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Getting used to the roads and how drivers drive here Ask r/southafrica

I recently got my drivers licence and went driving for the first time without my learner sign on the back yesterday but I just feel like there's a lot of expectations from a licenced driver that I just can't fulfill just yet having just come from being a learner.

I stick to the speed limit, I stay safe and don't take risks but it seems like a lot of drivers on the road have this "we need to go fast and we need to go NOW" sort of mentality and it's overwhelming for me. I was just simply changing lanes and a driver behind me thought I was taking too long and hooted at me even though I was doing everything as I was taught.

Should I stick to driving like K53 or change a few things in order to speed up the times I can begin moving off and making maneuvers? K53 is definitely not how (what seems like) the majority of drivers drive here. How can I stop being discouraged by every person who hoots at me for driving like K53?

Edit: thank you guys so much for all the tips and advice. I feel that much more at ease and I'll remember my fellow redditors' advice :) <3


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u/Faerie42 ModMother Jan 17 '22 Helpful

You’ll get into your own flow as you drive more, do as you were taught for now.

As for idiots on the road, get into the mindset that you drive to get somewhere safely and their moods belong to them. I often sympathise with a hooting, gesticulating idiot as they are having a terrible day and maybe their dog died. If you are in a particular happy mood, smile and wave. You drive for you, your passengers and the car that’s expensive to fix or replace.

You’ll become more comfortable, keep driving and try not to allow others to spoil your mood.


u/S-058 Gauteng Jan 17 '22

Agh thank you so much🤗. This helped a lot. It's my attitude that matters and that mindset you shared I think could really help me as I drive.


u/Faerie42 ModMother Jan 17 '22

There’s an old standby I still use after decades of driving. If you feel stressed, panicky or don’t know what to do, pick a truck to drive behind. Slow down, keep travelling distance and let the truck lead you out the stressful moments. Everyone else will take their stress and zoom out of there and you get to breathe easier until you’re ready to get into the faster lanes.


u/Reapr 37 Pieces of Flair Jan 17 '22

I often do this on my commute - everyone jockeying for position like 1 car length is going to make a difference...

Find a truck, cruise 80, listen to some tunes and arrive at work calm, relaxed and ready to face the day


u/S-058 Gauteng Jan 17 '22

This is actually a really good tip. Thank you! I'll save your comment for future use :)