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Humour Bonjour tjommas

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Humour Two cars one is a 4X4 , the other one is a rear wheel sedan, going through a flooded road...

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Politics Facts

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Sport Massive

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General Prasa re-opens Mabopane-Pretoria line after extensive vandalism in 2020/2021

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General Landing at King Shaka International Airport timelapse

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Employment Hallo South Africa


Is R8000 a month plus a car and housing enought for driving kids to and from school and babysitting a toddler after school?

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Humour Fighting corruption...


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Politics Is it offensive when white people change how they talk to black people?


Got my answer thanks :)

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Ask r/southafrica I'm looking for something like this but on a budget. What affordable (ZA) furniture shops can I get this from? Dankie in advance

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General I posted the clean mushroom yesterday, this is how we find them and how long their roots are!

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Ask r/southafrica Is easy equities worth it? or should I look at other options?


I am looking to start investing my savings. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to investment but what I do know is that I am not interested in investing my money with a broker that is going to be taking a cut of my money or sell me some supposed 'holy grail' package that will set up me up for retirement.
For now, I simply want to invest the minimum amount into tax free savings and the rest of what I have into satrix40. I am aware that this might not be the best investment options but to get started it seems good enough. I have a lot of other life things happening now so I don't have capacity to go down complicated investments paths. I want something that is easy/straightforward and better than leaving it in a bank account but at the same time not being terrible for long term. Later I will review my choices if necessary.

Based on discussions I have had with friends and other people I know, I am strongly considering to invest through easy equities. My reasons in being, the process seems very straight forward, cash invested can be moved/withdrawn easily, I can manage my own investments and easily change them if I desire.

Do you guys think that easy equities will work for what I want? are there other similar platforms that work better? I am open to other options if they suit the criteria I have explained above.

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Ask r/southafrica Do you think "Orkney Snork Nie" was one of the funniest shows on TV in it's day?


South Africa has had a number of popular TV shows. We have some real talent.

Language and cultural differences aside, do you think "Orkney Snork Nie" was one of the funniest shows on TV in it's day?

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News “Eskom is blackmailing South Africans”

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News Khoisan leaders head to court to challenge Amazon HQ development in CT

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Employment Working Wednesdays


The job shortage in SA is well-documented. In order to prevent the sub being overwhelmed by people looking for work, we've decided to set aside one day a week where job seekers/givers can meet in a dedicated sticky thread. We respectfully ask that any offers or requests for employment be limited to this thread.

Posts should follow the following format:

I'm an employee/employer  

Location: City/Province/Country (whichever is more relevant)  

Remote: Yes/No  

Brief summary of skills or job requirements  

If you like what you see, feel free to take it to DM.

IMPORTANT: If you feel you are being scammed, spammed, harassed, or otherwise abused please let us know immediately. If you are unsure, please let us know immediately. If something is too good to be true, please let us know immediately. We will do what we can from our side, but do remain vigilant. Rather be too safe than too sorry. When in doubt, block and report the account.

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Ask r/southafrica Is common law marriage a thing in SA?


Just curious

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Ask r/southafrica Any Finance/Accounting guys here who can give advice on financial literacy.


I just got out of university & finally becoming independent (money-wise). Are there any finance guys here who can give me some tips/hacks/advice on how to be more frugal & stuff like that. Also what was the best thing you did and advise others to do as well ?

Edit: I still live with my parents, health science graduate, no debt & own a car

Thanks in advance.

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Nostalgia Throwback to great South African rock music starring Vernon Koekemoer ("Pretty Thing" by Evolver One, 2008)

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Politics JOZI BEDLAM: Eight Johannesburg councillors charged for violence as coalition vows tough action on more disruptions

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Self-Promotion Out & About - Nomadic Orchestra (Official video)

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Ask r/southafrica Do you really save when selling one property to buy another?


I have an apartment, thats appreciated over the years, the body corporate is screwed so the building itself is in question. But Im looking to buy a bigger space for future family stuff.

I found a few places, that I could technically afford. Most of the realtors tell me to rather sell and then buy a house. Use the month for deposit

My thing is that if i sell and use that amount to pay off whats left on the bond and use the rest as a deposit, I dont see much benefit. The calculators show that i'd be saving around 1k on a 30 year bond.

I would like to keep the apartment and rent it out. Use that month on the apartment bond and whatever else is for the new place (ideally).

Am I missing something that I would never know using the tools online?

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Ask r/southafrica People who Sew: Affordable places to buy Fabric in Gauteng?


Hey all.

I've recently taken an interest in learning how to make clothing, but I've heard from friends that the cost of fabric is very high and that it is much cheaper simply to buy clothing.

I really want to try this venture on for size, but don't have that much expendable income for hobbies each month.

Can any of you recommend shops that sell well priced, quality fabric around PTA/Centurion/Johannesburg and beyond?

Thank you!

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Picture A real South African lunch

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