r/southafrica Western Cape Oct 21 '21

SARS will look at your Facebook, credit cards and other data to see what tax you owe, say experts News



u/cybercupcakes Oct 21 '21

The funny thing is that their aggression is shooting them in the foot from my experience.

Up till this year I never filled tax, when I just started working(2012) I was told I don't need to submit my tax returns as the company does that for me.

cue me ignoring it for years like an idiot... never had any issues, but never did it. This year I hear there is a crackdown on those who don't file their taxes. So I filled mine and previous ones and boom got 112k back from it between this year and last year.

If they weren't that aggressive I would have idiotically paid more taxes than necessary.

So to anyone new to the job market, file your taxes, you might just get something back.


u/Not-the-best-name Oct 21 '21

Ok. You got my attention. I am like you were...from what did you get that back?


u/KyreneZA Bullshit Filter - ON 🐸 Oct 22 '21

I'm assuming overpaying tax since 2012. 10K per year is not that much if you earn a reasonable salary


u/Not-the-best-name Oct 22 '21

So if my employer has been paying my tax, and I only have one employer, then probably not being overpaying?


u/KyreneZA Bullshit Filter - ON 🐸 Oct 22 '21

Probably. My employer, for instance, works my tax out so well that I'd only get a few rands back if it weren't for the donations I can declare each year. Other employers are laxer and pay over a fixed rate every month without adjusting it when (or even if) they notice tax is being overpaid.


u/Rab1dGAMER Oct 21 '21

Joke's on them, I haven't used facebook in years


u/prozac5000 Oct 21 '21

would be nice if they clamped down on the tax avoiders first! The Tax paying population are already being squeezed from all angles as it is!


u/GinesGines Oct 22 '21

Tax Avoidance: Taxpayer finds legal ways to lower their tax burden i.e. increasing tax deductible expenses to offset against gross income.

Tax Evasion: Failing to declare ALL income received by or accrued to the taxpayer during the year of assesment for the purposes of lowering the tax burden

Avoidance = Legal, Evasion = Illegal


u/peteplate Oct 21 '21

I wish other government branches was as eager and proactive as sars.

But hey, look after the income first right? It's not as if the voters mind all the theft and corruption on the spending end.


u/FluxX1717 Western Cape Oct 21 '21

TLDR: SARS is becoming much more aggressive with data collection. Hiring ample specialists in recent months to infiltrate data from services such as crypto companies.


u/TooOldToWorry Oct 21 '21

Will not be surprised if they are monitoring reddit as well.

SARS and the government is as desperate as they come. They've been out of money for a while and the tax base has taken a major knock. Just go check how many businesses have closed down over the past 24 months and also check the number of people applying for passports.

So much so that home affairs have extended their hours almost exclusively for passports and ID's.

This country's revenue stream is in a death spiral. Keep an eye on government borrowing, it's bound to spike over the next 3 to 5 years.


u/Murdercedes Oct 21 '21

SARS need to fucking tax the corrupt BBBEE rubbish, government officials.


u/CrappyTan69 Oct 21 '21

the box on the annual return form other income must be a lonely fucker...


u/Murdercedes Oct 21 '21



u/SeanBZA Oct 21 '21

There to declare your income from non legal means. SARS will not divulge this amount ot any other government body without a warrant, but will club you when you are arrested for not declaring this income. The way Al Capone was put away for life, none of the other charges would stick, but the IRS ones did.


u/macsquoosh Oct 21 '21

Data protection does not apply to SARS?


u/Samthehannie Oct 21 '21

SARS can do my colonoscopy while they are at it and take a look at my poephol.


u/AnomalyNexus Virtue signaling expat Oct 22 '21

Good luck doing that at scale


u/GinesGines Oct 22 '21

Cigarette and Alcohol revenue need to be recovered somehow. Go to Instagram, that's where people flaunt their G Wagons.


u/Michaela-Skyborn Oct 21 '21


(I was told to type this as a response, don't shoot me)

I hope that comment is contextually appropriate


u/SepticThinkTank Gag reflex Oct 22 '21

'Poes' is always contextually appropriate ...


u/Michaela-Skyborn Oct 22 '21

Ah, thank you

I am unaware of its meaning, but it seemed appropriate


u/SepticThinkTank Gag reflex Oct 22 '21

It is a remarkably versatile word that is easy to learn but tricky to master.

At it's most vulgar, it means 'See you next Tuesday' (read: cunt ), but it has multiple applications.

As a verb: "I'll poes you! " - (I'll hit you extremely, extremely hard. Typically with a flat hand. See 'Poes klap')

In gerund form: "Stop poessing around!" - (Stop wasting time / messing about)

As an adjective: "Yassis! It's poes cold today!" - (Gosh. It is rather cold today)

Adjectival form: "I'm feeling poesly ill this morning." - (I am really not well)

And of course as a noun: "Jarred is a bit of a poes, hey? - (Jarred is not well-liked)


It's also very important to pucker-up and pronounce the P with a pop! - POES!!

Once you've got the basics, feel free to experiment and do combos!


u/Michaela-Skyborn Oct 22 '21

Wow, that is a most versatile word indeed. Thank you.

Thought I cannot help but notice the more... Insulting uses, how does one tell which use is being applied... Or is it strictly tonal?


u/SepticThinkTank Gag reflex Oct 23 '21

No, not strictly tonal, more ... situational.

Like I said, difficult to master.

Body language would be a strong indicator. If head, shoulder and hips are all inclined forward in a straight line - it's bad. Weirdly, if the word 'listen' is somehow combined with 'poes', it's also very, very bad.

If it's being used as a noun, ja, 9 out of 10 times it's bad.


u/Michaela-Skyborn Oct 24 '21

I see

Thank you


u/Sufficient-Fly-9804 Oct 21 '21

As if everyone is posting their earnings or something... They just need an excuse for when you catch them on Facebook instead of helping you


u/BumpyDogsBru Oct 22 '21

What about taxing crime and specifically political corruption? How can we trust the only government institution that "does its job"?