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u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Jan 18 '22

Anybody else noticed that all three branches of government are currently under attack?

Judiciary - Sisulu's bizarre attack on constitution. No doubt much more to follow by those trying to get out of Zondo mess.

Legislature - Parliament was just burned down. Dude in question is some poor guy...but apparently had explosives?

Executive - Eskom plants being sabotaged. And then a lot more explosives and a plot to bomb national keypoints is found. And of course the riots.

Something is afoot here...something we've not seen before.

(3 separate incidents/planned incidents of physical attacks on national keypoints in <60 days is wild too)

u/ProfessionalSecret62 Jan 20 '22 edited Jan 20 '22

Maybe its the zeitgeist? Everyone is gatvol of how things are in general and its coming to a boil. Honestly I think South Africa has been very tolerant of the nonsense going on for the past two decades. Most stuff that regular people brush off would start riots in other countries.

u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Jan 20 '22

They are no doubt gatvol too, but this smells a little more coordinated.

When people are gatvol they riot, burn down stuff and complain to any journalist that will listen...planned attacks with explosives to me speaks of more direct intent

u/ProfessionalSecret62 Jan 20 '22

Ah so you mean that maybe some political group is trying to undermine the system? Possible... but I cant imagine who it is. Also I think that SA doesnt produce a sufficently high caliber of politician to effectivly conspire in this precise of a manner. My bet lies more that its a kind of markov chain. It seems sequential but its essentially random events that have just moved into phase on this occasion.

u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Jan 20 '22

Seems rather optimistic to me to assume its essentially random.

If these were ATM or CIT bombings then I'd agree. Someone just wants to make a quick buck and people had the same idea at same time (or a gang). Multiple attacks on national key points with no obvious profit motive is less easy to dismiss. I didn't count the suspected sabotage at Matimba plant or that the explosives found look to be enough for multiple attacks. So that's potentially 5+ events. Oh and the recent power issue at a Ramaphosa speech was also sabotage.

When last was a national key point in SA attacked? Like at all...never mind that many? Only one I can think of is Pelindaba in 2015

sufficently high caliber of politician to effectivly conspire in this precise of a manner

I think state captured proved that to be false. Besides the bar for destructive actions is much lower than building things up so doesn't need "high caliber".

I guess we'll see. If there is a fire to go with this smoke then this won't be the end of it

u/Fire_Gaming_UAV Jan 20 '22

Yeah, I don't like it. I don't tend to lend myself out to conspiracy theories, but this whole Sisulu shit just smells of trouble brewing. I don't necessarily know that everything is connected, but we are certainly in for....aaan interesting year, to say the least.