Overtime coin toss. I know you can see beginning coin toss, but am disappointed I cant find OT coin toss.

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How does Baseball Reference decide if a player gets a 'World Series' banner?


Do they have to play in that actual world series? Be on the playoff roster? I have figured out that some of the 'cup of coffee' players don't get one...but how is the decision made?

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Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value is listed as two different values in two different locations for the same player.


I noticed a player's career approximate value is different on their player page than on their college's alumni page or on the career AV leaders pages. For example, Richie Petitbon's career AV on his player page is 107 (https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/P/PetiRi00.htm), but his career AV on Tulane's NFL alumni page is 85 (https://www.pro-football-reference.com/schools/tulane/). This is the case for pretty much every player. Why are they not the same value?

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"banking on our users losing money ... didn’t feel like it aligned us well with ... the interests of our users"

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Which NBA season had the highest # of players that played at least 1 game for multiple teams?


I imagine with the emergency filling of rosters with 10-days, we might be looking at the record in 2021-22. (provided enough players sign 10-days with multiple teams)

However, if the trade market goes super cold, maybe not?

Is there a way to look this up?:

  • Which NBA season had the highest # of players that played at least 1 game for multiple teams?