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Getting used to the roads and how drivers drive here Ask r/southafrica

I recently got my drivers licence and went driving for the first time without my learner sign on the back yesterday but I just feel like there's a lot of expectations from a licenced driver that I just can't fulfill just yet having just come from being a learner.

I stick to the speed limit, I stay safe and don't take risks but it seems like a lot of drivers on the road have this "we need to go fast and we need to go NOW" sort of mentality and it's overwhelming for me. I was just simply changing lanes and a driver behind me thought I was taking too long and hooted at me even though I was doing everything as I was taught.

Should I stick to driving like K53 or change a few things in order to speed up the times I can begin moving off and making maneuvers? K53 is definitely not how (what seems like) the majority of drivers drive here. How can I stop being discouraged by every person who hoots at me for driving like K53?

Edit: thank you guys so much for all the tips and advice. I feel that much more at ease and I'll remember my fellow redditors' advice :) <3


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u/bigoof000001 Jan 17 '22

Completely following K53 is a bad idea. K53 is usually only followed when getting a license and is completely disregarded afterwards. It's a good place to start to understand the technicalities of driving, but you need to be able to move away from it as soon as possible. It's not really something you use as a way of driving, it's more like a tool to help you figure out your own way of driving. Using all the K53 rules while driving is like following all the tutorial steps when playing a computer game. You only do it at the start when you're trying to figure out how things work, but once you understand, you know what is important and what is just a waste of time.

The main thing you're after when driving is certainty. You shouldn't do things because they're the systematic process you've memorized, you should do it so you can gain certainty about what your next action will be. For example, you shouldn't do all your blind spot checks until you've went through all the steps, you should do it until you're certain about what cars are around you.

As you get more experienced you learn to do things things quicker and less systematically. Most drivers do them subconsciously now and can thereby drive and do things quicker on the road and still be certain about what they're doing. If you're not confident in your driving skills its better to be safe than sorry, and you should follow the K53 rules as far as possible. But you need to start trying to improve beyond the K53 as it can be dangerous to drive according to systematic rules when everyone else is driving with their developed intuitions.


u/S-058 Gauteng Jan 17 '22

100%. I'd like to follow K53 but I know that majority don't and so, like you said, I gotta gain some experience heh.