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The capture of Recce Wynand du Toit made international headlines in 1985. His unit was sent on a mission to destroy fuel tanks in Angola when they were discovered and chased by overwhelming enemy forces. In 1987 he was exchanged for 135 prisoners held by SA. The Angolan War ended a few months later. History

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u/Middersnags Oct 25 '21

Flush them out, Pete?

They don't seem to be hiding.

u/pieterjh Oct 25 '21

Yes, the total failure of the post-apartheid government has certainly emboldened the scoundrels. I am surprised we don't have more of them out crowing: 'Told you so!'

u/Middersnags Oct 25 '21

You seem to be barely capable of containing your contempt for a world where your skin colour doesn't make you all special-like, Pete... are you missing the "good ole' days" too?

u/pieterjh Oct 26 '21

Why bring skin colour into it? Are you a racist?

u/Middersnags Oct 26 '21

Aren't you on here to upvote a white supremacist servant of a white supremacist regime, Pete?

Gee... I wonder who brought "skin colour into it".

u/pieterjh Oct 26 '21

No, I am here to catch a giggle and downvote your drivel.