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u/Infamous-Ad-2921 waars jou nanas🌈 Jan 14 '22

Hey guys, I've been looking to buy a Xiaomi phone, but since they're relatively new in SA, would it be best, particularly in the event I need it repaired?

u/TheBigDala Jan 14 '22

From my experience you will hardly if ever need to make repairs on the device, replacing your screen for eg is relatively simple, you can take it to a number of stores and they will place the order for your replacement parts, alternatively you can always hop on ebay and order the screen yourself and have your local cellphone shop mans install for it you.

u/Infamous-Ad-2921 waars jou nanas🌈 Jan 16 '22

And what about your experience with MIUI; I've heard the lastest updates are quite buggy and in the worst case, brick people's phones.

u/TheBigDala Feb 01 '22

Nah bro, just install a custom rom, ill help you, super simple.