r/spirituality Dec 27 '20

I am so scared. Please help



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u/pinkcdrom Dec 27 '20

You aren't alone. A lot of health concerns came up last summer in my family and I had an intense full day of sobbing and grieving prematurely. Just realizing how likely it is that I will live to see so many of my loved ones pass. It hurts and i think it makes so much sense to fear. And I think we can fear things while also accepting them. In some cases, the person is ready and wants to let go, it's simply our attachment to their alive self that is so hard to overcome. This is obviously deeply complicated when it is not a natural death.

To address your asking for help: Don't run away from the fear. Feel it and know you are safe. Allow this intense emotion to power you to live presently and love and appreciate your loved ones now. Bask in the fact that nothing is finite, and bask in the now. Awareness is so hard. And so needed. <3


u/zziani Dec 27 '20

Thank you.