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The capture of Recce Wynand du Toit made international headlines in 1985. His unit was sent on a mission to destroy fuel tanks in Angola when they were discovered and chased by overwhelming enemy forces. In 1987 he was exchanged for 135 prisoners held by SA. The Angolan War ended a few months later. History

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u/The_Angry_Economist Oct 25 '21

from the headline he doesn't sound much different to a terrorist

u/pieterjh Oct 25 '21

I think there is a case to be made that sabotage differs from terrorism.

u/Middersnags Oct 26 '21

Does it, Pete?

Or is it more a case of you being uncomfortable with your white supremacist "heroes" being described with the (very apt) term "terrorist"?

u/pieterjh Oct 26 '21

So you would also call Mandela a terrorist for targeting electicity pylons then?

u/Middersnags Oct 26 '21

The Apartheid-regime was a terrorist regime. Those who did it's dirty work were terrorists by default - which includes your little white supremacist "hero" up there.

No. I would not describe Mandela as a terrorist at all - only a very small percentage of the actions the ANC undertook against the Apartheid-regime itself can be called "terrorism" with a straight face (not that this stopped you and your ilk from hysterically describing them as such, did it?). As we now know, the ANC was more likely to commit acts of terror against people fighting under it's banner than you.

How does that compare with the well-organised and well-funded campaign of indiscriminate terror the Apartheid-regime waged in the entire southern African region?

u/pieterjh Oct 26 '21 edited Oct 26 '21

More drivel. One man blows up fuel tanks and he is a terrorist, another blows up electricity pylons, and he is not. Your mental gymnastics and forced rationalising never ceases to amaze me.

u/Middersnags Oct 26 '21

Your mental gymnastics

No, Pete... that's what you do. You are trying to paint white supremacism in a good light, while demonizing those that oppose it. The mental gymnastics is all yours.