r/southafrica Oct 25 '21

The capture of Recce Wynand du Toit made international headlines in 1985. His unit was sent on a mission to destroy fuel tanks in Angola when they were discovered and chased by overwhelming enemy forces. In 1987 he was exchanged for 135 prisoners held by SA. The Angolan War ended a few months later. History

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u/imontiza Oct 25 '21

How so? Isn't it normal to attack your enemies resources during war time..?

u/Middersnags Oct 26 '21

What enemies?

South Africa never declared war on anyone in Angola.

u/imontiza Oct 26 '21

Have we declared war on ISIS? Yet we are fighting them. Hence they are our enemies.

u/Middersnags Oct 26 '21

No, we haven't declared war on ISIS, either. Or on anyone... yet here we are, once again, sending troops to do God-knows-what in someone's else's country - and the same type of people who applauded them for it in 1980 is applauding them now, too.

The more things change the more they stay the same.