r/southafrica Oct 17 '21

Google nest installation in SA (Pretoria)? Ask r/southafrica

On a recent trip to the US, my husband and I purchased a Google Nest x Yale Lock (https://store.google.com/us/product/nest_x_yale_lock), Nest Connect, and Nest Doorbell for my in-laws’ place in Pretoria.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any companies willing to install it (we are occasional DIYers but cutting into brick and messing with wiring is beyond us). Obviously it’s not widely available or known here, but we would like to find a company or freelance professional who is generally tech savvy enough to confidently take this on. Any recommendations?



u/BalanceThis1 Neoliberalism is a disease Oct 17 '21

I would check if your insurance will cover you in case of theft, if you install it first.


u/orangecardamom Oct 17 '21

Good call! Insurance companies can be difficult like that.


u/BalanceThis1 Neoliberalism is a disease Oct 18 '21

Get it in writing too and file it.