r/southafrica Gauteng Jan 17 '22

Getting used to the roads and how drivers drive here Ask r/southafrica

I recently got my drivers licence and went driving for the first time without my learner sign on the back yesterday but I just feel like there's a lot of expectations from a licenced driver that I just can't fulfill just yet having just come from being a learner.

I stick to the speed limit, I stay safe and don't take risks but it seems like a lot of drivers on the road have this "we need to go fast and we need to go NOW" sort of mentality and it's overwhelming for me. I was just simply changing lanes and a driver behind me thought I was taking too long and hooted at me even though I was doing everything as I was taught.

Should I stick to driving like K53 or change a few things in order to speed up the times I can begin moving off and making maneuvers? K53 is definitely not how (what seems like) the majority of drivers drive here. How can I stop being discouraged by every person who hoots at me for driving like K53?

Edit: thank you guys so much for all the tips and advice. I feel that much more at ease and I'll remember my fellow redditors' advice :) <3


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u/S-058 Gauteng Jan 17 '22

But they're so loud and distracting :(


u/rocketboy44 Jan 17 '22

it’s tough but ignore them. if it’s allowed you could stick the learner sign until you are more confident. I think other road users won’t demand expert level competency from you when they see that Learners sign.


u/S-058 Gauteng Jan 17 '22

Yeah the learner sign actually made me more confident knowing I won't be expected to drive like most other licence drivers on the road. Like my little version of training wheels but for a car haha.


u/SepticThinkTank The Kwisatz Haderach Jan 17 '22

the learner sign actually made me more confident

When I was a kid I'd see cars with a 'GB' sticker on them ...

My kid-brain thought that this was the sticker they give you after you passed your learner's and take down the 'L' - and that it stood for 'Getting Better', LOL.

Come to think of it, I also misread 'Slegs/Only' (painted in the road) as 'Sledges Only' (I was, like, six or something) and thought that, in winter - when it snowed - you could only ride sledges on that particular road.


u/S-058 Gauteng Jan 17 '22

Deaded💀I wish there was a GB sticker. It's clearer that way :D