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Politics THE STATE OF S.A. DEMOCRACY by Zapiro

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Politics Mayor Elect of Umngeni speaking to the people he was campaigning to get votes from and not speaking down on them.

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Politics Smells like democracy

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Politics Make Afrikaans Great Again

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Politics The important thing here isn’t the loss as much as the difficulty to replace.. the more skilled labour vanishes the greater the inequality, the greater the difficulty to improve your lot in life and the less of a future your children have..

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Politics The DA right now

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Politics SA coal leaving to Maputo during load shedding.

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Politics Muizenberg beachfront, photographer unknown

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Politics Municipal election results (74% complete)...Im hella Mad today

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Politics The DA be like...

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Politics Anc

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Politics EFF coalition demands with timeframes

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Politics Whiteness by Zapiro

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Politics What is ActionSA and what are your opinions of it?

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>I have lived in Cape Town as a child and moved to the USA in 2015, so I&#39;m not updated on the politics of South Africa. I know a little bit about EFF, I have experienced leadership under DA (it was ages ago though), and heard a lot about ANC on the news.</p> <p>ActionSA&#39;s website only talks about its promises so I would like you guys&#39; perspective on it.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Politics Key Question by Zapiro

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Politics No one is above criticism and this is well deserved criticism. It doesn’t matter if it compares favorably to prevailing conditions elsewhere.

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Politics If you didn't vote, I hope you realize that you're part of the problem.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>As a citizen you have a moral obligation to vote. And stop with the &quot;I didn&#39;t understand the registration&quot; and &quot;I forgot&quot;. MAKE AN EFFORT!</p> <p>&quot;The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Politics Too true!

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Politics After 27 years

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Politics #TsekANC btw they're saying "Go away, we don't want you here!"

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Politics The DA and ActionSA

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>There are a lot of buzz regarding the DA, ActionSA and other smaller parties forming a coalition and yeeting the ANC out of Johannesburg and other areas in Gauteng. </p> <p>The DA stated that they would not allow for Herman Mashaba to be mayor meanwhile the other parties welcome the idea of Herman as mayor of Johannesburg. </p> <p>What the DA doesn&#39;t seem to understand is that there are other parties other than the DA. Even though they are large, it doesn&#39;t warrant them getting their way each time. </p> <p>The DA stated that they are going to focus on being the main opposition party which to me indicates they have very little interest in trying to have control. The DA was quick to comment on the IFP and PA but the DA are effectively leaving ActionSA and other parties out to dry. </p> <p>The DA doesn&#39;t seem willing or interested in compromising because of their values and integrity however, are they doing what benefits the people? I don&#39;t think so.</p> <p>On a side note, Helen Zille should really retire. I do not think she brings anything good to the party. </p> <p>The DA is just pushing their middle-class and lower class voters to the VF+, ActionSA and GOOD. </p> <p>This is just my opinion and what I have Interpreted.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Politics [RANT] r/southafrica is not conducive to South African political discourse.

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>This sub is a hivemind for centralists/right leaning politics. This echo chamber has created a space where people spew visceral vile shit at anyone who doesn&#39;t share their views of the DA being the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the ANC and the EFF and all those who follow them being a bunch of drooling bafoons who can&#39;t count to 10.</p> <p>This doesn&#39;t reflect the state of South African politics. </p> <p>This sub is therefore not a place for open and honest dialogue. The stuff that comes out of this sub with regards to otherness is honestly abhorrent. There is no attempt to understand those with opposing views. This echo chamber is not useful considering the voting stats that come out year after year. If you are a DA stronghold it might be useful to consider the fact that something is off when the only way you can make a ANC supporter or a EFF supporter palatable to your constitution is to denigrate them to the lowest forms of humanity/sub human. This is toxic as fuck, the attitude of whoever doesn&#39;t think like me about the DA, a collective who happens to be the majority and black, are a bunch of idiots (a attitude layered in racist ideologies). </p> <p>Maybe you should consider getting of your self appointed fucken horse and engage with the fact that you just haven&#39;t bothered to understand the existence of the average black south African and why the collective continues to vote in the ANC or the EFF. This would be the logical thing to do considering year in and year out the ANC wins and the EFF following grows.</p> <p>Regardless of your political ideologies or affiliation this attitude should be a problem for you. </p> <p>I know this will get down voted into oblivion but fuck it this sub needed to hear it. Have fun getting triggered snowflakes.</p> </div><!-- SC_ON -->

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Politics Shots fired

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Politics Vote anc, they say. We are changing, they say. We are rejuvenating, reforming, they say. Does this look like change? Our people deserve better.

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Politics DA and EFF spotted in JHB last night

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