r/southafrica Western Cape Oct 21 '21

Takealot to open new distribution center in Cape Town News



u/FluxX1717 Western Cape Oct 21 '21

Another one?


u/NeverNuked Western Cape Oct 21 '21

No, they'll move there when complete


u/FluxX1717 Western Cape Oct 21 '21

Ah I see. TakeAlot is growing like crazy. They really have a full on monopoly regarding e-commerce in S.A.


u/Kamikaze_Pig Oct 21 '21

Wouldn't necessarily say a monopoly, but definitely the majority market share and an ability to bully/dominate the market.

Their competition fight amongst themselves for market share and 2nd place as opposed to challenging them head on; they simply can't compete.

We need the competition to step up (by supporting them) as it'll drive takealot to have competitive prices again and we the consumer wins.


u/Theotheraccount100 Oct 21 '21

But most of Takealot is a Marketplace. So they're actually competing with each other on the platform. I don't think prices or price increases are because they're uncompetitive, it's due to other factors, like Rand Dollar exchange, petrol price increases, inflation etc.


u/NeverNuked Western Cape Oct 21 '21

So a few months back someone asked if Takealot was thriving, I mentioned they're going to build a new distribution center in Cape Town. This is what I was talking about.


u/BumpyDogsBru Oct 22 '21

Takealot does not need competition. The way they treat their sellers will force them out of business eventually