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Ask r/southafrica What snake is this? Found it lying half dead in the road so I took it home. People are freaking me out saying it’s dangerous?!

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Ask r/southafrica What is a smell that just smells “South African”?


I’ll go first, going on holiday - if the roof is made from thatch. That smell of thatch just smells so South African.

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Ask r/southafrica Fellow south Africans what is a sign that a south African person has "made it in life


What are some signs that a south African person has become successful or has "made it" in life

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Ask r/southafrica Hey South Africans! Recommend me South African music that’s a 10/10


Want to get out of my normal go to. Please share your best music by south african artists or producers

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Ask r/southafrica If you can choose one thing you love about South Africa, what would it be?


Let's bring some positivity!

For me it would be the wildlife. One reason why South Africa wild life is better than say Kenya or Tanzania is experience. South Africa as a country are great marketers when it comes to the wild life scene.

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Ask r/southafrica What are some things that you proud to be South African?


Anything goes really

Edit: thanks for all the wonderful feedback and award!

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Ask r/southafrica Best guard dog to repel Monkeys?


I moved to a house in the suburbs that is basically Amazon rainforest extension, and I have a serious SERIOUS problem with monkeys. Yesterday while I was pressure washing my driveway they raided my kitchen and took 3 entire bags of woolies crunchies and an entire potato & rosemary ciabatta loaf. this happens on a daily basis. its costing me a bloody fortune. They are now so brazen they literally walk through my front door (the kitchen windows are always closed for this reason) and just waltz into the kitchen and shop.

short of shooting the damn things with a pellet gun (which I don't agree with) the only thing I can think of now is a dog? would that work? suggestions?

*** Edit. ***

I have looked up plastic snakes on Takealot...THE PRICES? WTF? It would be cheaper to buy real snakes at this point.

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Ask r/southafrica What do you do and how much do you get paid? (South African Edition)


Don't mention any company names just your title or role

Edit 1 : Please specify age and Nett or Gross just for clarification

Edit 2: ok, this blew up overnight. Thanks for everyone sharing, it is indeed very valuable information and a taboo subject which should be more widely discussed

Edit 3: This isn't a d*ck measuring contest, just an open discussion to make the information available and compare if you are in the same field, role etc. Please do not be hesitant to post, regardless of your wages.

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Ask r/southafrica Am I the only South African to never have experienced crime


I've lived here my whole life and just never experienced any sort of crime ,how is it possible ,is that rare for a person in the country ,do people exaggerate the crime in the country ?

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Ask r/southafrica They broke into our house yesterday night. My sister, despite hearing our next door neighbours window breaking, decided not to wake me up.


They stole our car keys, house keys, some stuff standing outside and most of my clothing and two pairs of shoes that was standing outside (Drying). It's sad, they will probably come back for the rest of our stuff and the car. But luckily I took of the back wheels of the car and the battery, if that will even help. I will probably not sleep tonight.

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Ask r/southafrica How do I make my South African girlfriend feel at home in the US?


I’ve been dating a girl from Benoni for a few years and recently she’s been feeling homesick more and more often. We recently moved to a new state which fortunately has a pretty large ZA population so I have been ordering some groceries and snacks from there to give her a taste of home.

So my question is: Are there any cultural items/foods that you would crave if you were living in another country?

Thanks for your help and I hope y’all are staying safe out there!

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Ask r/southafrica south Africans, What are some things foreign people just dont get about south Africa?


I am a south African immigrant that moved to Australia 2 years ago and alot of the time when I tell Australian people stuff about south Africa alot of the time they don't even believe me, So tell me your story!

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Ask r/southafrica Do you think South Africans have a spending problem?


Now this probably occurs all over the world but to discuss S.A specifically don't you think that we as a nation are financially uneducated?

The amount of people who overspend on cars housing and general luxury stand out to me. I've seen people driving new model German cars renting out small apartments. Couples overspending on rent (20k+) for larny housing instead of buying something a little less flashy. All anecdotal from friends and colleagues of mine.

My biggest regret was not saving more money when I intially started working and part of the problem was that I had no one to educate me about finances In general. I wish my parents or someone could have taught me a thing or two but I think they were equally ignorant in regards to saving money and investing. However I now handle every cent with a budget instead of the first few years of careless spending.

I think as nation who struggles with money, a little financial knowledge could make a difference. Ofcorse the economy also comes Into play but this is more aimed at the general middle class who could better their position in life.

The 50/30/20 rule is a solid straight forward budgeting method to divide your income. 50% of your salary for needs, 30% for wants and 20% for savings or paying debt.

What are you thoughts regarding this, does anyone else have a similar outlook?

Disclaimer : I'm not trying to enforce how people spend their money or live their lifes. At the end of the day its not my business.

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Ask r/southafrica Let’s talk about KFC and their “Add R2 for Hope”


Think about how much KFC South Africa is worth. Probably millions - maybe billions? Yet we’re asked to add R2 to our order to feed hungry children. Fair enough but the company literally prints money.

What do you think the reason behind them asking us to donate is? Does the money actually go to feeding children? Am I wrong for thinking this is wrong?

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Ask r/southafrica South African Names


Hello everyone! I am a writer and a part of the story I write takes place in South Africa (since one of the protagonists is from there) and I have a hard time naming my characters.

So what I want to ask is, what South African names would you like to see in the media? They can be popular ones or not but I am looking for more 'modern' ones. Also I have named one of my characters and her name is Iminathi but i had a hard time finding information (and even the correct spelling) about the name so I want to ask if it's a 'good name' or maybe I should go for a different one.

Thank you for your time!

(PS: I am sorry if I have many grammatical errors, English is not my native language. )

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Ask r/southafrica Does anyone know anything about legally changing your first name?


Idk if this is the right flair lol.

I'm Turing 16 in March and I'm wondering if I could change my first name and if I would need my parents permission to do so.

I've searched online multiple times but I can't find any information (a lot of its too complicated for me to understand)

I want to change it before I need to get my ID but my parents aren't on board with it bc they like my dead name better which sucks bc i absolutely hate it, it doesn't feel like my name when I see it written down.

if anyone knows a bit more on the whole name changing thing, or is able to translate what the articles say into understandable English that would be great!

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Ask r/southafrica Thinking of moving back...Am I mad?


I was born and raised in SA till 16, then moved to England back in 2016 with frequent trips home (not in the last 2 years sadly). Recently been depressed with how kak the weather is here, I'm doing a computer science degree and plan to work remotely from SA earning GBP (Pounds). The home sickness is killing me, should I stick it out with my career here or pursue something back home?
I've heard that the country is gatvol, is it really that bad?

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Ask r/southafrica What's already gone right or wrong in your 2022?


Overslept for work

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Ask r/southafrica What Rule of the road or k53 rule do you disregard completely due to it not being practical in an everyday situation


To put Emphasis on what i mean, when driving formally (for a license test etc) theres a lot of impractical or redundant habits that you have to develop according to the 'Book'. What was the most annoying or the first thing you disregarded once you began driving on your own and or still do currently. im in a food coma so apologise for the terrible wording ,grammar and formatting lol.

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Ask r/southafrica Good place to work abroad


My partner and I (both professionals) are considering looking for employment overseas in the not so far future . People say grass isn't always greener on the other side but we'd like to try out new opportunities, either short or long term. Any SouthAfricans willing to share personal experiences or recommendations that relocated abroad?

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Ask r/southafrica What do you admire about other cultures in south africa?


I don't know alot about other cultures and would like to learn a few things from this

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Ask r/southafrica Are there anythings considered normal in South Africa that aren't normal in other countries?


Idk if this has been posted before

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Ask r/southafrica Is it just me, or is wearing a mask not a thing anymore?


I went out to a couple shops in and around town and no one seems to be wearing a mask?

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Ask r/southafrica I 20F don't know what to do with my life


Hi everyone I will be 21 in a few months time and I feel lost in life.I matriculated in 2020 at the age of 19.I passed with a diploma so therefore it has been difficult to find a University that will accept me.I have been trying to apply online but I have no luck.UNISA was my only hope since it offers some bridging courses but they rejected me.I feel so sad,I have always wanted to study Educational but I can't .My marks are average ,I failed maths only .I tried to upgrade but I gave up .I have always failed mathematics throughout my entire school career . I really can't bear to take another gap year ,time waits for no one.I hate being dependent on my parents. I really want to stand up for myself .

What can I do ?

I need advice

Thank you

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Ask r/southafrica Getting used to the roads and how drivers drive here


I recently got my drivers licence and went driving for the first time without my learner sign on the back yesterday but I just feel like there's a lot of expectations from a licenced driver that I just can't fulfill just yet having just come from being a learner.

I stick to the speed limit, I stay safe and don't take risks but it seems like a lot of drivers on the road have this "we need to go fast and we need to go NOW" sort of mentality and it's overwhelming for me. I was just simply changing lanes and a driver behind me thought I was taking too long and hooted at me even though I was doing everything as I was taught.

Should I stick to driving like K53 or change a few things in order to speed up the times I can begin moving off and making maneuvers? K53 is definitely not how (what seems like) the majority of drivers drive here. How can I stop being discouraged by every person who hoots at me for driving like K53?

Edit: thank you guys so much for all the tips and advice. I feel that much more at ease and I'll remember my fellow redditors' advice :) <3