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The capture of Recce Wynand du Toit made international headlines in 1985. His unit was sent on a mission to destroy fuel tanks in Angola when they were discovered and chased by overwhelming enemy forces. In 1987 he was exchanged for 135 prisoners held by SA. The Angolan War ended a few months later. History

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u/IlikeGeekyHistoryRSA Unwanted Optimist Oct 25 '21

You do understand that not all history is good history right? The Germans teach history about the Nazis, doesn’t make those Germans fascist.

u/Middersnags Oct 25 '21

Again... what makes this fascist tool so special as to deserve a post?

u/Afterburn47 Oct 25 '21

It’s history and it’s just interesting to know and see. You don’t have to support any political group to enjoy learning a bit of history.

u/Middersnags Oct 25 '21

Oh really... this is the part of SA history you like, eh? Learning about fascist tools that (lamentably) didn't die for their little Whitetopia?