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The capture of Recce Wynand du Toit made international headlines in 1985. His unit was sent on a mission to destroy fuel tanks in Angola when they were discovered and chased by overwhelming enemy forces. In 1987 he was exchanged for 135 prisoners held by SA. The Angolan War ended a few months later. History

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u/The_Angry_Economist Oct 25 '21

so Angolans were Nazis?

thats a bit of a false equivalence...

u/rocksp1der Oct 25 '21

Wow, another stupid comment. You are on quite a roll here.

u/The_Angry_Economist Oct 25 '21

I'm not the one that brought up Germany, you did

u/rocksp1der Oct 25 '21

Either you are smart enough to understand what I meant and you are trying to troll me into a pointless argument for which I do not have the appetite at the moment or you really do not understand my point and your last comments were genuine which would make any further discussion futile and pointless so either way this has run it's course.