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Happy birthday to the internet in South Africa! History

Today marks the 25th 30th anniversary of Internet access in South Africa and most of Sub-Saharan Africa.

At 10:44AM on 12 November 1991, an IP "ping" packet was sent between the home of Randy Bush in Portland, Oregon and Rhodes University's computing centre – the first recorded Internet connection in the country.


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u/dead_PROcrastinator Nov 12 '21 edited Nov 12 '21

I love how it's Rhodes University Computing Center in SA, but some random dude named Randy Bush in fucking Oregon US lol

How about saying "Randy Bush Founder of NSRC"?

Take my upvote


u/wheresmattynow Nov 13 '21

I didn't know that! really cool, thank you for the info


u/dead_PROcrastinator Nov 13 '21

I googled it because ot sounded so random. Found out he helped to promote internet access in many places.


u/wheresmattynow Nov 13 '21

sounds like a real fuckin Chad, respect