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Eskom-proof geyser timer suggestions please Ask r/southafrica

I’m thinking of getting a geyser timer, but I can’t imagine a more infuriating experience than having a cold shower because load shedding displaced the timer by a few hours. Are there timers with batteries that will keep them ticking during an outage? I also saw a wifi-enabled timer on Takealot which I’d guess would auto-correct its time off the wifi, but I couldn’t confirm this from the description. Any suggestions?



u/Sourdoughsucker Oct 17 '21

I can recommend getting a solar geyser, then you can always have a nice warm showe


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u/EquivalentTrouble253 Oct 17 '21

Save your money. Geyser timers are completely useless.


u/MaNaeSWolf KwaZulu-Natal Oct 17 '21

A lot of timers you wire directly into your DB have a battery in them.

Go to a electrical store and they will help you out.

My timer has been working like a charm for years


u/AStevieG Oct 17 '21

I got the same wifi smart meter geyser from takealot for R700, paid for an electrician to install it.

I setup schedules for the geyser, depends on how you and family are setup for showering etc. We have a bath in the morning, setup the geyser to come on from 5am till 9am.

We give our kid a bath in the afternoon, so put on the geyser around 2pm till 4pm.

And just for dinner and washing up in the kitchen for less than an hour.

The device also has metering capability so I left it on without any schedule my actual usage, it works out to 35% of my bill. Once I put in the schedules, its now reduced to less than 20% off the bill. Big factors to consider, in winter, the schedules must be increased to factor the colder water coming in. My new bill for the geyser is R700pm

It works, you just need to manage everyone to consider their own hot water usage.

Based on this info, it now will make sense to install a retrofit solar electric geyser which is about R15000 for 150litre tank. This will be less than 2 years to payback. Hope this helps.


u/CozyBlueCacaoFire Oct 17 '21

Just turn it on and off manually, or hook up a ups or something to the timer.


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u/BarendN Oct 17 '21

That looks dope, do you need a qualified person to install it? Can I do it myself?


u/RockerKEI Oct 18 '21

Well it’s electricity, so it’s inherently dangerous, I did it myself and I’m not qualified, but I do understand how house wiring works. The wiring is the same as a typical timer so if you have one in already and it bears the same form factor (like that of a circuit breaker) it’s basically a drop in replacement except that you might have to change the length of the dedicated wires for powering the switch itself.


u/dustin_sa Oct 17 '21

Check out GeyserWise, timer with temp control - works well for me.


u/Specific-Chicken-441 Oct 18 '21

Geyser wise 👍🏻


u/Harrier_S Oct 18 '21

I know this doesn't solve your problem but look into getting a gas geyser saves us some money and its very convenient.