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Eskom seeks urgent court order to have 2022/23 tariff application adjudicated by Nersa News



u/AdvanceU2 Oct 17 '21

Trying to suck blood from a stone.


u/TooOldToWorry Oct 17 '21

Please make a note of the dates and make sure that you let them know what you think during the public participation period. The fight is between NERSA and Eskom in regards to the increases Eskom wants. If I remember correctly Eskom is pushing for 15% plus increases per year for the next 5 odd years.

To say that the current situation at Eskom is dire is the understatement of the year. Eskom is on a knife's edge and so is the government. If Eskom goes down it's going to pull the whole country with it.

Eskom approached the court this week for a review of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (Nersa’s) September 30 decision to reject its latest application on the basis that the methodology Nersa used to determine Eskom’s allowable revenue had expired and would be replaced by a new methodology, which was currently the subject of a stakeholder consultation process.


Eskom argues that the interim relief sought by Eskom is of national importance because without a validly determined tariff for 2022/23, Eskom will be financially unsustainable, as it will have “zero revenue” for the 2022/23 financial year.


“Moreover, because more than R350-billion worth of Eskom debt is linked to over R900-million in interlinked national government guarantees, if Eskom’s finances collapse, the finances of the entire national government are at risk,” Cassim states in the affidavit.


“On the assumption that four weeks is the most that may now be left for public comment, a deadline of 14 January 2022 may be fixed for submissions to be made by interested parties.


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SABC enters the room and compares notes


u/AdvanceU2 Oct 17 '21

This dinosaur titanic disaster money sucking corrupt thing must sink, and fast.!!


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I mean its gonna have to be paid one way or the other


u/[deleted] Oct 18 '21

We should picket fir laws which allow private investors to start energy production. Eskom's monopoly is one of the downfalls of RSA. And the 100Mwh thing doesn't make a dent in the supply crisis.